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Chale Na Zor Ishq Pe (Ishqaan – Ishq Par Zor Nahin) Part 30 – Telly Updates



Hey dearies, the next chapter is here, enjoyyyy


Ahaan walked towards the mantap dressed in a red sherwani, matching Isqhi’s outfit.  He saw Ishqi happily talking to his mom. He eyes started filling with tears thinking about all his mom went through. Same moment Ishqi looked at him an knew something was wrong.

She came towards him and hugged him. She knew that he was sad, he must know the truth already.

He hugged her back and whispered, “you look gorgeous”

“Everything will be alright Ahaan” she moved her hand comfortingly on his back. Ahaan drowned in her comfort and she slowly broke the hug

She glanced him from top to bottom” aap bhi bure nahi lag rahe”

He blushed and took her hand in his, they together walked towards the new life they were going to start as man and wife. He slowly made her sit in her place and then took his place near the agnikund, the fire-deity being the first witness to their marriage.

Mantras were read, and it was time for kanyadaan. Masi came forward and did it and placed her hand in Ahaan’s silently asking for a promise to take care of her forever and Ahaan nodded. He promised himself too that he will always follow his duty of being a good husband.

Sonu tied the knot of Ahaan’s stole to Isqhi’s dupatta, it was time for Saptapadi. Ahaan held Isqhi’s hand and they both got up to take the seven rounds of the agni kund thereby bonding in a scared union which was witnessed by the fire God. Everyone stood to put rice grains and flower petals on them.

They completed the seven steps and halted to make their own promises to each other

“You have become mine forever and I have become yours. We have become partners for life and united for the next seven births. I love you Isqhi” he said with so much of emotion that tears rolled down her eyes.

“I love you too Ahaan, you are mine and I am yours. I promise to always support and care for you and your family just like my own. Thank you for being mine”

They come and sit back in their places after their emotional promises to each other. Ahaan took the mangalsutra and tied it around her neck and whispered “I am tying you to me forever”

She smiled “and I am getting tied happily”

He moved the maang-tikka slowly and applied the sindoor and she touched her upper forehead feeling the sindoor with her fingers.

“aaj se aap pati patni hue” the panditji announced

Everyone clapped, hugged, and congratulated them for the wedding. Later Isqhaan took the blessings of the elders

“thank you Ahaan for allowing me to attend your wedding” Savitri was in tears, she was able to attend both her children’s wedding. But this time not in hiding.

“Kaisi baat kar rahe ho aap maa, I should thank you that you attended my wedding” he hugged her

They came to dadi to take blessings and she nervously gave, how much ever angry Ahaan was, he couldn’t disrespect her, after all she had raised him

After taking the blessings Ahaan stood there staring at dadi and a painful “Why dadi, why did you do all this” tore from his mouth. He wanted to know her point of view also, what had pushed dadi to such an extent.

“Even though we had a mother, me and Sonu have lived like orphans. Yes, we had our family, but no one can take our parents’ place. Why did you do it to us dadi” he asked sadly

Last night he had finally listened to the caller, collected the bills from his room, which he had got from dadi’s room and gone to the hospital. There he met the peon who told him how his dadi had admitted his mother years back. And how much she had suffered then mentally and physically, he couldn’t even imagine the pain of being in a mental asylm while your fully fit. When he confronted the doctor and he wasn’t telling anything, Ahaan had beat him black and blue, and the doctor confessed everything. How his dadi used to pay him handsomely for the dirty work

Ahaan was heartbroken after he knew the truth, but he still needed to know why. Why was his mother in a mental asylum and they been told she ran away? He lived all his life hating his mother for a crime she may not have even done.

He called back the same number and asked where his mother was, once he had got the address he went and met his mother and she told him the entire truth.  About how his father was an alcoholic and used to abuse her and how he died.

“I wanted to punish Savitri for taking my sons life” dadi said angrily

“It happened by mistake dadi, and your son used to hit my mother. I am ashamed that I belong to a family of abusers. My father and my dadi both abused my mother and I couldn’t do anything about it. But not anymore, I am going to live with my mother henceforth” he declares.

Suraj wanted to tell Ahaan about dadi plotting to kill her, but Isqhi had stopped him. She didn’t want Ahaan to go through more pain than he already was going through.

“Please don’t go Ahaan, I beg of you. I have already lost my son, now I don’t want to lose my grandson” dadi held his hand but he took It off angrily “I am asking forgiveness for what I did to you and Savitri” she folds her hands Infront of them “please don’t leave me” she cries

Savitri places her hand on her shoulder “Ahaan, you should forgive her, after all she has raised”

“Maa, your saying this. She has tortured you for years” he asks shocked

“Yes, but she has raised my children well too, and she is your grandmother. We can’t leave her alone at this age” she clarifies

“Fine, but don’t expect me to forgive her so easily”

He takes Isqhi’s hand and leaves from there.


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