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Hi guys thanks for your comments in previous part . Here is chapter 7 of my FF hope you all like it.

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Here it goes…..

Next morning

Ridhimma pov

We all enter the training room and stand there. There is board in front of us where our names are written.

Vansh: as you can all see this board . Opposite to your name your opponent name is written with whom you will fight today.

I got shocked when I saw peters name opposite to me. Ishani was against molly while Albus and Aryan were there. I lifted my gaze to see peter smirking at me while caressing his knuckles .

Vansh: everybody take your positions.

I was standing there gathering courage to fight peter . When someone kept a on my shoulder. I looked back to see Vansh

Vansh: go and stand in your position ridhimma ( stern voice)

I went to the arena where I and peter will fight .

Peter: you okay stiff. I might go easy on you if beg and cry.

Vansh who was standing sighs as if controlling anger .

Vansh: you better start or I will chuck you both out.

Peter puts his hands up by his face with elbows and knees bent

Peter: come on stiff just some tears and I will let you go with less bruises

The thought crying and beg in front of peter for mercy makes me taste bile and in an impulses I lift my leg to kick on side but he holds in time and yanks it forward and I fall losing my balance . He comes forward before he can kick me I dodge side wards and stand up. I punch him on his stomach and face and he groans in pain.

He punches me near my ear on my jaw and my side vision blacks out . He then punches me on stomach and I fall backward. My vision is almost blur but I can feel him coming and punch him hard on his leg and I hear falling and hissing sound. Before I could do anything another punch lands on my face and everything becomes dark.

A sharp pain arises in my head as I blink my eyes open , I look around to find myself in infirmary with doctor by my side. Behind her I see Vansh standing with hands crossed near his chest and a cold expression.

Doctor: one day of rest will do just take this pain killers

I lift my hand to take it but before me Vansh takes it.

Vansh: thanks doctor

Doctor nods and goes . Vansh helps me to stand up starts toward dormitory .

Ridhimma: so I lost (with fear)

Vansh: isn’t it obvious (cold voice)

Ridhimma: will I get cut in first stage only

I ask nervously as we reach the dormitory . Anybody to sense fear in my voice. Vansh makes me lie on bed and puts a pillow behind me.

Vansh: not exactly , your another fight is there to compensate it and you also did a good fight back against peter although you lost so I don’t think . But if you lose next fight also you may get cut(serious voice)

Ridhimma: what I need to do then( looking down at my bruised knuckles)

Vansh: practice well and remember my advice . Now I need to go you take rest .

Before I could say anything he goes . Sometimes this man confuses me like hell at sometimes he is cold and sometimes as it doesn’t bother him at all. Though I don’t know anything about him still I am curious to know about him.

Shrugging all thoughts aside I take my medicines and slowly sleep engulfs me .

I wake up hearing someone shouting near my ear . I sloppily open my eyes to see ishani standing there . I sit up with difficulty and looks at her questioningly . She shows two muffins and 2 pieces of cake in a plate.

Ishani: I don’t think you want to sleep empty stomach after been injured.

Just then I realize how hungry I am . I take plate from her hands and start eating.

Ishani: dauntless cake is best cake I ever had in my life.

Ridhimma: yeah right.

Ishani: so whole day rest tomorrow

Ridhimma: yes, what happened to your fight ??

Ishani: lost too molly. You can still see the bruise here(pointing at her cheek)

Ridhimma: she really hit hard

Ishani: yeah

After finishing dinner Ishani me and Aryan chat for sometime and then sleep.

Next day I go to the training room but sit at a side while others fight. Al (Albus) lost to Edward . Ishani won over Myra while Aryan defeated Peter.

At the end only molly was left so I knew my next fight is with her. Winning the next fight was the only way to stay safe from cuts and molly is a strong initiate so winning against her will provide me the rank boost.

Next day

I enter training room with other initiates .today is my fight with Molly. I touch my cheek and wince in pain as my finger the wound which I got in morning.

Vansh asked us to get into arena to fight. I and molly stand opposite eachother .

Molly: you more uglier than before stiff all thanks to me.

I remember what happened in the morning .


After getting ready I was coming out of washroom when I tripped over something and fell down with a thud. I stand up rubbing my cheeks with my hand and see molly standing there.

Molly: oh so sorry stiff(sarcastically) I didn’t see you coming. Are you okay ??

She shrugs of my hand from my cheek and rubs it harshly lastly scratching it with her sharp nails

Me: ahhhhhhhh

Molly : oh I spoiled your already ugly face more so sorry (laughs )

I see peter and drew standing behind and laughing.

Flashback ends.

I put hands by my face ready for her attack . She starts towards me and throws her weight on a punch I duck in time punch her stomach right over her belly bottom

I go behind her ready for her next move. I remember Vansh advice to use my elbows and knees. I just need to find a way to do that

I block her punch with my forearm punch her stomach again. Before she could react I force my elbow on her face earning a less human and more animal type groan from her.

She punches me on my ribs and I stumble to side recovering my breathe . I look at her and observe her hands are protecting her face and chin but thee stomach and ribs are exposed . I punch her hard on her ribs and stomach due to which her hands protecting her face loosen and I punch her harshly at her jaw . She falls down with a thud and I start kicking her ribs and face . All the bullying done by her peter , morning incident came in my mind raising my anger and kick her continuously not caring if she is conscious or not until someone pulls me from behind. I look back to see Vansh

Vansh: stop you won

His eyes were wide and looked alarmed .

Vansh: you need to calm down go and take a walk.

Ridhimma: I am fine …. I am fine now.

I look at molly lying therein a semi conscious state. I wish I could feel guilty of what I did but I don’t

ishani and others join me at lunch . We laugh and talk about random things .

Ishani: since ridhimma won today lets have celebration.

Al: like??

Ishani: what about a tattoo??

Ridhimma: tattoo but it hurts .

Ishani: less than the punches and kick at least . So its final ridhimma today you are getting a tattoo . Don’t worry we are getting it.

Ridhimma: okay

At evening ishani insist me to wear a dress with exposing my shoulder and collarbone and does a little make up. We had towards the tattoo place . As we enter I see tori there . Al and Aryan already went to get a tattoo while ishani was looking at designs. I walk towards tori

Ridhimma: so you work here

Tori: yeah ridhimma, just took a break to do aptitude test

I remember the warning by tori for me being a divergent . I wanted to know about it more

Ridhimma: tori can we talk about …

I think see judged my expression and knew what was I thinking and said

Tori: not here and I helped you as much as I can rest you have to do it alone (serious tone) .

I look at her and understand its not wise to talk here .

Tori: want a tattoo??

Ridhimma: yeah.

I look up at designs and notice a sketch of a bird in flight

Ridhimma: whats that ??

Tori: ravens want it ..?

I nod and she leads me to a chair

Tori: where ??

Holding her tattoo machine in her hand

I indicate at my collarbone

Ridhimma: 3 ravens here

Each raven was for my each family member mom whom I rarely saw, dad and Kabir. Dad wouldn’t mind it . It my way to connect to my family when I am far from them . I really miss them. My eyes become teary remembering them.

precap: drunken vansh

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Drew Bernstein Cause of Death Drew Bernstein Passed Away Death – Obituary, Age, Net Worth




Today, a dead body has been found on a remote path close to Laurel Canyon Park. Let us also tell you that the dead body has been identified as the originator of the troublemaker Goth clothing organization. The name of the person was Drew Bernstein who was 51 years old at the age and belongs from Los Angeles.

death rip

The police have been investigating the case and searching to find the main reason behind his death. Along with it, Lt. Fred Corral of the Los Angeles County coroner’s office has been also said that he died from a self-caused shot injury.

Drew Bernstein Cause of Death

Let us also tell you that Bernstein also called Lippy because he established Lip Service in 1985. Later, he coordinates its design toward Gothic troublemaker, rock, and interest world. The news of his sudden death has been announced by Lip Service through Facebook page and then many people give their tribute to the personality.

His family members and close friends are actually very upset to hear about this tragic loss. Now, all the people who know him are mourning his demise because no one can expect that he left everyone so soon.

Drew Bernstein Death – Obituary

Talking about the post shared by Lip Service then the organization wrote “Yesterday we lost our originator and closest companion, Drew (also known as Lippy). He was a decent man who propelled everybody around him and there are insufficient words to communicate how profoundly he was cherished and will be remembered fondly”.

Not only this, but several friends of Drew also shared their heartfelt messages and tribute to him because of his outstanding work to create the company very big in front of the entire world.

Today, uncounted people know about the company but very few people know about Drew who established it with his full spirit and dedication. Let us tell you that Fireman found Bernstein’s body around 8:45 AM on Monday close to the 8300 square of Mulholland Drive.

After that, Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Dave Cueto confirmed the news on Monday evening stated that the individual died from self-destruction with a self-caused shot injury. Many people paying tribute to him and the police have been investigating the case to find the actual cause behind Drew Bernstein’s sudden death.

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ICJ rules in favour of Somalia in Kenya border dispute – The Maravi Post




The World Court also known as the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled largely in favour of Somalia in its dispute with Kenya, setting a sea boundary in part of the Indian Ocean.

The new boundary drawn by the International Court of Justice mostly followed a line proposed by Somalia, attributing to it several offshore oil blocks claimed by Kenya.

The court found that Kenya which did secure some territory beyond the Somalia proposal, had failed to prove there was an established sea boundary between the states, which would have given it a greater portion of the disputed territory.

Kenya previously accused the International Court of Justice of bias and said it will not accept the ruling. The case concerned a 38,000 sq mile (100,000 sq km) triangle in the Indian Ocean that is thought to be rich in oil and gas. The dispute has been at the heart of a diplomatic row between the two east African neighbours.

The revised maritime border along the exclusive economic zones for the continental shelves of Somalia and Kenya “achieves an equitable solution”, Judge Joan Donoghue said.

The ruling comes after Nairobi last week said it had revoked recognition of the court’s jurisdiction. No one for Kenya was officially present either in court or via video link.

Source: Africanews

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Malawi’s President Chakwera’s son Nick faces backlash for attacking Lhomwe tribe being aligned to DPP – The Maravi Post




BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera’s son Nick Chakwera has come under fire from Malawians for attacking Lhomwe’s on social media.

Nick, a self-claimed to be man of God like his father Lazarus, attracted the anger from Malawians after his post on facebook suggesting that Mulhako Wa Alhomwe is for Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members.

“Kodi Alhomwe amene Sali a DPP ndi a Fake Kani? Mulhako wa DPP kapena a Lhomwe? Divisive if you ask me Vilekeke,” posted Nick Chakwera on his official facebook page.

The post did not go well with Malawians on social media who started pouring offensive words towards him and his royal family, a development which forced Reverend Nick to take down the post.

Lhomwe Acting Paramount Chief Kaduya of Phalombe district recently said Mulhako Wa Alomwe is apolitical ethnic group.

Paramount Chief Kaduya said the grouping was formed with the aim of preserving and promoting the Lhomwe culture.

She said the group is not affiliated to any political party.

“We are not DPP, Mulhako wa Alhomwe was formed to preserve our (Lhomwe) culture,” said Kaduya.

She added that: “We have members from different political parties, so it’s very unwise to call the group DPP arm,”

Nick Chakwera was also in the news recently after suing a social media commentator for defamation.

Over the weekend this year’s Mulhako wa Alhomwe festival turned into a political do-drum particularly for opposition DPP.

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