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(TKSS) The Kapil Sharma Show, 25th September 2021 Full Written Update, Virender Sehwag & Mohammad Kaif Guests Performance’s



The comedy show of Sony Entertainment is ready for another entertaining episode. Yes, we are talking about the most genuine comedy show, The Kapil Sharma Show of recent days as the show is going on its hype since it started after lockdown and every weekend, we have been watching some popular celebrities across the nation.

the kapil sharma show 25th september 2021

Now, it is the weekend and some more celebrities will appear on the show and the episode is going to be more amazing because of the appearance of the popular celebrities. As we have already told you that the promo videos of the show always tell the name of the guest of the day and again, a new promo of the upcoming episode has been released.

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The Kapil Sharma Show Today’s Episode 

Well, we should not hide from you that who is going to be a part of tonight’s episode in The Kapil Sharma Show. Two legendary players of cricket, Virender Sehwag and another cricketer Mohammad Kaif will come to the show as a chief suggests of the weekend.

In the promo video shared by Kapil Sharma, we are receiving a glimpse of the upcoming episode where a lot of laughter will get to see what will happen among the trio, Virender Sehwag, Mohammad Kaif, and Kapil Sharma. Not only this but we will also get to know the dressing-room stories of the cricketer’s time.

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The promo video is showing the elements of Sehwag and Kaif. Well, Sehwag has already revealed on the Internet that he is going to be a part of this Weekend again. Again means, he has already come several times to the show and spent some precious time with Kapil Sharma and his team.

In the latest promo video, we get to see that Kapil tells to Kaif that Viru sir has come many times and Kaif Bhai came the first time to the show and it has been running since 2013 so, you did not know the way or no one told you that you are a popular star.

By clearing this, Kaif said that we know each other for a very long time before his show was not famous but after getting fame, we met many times but you did not invite me. Suddenly, Virender says that Kapil, you took action from the wrong person, and everyone laughs.

Along with this, Kapil Sharma revealed that how Sachin Tendulkar used to give bananas to Virender so, he stays quiet for some time. Recently, Kaif is coming into the limelight among every watcher because Mohammad Kaif shared a picture with actor Aishwariya Rai which he posted on Instagram, and also, Kapil teases Kaif to talk about his charm in front of the actress. With all of this, some actors cast of the show, Kiku Sharda and Krushna Abhishek will appear in the latest episode to maintain the entertainment in the show.

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ROR vs GTK Live Score Dream11 Prediction Lineup Squads Polish League Rosa Radom vs GTK Gliwice




Basketball is one of the rising sport and it fans continuously rising around the world. Same as other fans if you are looking for a basketball match that can make you excited and give you an amazing and outstanding match then you are on the correct website because here we going to give you an extraordinary and fabulous basketball match.

ROR vs GTK Live Score

As per the details, the basketball match will take place between ROR vs GTK. This is the Polish League which has entertained millions of fans throughout the journey. This season you will have many matches which are enough to entertain you.

That will make your day very special and entertaining. So let begin the article about this upcoming match which will be played today. So let start our sports article including various things.

Match: ROR vs GTK Polish League
League: Polish League
Date: October 14, 2021
Time: 09:00 pm
Venue: Sport Hall Mosir

Here are the various details available related to this upcoming match and the available teams which will play in the match. On the basis of the points table stat, there are many matches details which include the winnings of these teams. As per the information these teams have such marvelous matches including various winnings.

The team ROR has played many matches and they won such brilliant matches. They have won several matches and the score is around 2 winnings. While on the other side we want to tell you about the team GTK.

They have won several games. According to us, the momentum of this team will be maintained the same as in previous matches. You will see some of the interesting gameplay in the upcoming match also.

Rosa Radom Possible Playing 7:

1.AJ English, 2.Anthony Ireland, 3.Pawel Dzierzak, 4.Michael Moore, 5.Daniel Wall, 6.Aleksander Lewandowski, 7.Filip Kraljevic

GTK Gliwice Possible Playing 7:

1.Jabarie Hinds, 2.Keyshawn Woods, 3.Daniel Gołębiowski, 4.Filip Put, 5.Matt Williams, 6.Roberts Stumbris, 7.Adam Ramstedt

Now moving towards the match prediction so we want to tell you various exciting things that in this match you will see the team. Along with it, you will see there is an amazing match where the team will play extraordinary gameplay that was missed by all the fans in previous matches.

Definitely, you will love this match and enjoy the gameplay of the team. You can watch the match live stream on the regular broadcaster. If you want to get live updates then you can get it through this website. We will update the live score within few moments.

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Here’s Your Step by Step Guide to Buy the Best Solar Panels for Home in India




India has emerged as the fourth largest market for renewable energy and has been ranked 5th in terms of solar energy. As per a report, India had 96.96 GW of renewable energy in 2021 and has been quickly extending its green data center footprint. The government is not only expanding its own capacity but also encouraging citizens to go green by offering subsidies and other perks for adopting renewable sources of energy, making solar panels for home quite popular.

So, if you too want to switch to a cleaner source of energy, solar energy is a great way to get started, and we are here to help set up your first solar panels for home with a detailed, step-by-step guide. So, let’s get started!

Luminious Battery

Gathering Solar Components

A solar power unit consists of solar panels for home, a solar inverter, and a battery pack. Apart from these, you would also require a breaker, meter, MC4 connector, and fuses, etc., to get started.

Calculate Your Power Load

Once you have the components, the next step is to figure out your power load by adding up the power requirement of all the household appliances that you use daily. You can do this by going through the specification charts of those appliances to check their power rating and run time. When that’s done, you only need to calculate the ‘Watt-Hour’ by multiplying the runtime of the appliance with its power rating for all appliances.

Selecting Charge and Battery

Solar power is only good till the sun is up, and once it’s down, the unit stops generating any electricity; therefore, you need to have a battery to store energy. It’s essential that you choose a high-quality battery if you want to run all of your chosen appliances during the night.

Set Up the Solar Inverter

A solar inverter is what delivers the charge from the battery to power your appliances; therefore, it’s crucial that you only invest in a good quality inverter for optimum effect. Your solar panels for home generate Direct Current (DC), which needs to be converted to Alternating Current (AC) before your appliances can make use of that power. Inverters are available across several types, such as pure sine wave, modified sine wave, and square wave. It’s best to go for a pure sine wave inverter as that’s compatible with all appliances.

Get the Solar panels for Home Installed

Once everything is in order, it’s time to get the solar panels for the home installed, preferably on the roof. Make sure to select an area that receives maximum sunlight during the day. It’s crucial that you set up the solar panels to make the best of the sun’s rays to increase its efficiency, so make sure that the panels are facing the sun throughout the day.

Connect the Solar Panels with Battery

Next, you need to connect the solar panels to the battery. If you can, get a panel that comes paired with a battery so that you don’t have to make an effort. However, if you can’t find one, you will need to create a series and parallel connections to make it work.

Set Up Stands for Inverter and Battery

The final stage requires you to set up stands for your inverter and battery unit. You can either get them made yourself or order one. Once you have the stands ready, get the wiring setup.

You will need a separate connector called MC4 connector to interconnect the solar panels for the home. Additionally, once all the connections are up and running, make the last connection between the panel terminal to the battery’s terminal.

Although setting up a solar panel yourself requires you to have some know-how, you can always avoid the hassle by opting for a reputed brand. Luminous has the widest portfolio of solar power systems in the market, and you can get all of the required components under the same roof. Moreover, they have decades of experience in setting up solar systems for homes, and their technicians can help you get started in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch to solar today!

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Bigg Boss 15 ,14th October 2021 Day 12 Full Written Update, (BB 15) Who Gets Entry In Main House




Bigg Boss is the most famous show in the entertainment industry you can say that it is the top-notch tv reality right now. There are many fans who watch this show on a daily basis and you watch this show on your television screens. There are many things that we going to tell you about this marvelous show. Same as every time we will tell you about the upcoming incident of the show Bigg Boss 15. It is the fresh season of Bigg Boss and everyone is just amazed to see the tasks of this latest fresh season. Here you will see various things including tasks, performances, eliminations and many other related things which is the most important thing about this upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 15.Bigg Boss 15

There are many promos that have been shared by the show makers and you can watch them here. On the basis of these promos, there are many things going to happen in the upcoming episode. Similarly, you will get updates about the nominations and elimination which will be take place in the latest episode. If you want to know the details then you should read the article till the end.

On the basis of detail, you will see there will be marvelous performances. As you saw in the previous episode that the contestants had played the task of ‘Daaku Ka Kabzaa’. Yes, there were many contestants who performed it very well but there were many contestants also who spoiled the task.

Later Bigg Boss has ordered housemates to perform a task which is all about to produce sugarcane juice. Yes in this task housemates have to do this task and produce sugarcane juice. The task regulator is Shamita while two other housemates are lab owners who will check the sugarcane juice and give poison to ‘Jungle Waasis’. In the task you can see there will be fights between jay and Pratik. These two personalities are the most controversial personality of the season and people watch them on screen. Along with it, there are many things that also happened which will definitely make you crazy.

In this task, you will see Vishal will do a negotiation with Shamita and do a deal that if she helps him winning this task and enter in the in BB house which is the prize of the tasks. Then jungle waasi cannot make the road path and that’s why they will not come in the BB house in the future also. Shamita agrees to the deal and you will see her that she helping Vishal and his team in this task. She selects the Tiger team as the winner of the first round and today is the further round of the show.

Definitely, the entertainment will be on the peak and you will see extreme level entertainment. Here is the elimination round also. So you will watch in the upcoming weekend episode that one of the housemates has to leave the Bigg Boss house and goodbye to all the housemates. The level of entertainment will be higher in the upcoming episode so stay connected with us for more written updates. There are several names in the list who may be eliminated this week. Tell us your expectations and who will be eliminated according to your prediction. For more details don’t forget to bookmark the page in your browser.

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