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BBM Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Elimination 26th September 2021 Episode Voting Results



Hello, all the peers get ready for all the latest updates of the ongoing season of one of the most enthraling shows of all time Bigg Boss Marathi. Well, like all of its other versions Bigg Boss Marathi is doing solid on the small screen with its captivating concept. The all-new season of the show is picking up a rapid pace, all the contestants of the show are giving a superb performance and the host of the show Mahesh Manjrekar left no stone unturned in the entertainment of the audience. Obtain all the further information regarding the show below.

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 elimination

According to the latest reports, we came to learn that Shivlika is getting criticized for her participation in the show, but still, she is giving a brilliant performance. She even made some friends there along with Meena, who was seen consoling her at the time she was crying doubting her performance. Apart from that, the ongoing season is also promising triple entertainment and it is loaded full of surprises. In the latest episode, Bigg Boss unveiled its first surprise wherein a secret temptation room has been shown. But it is never easy for the contestant to enter the room.

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Elimination

Furthermore, the contestants have to enable themselves for specific criteria determined by Bigg Boss. The contestants have to go through a battle with each other to enter the room. Bigg Boss also announced the rules for the upcoming captaincy task, but there is a twist in the task as the winning contestant either choose the captaincy or can enter the temptation room. There are some more twirls in the task if the winning contestant will choose captaincy over the temptation room, the losing aspirant will automatically be selected to enter the temptation room.

On behalf of the reports, the show gets renamed Bigg Boss Chavadi for this season. The host received much appreciation for this, he is again coming up with a heart-winning competition. He even lashes out at Mira Jagganath for not voting Santoshi Chaudhari even after getting aware of her dedication to the task. While Mahesh is making Mira understand, she starts explaining herself. The host then scolded her and asks her to listen first not only here, but she has to adapt this manner of listening to others first. It is going to be an entertaining episode, so tune in to Colors Marathi at 9:30 PM this Sunday. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Bigg Boss Marathi.


Alert over spike in security operations against Libya migrants   – The Maravi Post




In an alert on Tuesday, the UN human rights office (OHCHR) said that vulnerable people on the move in the north African nation experience “a myriad daily violations and abuses at the hands of both State and non-state actors.” 

These include expulsions of individuals to countries in sub-Saharan Africa without due process, in violation of the principle of non-refoulement. 

 “On the one hand, as some parts of the Government have been saying, they are doing these raids and operations just to tackle crime”, Marta Hurtado, spokesperson for OHCHR explained. “In this case, what we are saying is if you are trying to tackle crime, try to go against the traffickers, don’t go and detain the migrants who are quite often the victims of the traffickers.” 

Major incidents 

Ms. Hurtado expressed concern at a number of major incidents in which migrants and asylum seekers had been targeted since the beginning of October. 

These included the first of October raid by Ministry of Interior personnel on an informal settlement in Gergaresh, which is about 12 kilometre west of Tripoli. 

Women, children and men were arrested and handcuffed, including some individuals who were reportedly registered with the UN Refugee Agency. 

Security forces used unnecessary and disproportionate force to detain them, including shooting and beating those who resisted or tried to escape, Ms. Hurtado said. 

She noted that at least one person died, five were injured, and more than 4,000 were detained, before adding that the authorities had since acknowledged that the operation could have been handled differently. 

According to OHCHR, all those arrested were taken to the al-Mabani Government-run detention centre in Tripoli and kept in extremely overcrowded cells with little access to food or water. 

On 6 October, 500 migrants managed to escape from the Gheriyan centre and were chased by guards who opened fire using live ammunition. According to preliminary information, at least four individuals were shot dead, and many others injured. 

Two days later, on 8 October, another mass escape took place from the al-Mabani centre, with migrants being chased by security officers who shot at them, injuring and killing an unknown number.  

For Ms. Hurtado, “this series of horrific events over a period of eight days is just the latest example of the precarious, sometimes lethal, situation facing migrants and asylum seekers in Libya.” 

“They are criminalized solely for their migration status, are routinely detained in abhorrent conditions, are frequently subjected to extortion and abuse, and in some cases killed”, she said.  

Appeal to authorities 

According to a recent report by the Independent Fact-Finding Mission on Libya,  these widespread and systematic violations could amount to crimes against humanity. 

The rights office is calling on the authorities to establish prompt, thorough, impartial and independent investigations into these claims.  

OHCHR is also asking the Libyan authorities to release all arbitrarily detained migrants and asylum seekers, cease the raids on their settlements, halt evictions and stop criminalizing them. 

The Government should assist all families who are separated and urgently accommodate migrants and asylum seekers in proper and safe conditions, the Spokesperson said. 

UN agencies and NGOs should also be given access to detention centres, Ms. Hurtado added.

Sourced from United Nations Africa Pages

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South African biotech company says work is in progress for messenger RNA jab – The Maravi Post




South African biotech consortium is working on a messenger RNA jab based on the Moderna formula in a ground-breaking drive to end Africa’s life-threatening lack of Covid vaccines.

Cape Town-based Afrigen Biologics and Vaccines is leading a pilot project, backed by the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) and the COVAX initiative, which seeks to tweak Moderna’s revolutionary drug.

The goal is an mRNA vaccine that suits poorer countries in hot climates.

It would be a tough, resilient vaccine that would not need to be stored all the time at ultra-cold temperatures — a hefty requirement in places where power cuts are a problem.

Africa is the least vaccinated continent in the world.

More than 10 months after the world’s first Covid shot was administered and nearly two years into the pandemic itself, barely five percent of eligible Africans have been fully immunised.

The problem has exposed Africa’s huge dependence on imported vaccines and its tech weakness compared with Europe, China and the United States.

“The bitter lesson we’ve learnt throughout this pandemic is how Africa was almost 100-percent dependent” on vaccines produced outside the continent, Richard Mihigo, the WHO’s vaccination coordinator in Africa, told AFP.

Research and development at a 130-million-rand ($8.7-million) facility started three months ago, and talks are underway Moderna for a licensing agreement to use the basic formula.

– Tests within a year? –

Twenty-two scientists are working on the huge challenges.

The idea is to have a “super efficient and safe (vaccine that) … will have a different stability and more suitable to be distributed at a temperature which is feasible for Africa,” said Afrigen’s managing director, Petro Terreblanche.

“It will be developed for maximum protection of the variants that is relevant for the territories where variants are rapidly surfacing,” she added.

“What we are looking for is to have a second-generation vaccine,” said Martin Friede of the WHO’s Initiative for Vaccine Research.

“We have to start with a Moderna look-alike and be as close to Moderna as we can get,” he said.

“It’s not a copy of Moderna.”

If all goes to plan, prototype shots will be ready for clinical trials within a year.

If those tests show that the modified jab is safe and effective, vaccine producer Biovac, a neighbour to Afrigen, will be the first to produce it on a commercial scale.

After that Afrigen will train other countries and hand out production licences to poor nations left out in the race for the life-saving shots.

– Patent question –

The Medicines Patent Pool, an international organisation that works to facilitate the development of medicines for low- and middle-income countries, is leading negotiations with Moderna.

Hopefully “we might get from them an agreement not to enforce any of their patents,” Charles Gore, the organisation’s boss, said in Geneva last month.

The Afrigen team say they are “reverse-engineering” the vaccine in a first step to see how it works.

“This is considered R and D (research and development), so there isn’t any infringement of intellectual property and in the process we learn how you make mRNA, to be able to produce it at a scale that would be useful for clinical trials,” said Afrigen’s technical director Caryn Fenner.

Pharma giants are facing huge pressure to ease patent controls over coronavirus vaccines to help production in regions scrambling for shots.

Moderna last week announced plans to build a state-of-the-art mRNA facility in Africa to churn out up to 500 million vaccines doses anually.

It did not state where the factory will be stationed nor the initiation date.

The Afrigen project is funded via the COVAX initiative, which aims to facilitate equitable access to vaccines worldwide.

It is the latest vaccine investment in South Africa this year — the country on the continent most affected by the pandemic.

Johnson & Johnson has an operational “fill-and-finish” plant in South Africa, and Pfizer/BioNTech have partnered with Biovac to bottle their mRNA vaccine starting next year.

Biotech billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong is also planning to start transferring technology to begin vaccine production in 2022.

Elsewhere on the continent, several Covid vaccine production facilities are in the pipeline, including in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda to Senegal.

“Africa needs to become over the next 20 years autonomous in vaccine production,” said Friede.

“This needs to be done, full stop.”

Source: Africanews

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BER vs FEN Live Score Dream11 Prediction Lineup Euro League ALBA Berlin vs Fenerbahce Istanbul




Get ready to witness one more thrilling match in which two superb and powerful teams are ready to make the entire environment very brilliant. Now, EuroLeague is actually going on very well and millions of people are eagerly waiting to watch the full match between ALBA Berlin (BER) and Fenerbahce Istanbul (FEN).


Now, everyone knows that the fan following of basketball is very high and millions of people are just waiting to witness all the moments in which two superb teams are giving their best to win the match. Here, we are providing BER vs FEN Dream11 Prediction, Live Scores, Probable Lineups, and much more information that help everyone to get current statistics of both teams.

BER vs FEN Match Details

  • Match: ALBA Berlin (BER) and Fenerbahce Istanbul (FEN), EuroLeague 2021
  • Venue: Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin
  • Date and Time: Tuesday, 12th October 2021, 11:30 PM IST

Talking about the performance of the teams then both teams are actually giving their best performance. Here, ALBA Berlin (BER) played a total of 2 matches so far in the tournament. Now, the team has lost both the matches that give a very dreaded fallback.

Every player is preparing themselves to compete against the competitor in the upcoming match with their full spirit. Currently, the team stands in the 17th position on the points table and is ready to show their best in the forthcoming battle.

On the flip side, team Fenerbahce Istanbul (FEN) is also making the league more important and precious for basketball fans. The team is securing the position of 9 on the scorecard and showing that the players are ready to take tougher competition in the ensuing matches. The team played 2 matches in which FEN won 1 match and face a loss in another. Now, what will happen next is actually interesting to watch as both teams are ready to give their best to grab a shining and memorable victory against each other.

BER vs FEN Probable Lineups

Alba Berlin: Maodo Lo, Jonas Mattisseck, Jaleen Smith, Tamir Blatt, Louis Olinde, Marcus Eriksson, Luke Sikma, and Ben Lammers.

Fenerbahce Istanbul: Pierria Henry, Melih Mahmutoglu, Marial Shayok, Ismet Akpinar, Marko Guduric, Nando De Colo, Danilo Barthel, and Dyshawn Pierre.

Talking about the winning probability of the team then it will be quite difficult to pick one name among both teams. The experts have already analyzed the statistics and previous performances of both teams, it is speculated that ALBA Berlin (BER) has more chance to take down Fenerbahce Istanbul (FEN) in the ensuing match. So, stay tuned with us to get BER vs FEN Live Scores that we will update here during the match.

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