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RNL vs FAG Live Score Dream11 Prediction Lineup German Handball Rhein-Necklar Lowen vs Frisch AUf Goppingen



The Handball Bundesliga is coming back with the another match of the league and the match will take place tonight at the scheduled arena. Many fans are excited to know to about this match including its time, arena, league and many more things. The league have already come with several matches this year and again.

rnl vs fag

Two teams of the league, Rhein-Necklar Lowen (RNL) and team Frisch AUf Goppingen (FAG) is going to face each other in today match. Both teams are ready to play this battle and they have already played 3 matches in this league and it is going to be the 4th one.

RNL vs FAG Live Score

Here, you will get all the important information about the match including its time, venue, league, date, squad, lineups and many more things. Much information is not available on the Internet about this match but we always bring that information that is mostly not available anywhere.

Some of the watchers are searching for the information like which team has more chances to win this match so, we will also provide you with some information related to the match and the match will take place at SAP Arena, Germany under the German Handball Bundesliga. So, are you excited for the match and its gameplay.

RNL vs FAG: Match Details

  • Team Name:- Rhein-Necklar Lowen (RNL) vs Frisch AUf Goppingen (FAG)
  • League:- German Handball Bundesliga
  • Venue:- SAP Arena, Germany
  • Date:- Sunday, September 26, 2021
  • Time:- 07:30 PM IST

RNL vs FAG: Team Squad

Rhein-Necklar Lowen (RNL):- Mikael Appelgren, Andreas Palicka, David Spath, Nikolas Katsigiannis, Uwe Gensheimer, Lion Zacharias, Benjamin Helander, Mamadou Diocou, Patrick Groetzki, Krishtjan Horzen, Ymir Orn Gislason, Jannik Kohlbacher, Mait Patrail, Philipp Ahouansou, IIija Abutovic, Lukas Nilsson, Andry Schmid, Juri Knorr, Nicklas Kirkelokke, and Albin Lagergren.

Frisch AUf Goppingen (FAG):- Daniel Rebmann, Nicolas Gross, Urh Kastelic, Felix Waiser, Marcel Schiller, Till Hermann, Marco Rentschler, Axel Goller, Jacob Bagersted, Kresimir Kozina, Sebastian Heymann, Tobias Ellebaek, Tim Kneule, Felix Zeiler, Janus Daoi Smarason, Christos Erifopoulos, Nicolai Theilinger, Srdan Predragovic, and Nemanja Zelenovic.

RNL vs FAG: Probable Lineups Player

Rhein-Necklar Lowen (RNL):- Andreas Palicka, Uwe Gensheimer, Mamadou Diocou, Jannik Kohlbacher, Andy Schmid, Lukas Nilsson, and Albin Lagergren.

Frisch AUf Goppingen (FAG):- Urh Kastelic, Marcel Schiller, Axel Goller, Kresimir Kozina, Sebastian Heymann, Christos Erifopoulos, and Srdan Predragovic.

RNL vs FAG: Match Prediction

Both teams have played amazing gameplay and it can be seen that team FAG has played well more than the rival team. They won three times out of 3 matches and standing in the 4th position.

On the other side, team RNL is standing in the 11th position with 2 points. They have also played three matches but won only a single match. It could be predicted that team FAG has more chances to win this match.

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2022 World Cup Qualifiers: South African fans return to stadium to see team beat Ethiopia – The Maravi Post




South Africa soccer fans were excited to enjoy the beautiful game live from Soccer City in Johannesburg on Tuesday after 18 months of lockdown brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

A limit of 2000 free tickets were made available for vaccinated fans to watch their favourite team in a FIFA World Cup qualifier between the ‘Bafana Bafana’ and Ethiopia.

Joy Chauke encouraged fans to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in order for more people to enjoy soccer at stadiums across the country, in the lead up to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

However, not everyone who showed up for the game was able to watch their favourite team in action. A majority of Ethiopia soccer fans were turned away as they had failed to register for the free online tickets.

South Africa won the match 1-0 after Getaneh Kebede’s 11th minute own goal. a win that solidifies their top position in Group G. Ghana remains second place after the black stars win over last place Zimbabwe over the weekend.

“It was difficult for me to watch the games on the TV because I normally prefer to go to the stadium because there is a big difference when you watch the game on TV and you watch the game in the stadium. So I am happy to be here. It is the beginning of fun now- Sithembele Nkwali, a South Africa fan said.

For another fan Joy Chauke, this is about vaccination. “I am fully vaccinated (against COVID-19). That is why you are seeing me today here. I have my own tickets, so I am here to support (South Africa). Please go and vaccinate. Let’s vaccinate for us to be in the stadium, 100 per cent. Please, we want to be normal. So, for us to be normal, we have to vaccinate. Nothing else. Just vaccinate. Let us all vaccinate.”

At least 2000 fans were allowed to watch the bafana bafana match against Ethiopia on Tuesday according to the South Africa Football Association SAFA.

Source: Africanews

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8 Intentional Ways to Practise Intercessory Prayer – The Maravi Post




To connect worship and intercession, and to continue the ‘flow’ of music and participation, we often encourage prayer during singing, or even through singing

Prayer is part of having faith. It is our main way of communing and speaking to God. Intercessory prayer has long since been practised among the church. Yet, some find it a struggle to get their members involved. Why is it so difficult to get into this habit? Below are eight creative and intentional ways to incorporate intercessory prayer into your ministry.

To connect worship and intercession, and to continue the ‘flow’ of music and participation, we often encourage prayer during singing, or even through singing. ‘Matt Osgood’s “When our songs“, Noel Richard’s “Great is the Darkness“, Bernadette Farrel’s “Longing for Light” are great songs that leave room for intercessory prayer’ says Bob Channel. Alternatively, singing a simple refrain can be part of praying for a situation. We often ask people to picture a country or issue in their minds, and then pray for it by singing a line.

Writing prayers down

Many churchgoers’ feel awkward and nervous about praying aloud. So why not encourage them to write their prayers down or send them in a text to one phone number to be voice by one person as a prayer. That way, everyone feels like they can contribute, and they do not feel pressured.

Using pre-written prayers

Some people might consider this less ‘spiritual’ than prayers made up on-the-spot. However, consider most of the songs you sing. Most of these have pre-written, thought-out lyrics that someone put a lot of time into writing, having concise, well-written and biblically minded texts for prayers is much the same idea. Pre-written prayers are useful in a variety of situations from marriages to deaths to praising Jesus’s birth.

Using taste

Taste is also highly evocative. A lot of people struggle maintaining focus while praying. If you give them something to eat that plays into what issue you are bringing to God, it can help everyone remain mindful and in the spirit of prayer. For example, if you are praying for a good harvest, eating a piece of an apple while saying the prayer can help keep everyone on the right track.

Keep a prayer journal.

In church is not just the only place you can pray for others, praying at home on your own is essential too. Keeping a little notebook of names, situations, even countries you wish to pray for is a clever idea. This can also be carried forward and scaled up by having a congregation journal where people can go and request prayers for themselves and others.

Have a prayer friend.

If you struggle to stay on task and pray regularly, then getting a prayer buddy might be a solution. You can keep each other accountable or meet and pray together as little as once a week or as often as every day-whatever fit into both of your schedules. ‘This idea could be a wonderful way to get a group of people from your church together and start their own prayer buddy system, or even start a weekly prayer circle’ says David Cornette.

Pray for one or two members every day.

If you are just getting into the swing of praying for others and want to start small, then praying for one or two people a day, every day is a good option. It helps create the daily mindful habit of prayer, without it feeling daunting. As you continue to reinforce this habit, you will feel good for keeping it up and it can inspire you to try praying for me people.

Use Scripture

All the Bible can be used in prayer. Look for passages that deal with intercession in their tone as they converse with God. You can pick a sentence or phrase to repeat as a refrain throughout the prayer. Also, Michael Perry authored a book of ‘Bible Prayers for Worship’ – many of which can be found for free on Jubilate and searching for Michael Perry as author.

These eight creative tips will help when getting your church members fired up about intercessory prayer. It just takes some love and patience.

Michael Dehoyos is a blogger at Academic Brits and writer for Origin Writings. He is involved in many business projects. Michael enjoys identifying project problems and finding solutions for these.

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World Food Day: African Development Bank’s Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation flagship wins top international award for digital… – The Maravi Post




High-level Dialogue on Feeding Africa. It won the best “video – documentary” in the competition. The 2021 International Business Awards, the world’s only all-encompassing business awards competition, drew more than 3,700 nominations from 65 nations.

“Through the experiences of women and men participating in the TAAT program, these videos tell the story of how Bank-funded agricultural technologies are helping 11 million farmers across 29 African countries produce more food and adapt to climate change,” said Dr. Beth Dunford, Bank Vice President for Agriculture, Human and Social Development. “This Gold Stevie award speaks to the collaborative work of our staff, implementation partners, and program beneficiaries to share these stories,” she added.

The videos, beamed to more than a dozen Heads of State, global leaders and thousands of high-level online participants, showcased the experiences of farmers.

“The 17 Heads of State and others who watched would have been impressed with the quality of the film and, more importantly, the program itself. Excellent initiative,” wrote one judge who recognized the challenges of documentary film production during Covid-19 lockdowns.

“These programs are just so necessary to bring positive change and this documentary shows it excellently,” said another awards panel member.

“I emotionally connected with each video provided…the documentary captured wonderful, intimate and sensitive interviews with people. It became personal and heartfelt,” another judge remarked.

This 18th annual International Business Awards recognize outstanding organizations and highlight their positive contributions globally. Last year, the Bank earned a Gold Stevie for its 2019 Annual Report in the publication category and bronze for the Report’s companion video.

This year’s other award winners include Google, IBM, Yapi Kredi, DHL Express Worldwide, Dubai Municipality and Tata Consultancy Services. The winners will receive their prizes during a virtual ceremony slated for 8 December 2021.

Source African Development Bank Group

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