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Who is Neha Dubey? India’s First IFS Officer Slammed Pakistan at the UN Check Instagram, Age, Net Worth



Sneha Dubey, a name is surfing on the Internet and maybe, it’s bound to happen as the girl knows for her iron-clad speech at the UN in the response to Pakistan Imran Khan’s statements about being a Pakistan as a “Victim”. In the response at United Nations General Assembly.

who is sneha dubey

India’s first Secretary said that Pakistan is holding the unworthy record of hosting the largest number of terrorist outlaws by the UNSC (United Nations Security Council). In responding to this, Neha Dubey said that Osama Bin Laden, who was a mastermind behind the 9/11 attack got shelter in Pakistan and even this time, Pakistan leadership praise him as a martyr.

India’s First IFS Officer Slammed Pakistan at the UN

She also targeted Khan for spewing falsehood news about India in front of the world. In a reply to Pakistan’s secretary, she also told about that India is a pluralistic democracy where lots of minorities live together.

Her replies and actions were backed by confidence and courage which is rare among young diplomats such as Neha Dubey. Many people are taking support of social media to praise the courage and confidence of Dubey’s words and the way she managed and structured everything in her response.

Neha Dubey is an IFS (Indian Foreign Services) officer and she is an avid traveler with ambitious hankering in global affairs. She joined the government services in the 2012 batch and made her family proud after becoming the first IFS officer in her family.

Who is Neha Dubey?

She completed her schooling in Goa and graduated from Pune’s Fergusson College and went to Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi for pursuing her MPhil in International Studies. According to the sources, she managed to crack the civil services exam in her first attempt. Her father works at a multinational company and her mother is a school teacher.

After being selected as an IFC officer, she worked at the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) as Under Secretary. Along with this, she also served as a Third Secretary at the Madrid at Embassy office of India. In her speech, she also called Pakistan a “fire raiser disguising itself as a firefighter”.

Because of her words and courage, she garnered praise all over the Internet and even, her name was trending on Twitter. Not only this but when Aaj Tak reporter, Anjana Om Kashyap reached her to talk about the reports, Neha Dubey showed her a way to go out as she doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

After this, the moment was recorded in a camera and later, spread all over the social media pages where Anjana Om Kashyap was trolled by many netizens.

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African Development Bank Group President Akinwumi Adesina assures Nigeria of Bank’s strong support to achieve food security – The Maravi Post




The President of the African Development Bank Group, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, received a high-level Nigerian delegation led by the country’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Mohammad Mahmood Abubakar on Monday.

The meeting follows on the heels of an address by Dr. Adesina last week at a mid-term ministerial retreat presided over by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Dr. Adesina and the Nigerian minister discussed means of tackling growing concerns about the country’s food security.

Adesina said the Bank’s strategic support for Nigeria’s food production would be hinged on five factors: support, scale, systemic, speed, and sustainability.

He added, “I want to assure President Buhari that the African Development Bank will provide his government with very strong support to tackle the country’s food security challenges.”

 “Inflation in Nigeria is high, at 16% or more. Of course, the biggest share of the consumer price index is the price of food, at almost 65%. So, if we can drive down the price of food, of course, we can drive down inflation.“

Adesina urged the Nigerian minister to concentrate on building the correct team and tactics to optimize the country’s farming seasons. He said that dramatically increased food output will result in lower food prices, which will in turn lower inflation rates.

Abubakar said his consultative mission to Abidjan was at the instruction of President Buhari.

“Our mission is to examine ways Nigeria could enhance food production, lower food prices, and create wealth,” the minister said.

Abubakar welcomed the Bank’s proposed strategy and described it as a landmark one that would spur Nigeria’s food supply production. “It will reverse the ugly trend of a sharp increase in prices of food in the country. I am pleased with the Bank’s strategy to facilitate the production of 9 million metric tons of food in Nigeria, and to support us in raising self-sufficiency. The Bank’s Special Agro-Processing Zones initiative is a laudable one and Nigeria is grateful.”

Citing successes in Sudan, Adesina explained how the African Development Bank had supported the country with 65,000 metric tonnes of heat-tolerant wheat varieties, cultivated on 317,000 hectares.

“It took two seasons to do this,” he said. “Change will not happen in years. You will see change in seasons. Sudan now produces 1.1 million metric tons of wheat. The same thing happened in Ethiopia in just two seasons with the production of 184, 000 hectares of wheat,“ he added.

In response to Bank successes in Sudan and Ethiopia, Abubakar said: “This gives me an additional measure of confidence. If you can do it in Sudan, you can equally do it in Nigeria. Not just in wheat, but also rice, maize, and soybeans.”

The African Development Bank will provide Nigeria with support through input delivery, including highly improved seeds and fertilizers to farmers, and an integrated input delivery platform.

Extensively discussed at the meeting was the Bank’s Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone initiative as an effective medium-term plan for revolutionizing Nigeria’s agriculture value chain.

Adesina said: “The task, responsibility, and challenge of feeding Nigeria rests on your shoulders. You will receive maximum support from me, and the African Development Bank for the responsibility that President Buhari has given you. You will not be alone.”

He added: “The Bank stands ready to fully support and help Nigeria in the next farming seasons. So, we must make sure things turn around. The president must succeed, and Nigeria must succeed. Agriculture must succeed.”

Abubakar thanked the African Development Bank for its support and said the meeting gave him reassurances of what Nigeria can achieve with the Bank’s support in the farming seasons ahead.

The minister also called for the Bank’s support to recapitalize the country’s Bank of Agriculture.

Both parties set up a task force team to develop a plan for accelerated implementation within the next 60 days.

Also at the meeting were a member of Nigeria’s National Assembly, Hon. Munir Baba Dan Agundi, Chair of the House Committee on Agricultural Colleges and Institutions;  the African Development Bank’s executive director for Nigeria,  Sao Tome and Principe, Dr. Oyebode Oyetunde; Vice President of Agriculture, Human and Social Development, Beth Dunford; Senior Special Advisor to the President of the Bank on Industrialization, Professor Oyebanji Oyelaran; Director General of the Bank’s Nigeria Country Office in Abuja, Lamin Barrow; the Bank’s Director of Agriculture and Agro-Industries, Martin Fregene; the Director for Agricultural Finance and Rural Development, Atsuko Toda; and senior officials from Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Agriculture.

President Akinwumi A. Adesina meeting with Dr Mohammed Abubakar, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Nigeria

Catch the conversation here:

Dr. Akinwumi A. Adesina, President, African Development Bank Group

Dr. Muhammad Mahmood Abubakar, Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture

Source African Development Bank Group

NBS Bank Your Caring Bank

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Yemen war reaches ‘shameful milestone’ – 10,000 children now killed or maimed  – The Maravi Post




That’s the equivalent of four children every day, UNICEF spokesperson James Elder said. Urging all parties to the conflict to stop the fighting, he added that “Yemen is the most difficult place in the world to be a child. And, incredulously, it is getting worse.” 

‘World’s worst’ humanitarian crisis

Yemen’s humanitarian crisis continues to be “the world’s worst” according to Mr. Elder, who said that it “represents a tragic convergence of four threats: a violent and protracted conflict, economic devastation, social services on the brink of collapse, including health, nutrition, water sanitation, education, protection; and a critically underfunded UN system”.

According to UNICEF, more than 11 million children, (four in five) are in need of humanitarian assistance in Yemen. Some 400,000 children suffer from severe acute malnutrition, more than two million are out of school and two-thirds of teachers, (more than 170,000), have not received a regular salary for more than four years.

Some 1.7 million children are also now internally displaced and 15 million people (more than half of whom are children) do not have access to safe water, sanitation, or hygiene.

“At current funding levels and without an end to the fighting, UNICEF simply cannot reach all these children. There’s no way to say this simply without international support, more children, those who bear absolutely no responsibility for this conflict will die,” Mr. Elder warned. 

$235 million needed

UNICEF “urgently needs $235 million to continue its lifesaving work” until mid-2022, Mr. Elder said, while emphasizing that the organization has made a positive impact.

It has supported the treatment of severe acute malnutrition in 4,000 primary health care facilities and 130 therapeutic feeding centres; provided emergency cash transfers to 1.5 million households every quarter – benefitting around nine million – and provided safe drinking water to more than five million.

It has also delivered COVID vaccines through the UN-partnered COVAX initiative, provided psychosocial support, mine risk education and direct assistance for the most vulnerable children, and trained and deployed thousands of community health workers.

This year alone it has helped 620,000 children access formal and non-formal education and provided vaccines for preventable diseases – including a polio campaign that reached more than five million children. 

Unpaid work

However, Mr. Elder reiterated the severity of the humanitarian situation in Yemen, where the economy is in a critical condition and GDP has dropped by 40 per cent since 2015.

Huge numbers of people have lost their jobs, and those who are still working quite frequently go unpaid,” he said.

Displacement and the destruction of schools have meant classrooms can have as many as 200 children in them. Despite this, unpaid teachers, are “turning up to those classrooms day after day,” he said.

Following a mission to the north and the south of Yemen, Mr. Elder said he had met “scores of children, many inspiring; all suffering, as well as paediatricians, teachers and nurses who all shared personal stories demonstrating how the country is on the brink of total collapse”.

One doctor’s story

Emphasizing the “selfless commitment of everyday Yemenis” the UNICEF spokesperson said he had met a paediatrician caring for severely malnourished babies: “She was treating a child whose life was hanging in the balance just a week earlier.

With UNICEF supplies, this paediatrician saved the little girl’s life. The paediatrician had studied for a decade, including earning a master’s degree, and practised medicine for eight years.

“She had not been paid once in 2021. Yet she continues to serve her community” he stated. According to Mr. Elder, “people are out of options, which means they are forced to sell everything from jewellery to cooking pots, just to feed their own children”.

Children sit in front of a house damaged by an air strike, inside the old city of Sana'a, Yemen. (file)

© UNICEF/Alessio Romenzi

Children sit in front of a house damaged by an air strike, inside the old city of Sana’a, Yemen. (file)

Children the ‘biggest losers’

The bottom line is that “children in Yemen are not starving because of a lack of food. They are starving because their families cannot afford food”.

“They are starving because adults continue to wage a war in which children are the biggest losers”, he stated.

Funding is critical and donor support is clearly in line with lives saved. However, without more funding, UNICEF will have to stop or scale down its emergency assistance, Mr. Elder made clear.

UN Health News

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Katie Richardson Accident Video Katie Richardson Dies in Tragic Car Crash CCTV Footage




Unfortunately, here is news that will make you sad and emotional. As per the news, Katie Richardson Passed Away. The death has been confirmed just a few moments back. It is a tragic death and people get sad after knowing the news. There are many people who are sharing social media posts about her death.

Katie Richardson Accident Video

If you also looking for her death we want to share some info about her. She was around 30 years old. However, the age is not confirmed. There are many people who shared condolence over the death. People mourn death.

Katie Richardson Accident Video

SZA Train Video Viral Rapper SZA Dead or Alive? SZA Train Video Viral On Social Media Twitter / Reddit

Katie Rechardson death cause is the most searchable term right now and people looking out for this info, We want to tell you that the death cause is unavailable right now. But as per our assumption, she died after some medical problem. Definitely, there was a death reason.

You will get the exact death cause here in few moments. According to a youtube channel, she was passed away after meeting in a car accident. If there is any update related her death then you will get the info here.

Katie Richardson Dies in Tragic Car Crash

Her family is very sad and sharing condolence over the death. There are many people who have shared the post as a tribute to Katie Rechardson. If you have details about her and know about her something then you can share them with us and we can add the information here. There are many social media posts. You can check the social media posts on the platform.

13 Detik Lele Pubg Video Viral 13 Detik di TikTok Full Video Goes Viral on Social Media

While if we talk about her Wikipedia information then there is no such information available. Katie Rechardson Wikipedia is yet to be made. If there is any update come we will tell you briefly.

Now people looking out for the funeral details then we want to tell you that the family has not shared funeral details. Possibly according to us, the funeral will take place soon and when the funeral will take place we will update the information as well as pictures here. For further information stay to get in touch with us don’t forget to bookmark the website in your browser. We have another news in the lineup.

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