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Gabenotbabe (Gabriel Salazar) Car Accident Video Popular TikTok Star Dies At 19 Cause Of Death



For the past two years, the world has lost so many personalities. Be it the ongoing virus or the mishaps that happen anytime, people suffered pain and agony after losing their dear ones. Another saddening death news is coming forward in which a popular Tik Tok star who was popularly known as Gaebenotbabe has died. Yes, the 19-years-old star who had his entire life ahead has passed away after meeting with a tragic car accident. Ever since the heartbreaking news came to light, social media platforms are flooded with RIP and condolence messages.

Gabriel Salazar tiktok

Gabenotbabe whose real name is Gabriel Salazar met with a tragic accident on September 26, 2021, which resulted in his sudden death. Reports claim that the crash was quite horrifying as his vehicle was completely damaged while he was also severely injured. As per sources, the people who were present there at the time of the accident immediately took the Tik Tok star to hospital. However, the teenage star couldn’t be saved and was declared dead by the medical staff. Soon, the news surfaced on the internet and took his massive fan base as a surprise. No one was expecting the young star to leave the world this sooner.

Besides the fact that Gabenotbabe died in a car accident on Sunday, no further information on the tragic car accident has come out yet. Though the cause of his death was quite unexpected and now his family and friends are mourning his demise and have been sharing heartfelt posts on their respective social media platforms. His huge fan base is also in deep sorrow and is expressing their sadness. Gabriel’s last post on Instagram had gotten a lot of attention as the users are flooding the comment section with RIP messages.

The Tik Tok star was quite popular on Tik Tok and Instagram. With around 398K followers, Gabenotbabe used to keep his fans updated with his life. His feed is filled with his pictures where is posing with luxury cars. His Tik Tok account where he had almost 1.2 million fans, he always featured his parents who supported him in what he was doing in his videos. It shows how Gabriel loved his family who has now gotten heartbroken. Gabenotbabee belonged to America and has been creating videos on the said platform for quite some time now. His sudden death has shocked so many people who had supported him from the beginning.


Of women and fake prophets, jackpot? – The Maravi Post




Ghanaian Pastor says God told him to shave female church members’ private parts as cleansing

By Thandi Chadzandiyani

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-News dominating our social media spaces was that of a prophet allegedly caught in a love triangle with newly-weds in this past weeks.

The couple wedded on October 2, 2021. But by the end of the week, they had separated courtesy of the prophet’s romantic involvement with the wife. Now, this is not an isolated case. Many women are attracted and are loyal to their prophets than husbands. Society is trying to understand why women are particularly attracted to these fake religious leaders.

Privileged in taking part in one interesting debate among journalists on one WhatsApp group. I keenly followed it and was amused with the discussion centering on why most women seem to be loyal to their prophets and religious leaders than their husbands and families.

Let me share what I got as my take home message.

Women love and need attention. When they are in a relationship, they want their man to give them lots of it. If the husband is not good at checking on the wife, she feels neglected and unloved. Now enters these prophets. They know women love attention and give it. As early as 5 am, they send a good morning message, accompanied by a catchy verse from the Bible. This small gesture goes a long way in making a woman feel special.

These men know that by giving women attention, they have the biggest asset by their side. Attention is an enabler. It makes a woman go crazy.

They also use money from offerings to make women feel loved. They give and buy women little gifts that matter. Coupled with the attention, women are ready to risk it all, thinking the fake ‘prophet’ has real love for them.

They also know that the majority of women who frequent their prayer rooms are broken and vulnerable. They play their ways to their hearts by attentively listening to them when they complain. They then use the same information to make the women feel loved. They end up asking for intimacy which the women give willingly.

These prophets have mastered the art of psychological manipulation. They, therefore, position themselves as the only source of hope. Women naturally love promises. These prophets use the word of God to manipulate the women folk and take advantage of their vulnerabilities.

At the end of the day, women are complex, but easy-to-please human beings. Men need to listen, study and understand the woman they are in love with and give her what she needs in abundance. Then they won’t lose her to these fake ‘prophets’ or men of ‘gold’.

Also, pay attention to how these religious leaders dress or carry themselves— the aura of power and confidence around them. These attributes are an attraction on their own.

Sadly, we have huge sections of men in our society who refuse to listen. They will argue without even trying to understand how women reason.

But I think as women, we can do better. There is no justification for cheating. No matter how much attention that man of ‘gold’ is giving you, just don’t open your legs to him. It will surely end it tears because the truth is, these men do not only pay attention to one woman from their church, they do it to multiple!

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Egypt: Nearly 100 women become the first female judges to join State Council – The Maravi Post




Nearly 100 women Tuesday became the first female judges to join Egypt’s State Council, one of the country’s main judicial bodies.

The 98 women were sworn in before the council’s chief judge, Mohammed Hossam el-Din, in a celebratory event in Cairo.

The swearing-in came months after President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi asked for women to join the State Council and the Public Prosecution, the two judicial bodies that until recently were exclusively male.

Hossam el-Din welcomed the new judges, saying, “They are an important addition to the State Council.”

Some of the judges said they were happy that the dreams of earlier generations of women had finally come true.

“This is a memorable day. It is a dream for us and for past generations as well,” said Radwa Helmy, one of the newly sworn-in justices. “Being a woman in one of the chief judiciary institutions in Egypt and the Arab world was a dream.”

El-Sissi’s decision in March was applauded by many women’s rights activists. Egypt’s National Council for Women said at the time that the move represented a political will to further empower women.

Established in 1946, the State Council is an independent judicial body that mainly handles administrative disputes, disciplinary cases and appeals. It also reviews draft laws, decisions and contracts to which the government or a government-run body is a party.

The council had repeatedly rejected women applicants. In recent years, many women challenged council decisions, arguing that they were discriminated against.

Source: Africanews

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Top 6 Essential Technologies In Online Casinos – The Maravi Post




Technology has always had a tremendous impact and enormous importance in the world, especially in the current situation we’re all in. Most of us have limited outside movement or are under lockdown because of Covid-19. So technology helped make online banking, online shopping, online ordering, and all online transactions a lot better and more accessible.

Technology also has a vital role in the online gambling industry. Online casino platforms for example offer no wagering casinos and a lot more use different technologies to enhance their site’s features further, have seamless gameplay, security, and so on.

Online Casino Gaming Software

If you’re a regular player in online casinos, you may have noticed that some online casinos are more complicated to navigate than others. The gameplay is more manageable, the loading screen loads faster, there’s more intuitive navigation, and so on. These are because of casino software; it provides a rewarding, thrilling, and fulfilling adventure to gamers.

Gaming software is one of the essential components in online casinos; they can make games aesthetically appealing to attract and keep your interest as you play various games. The software also creates a safe, fun, entertaining, and friendly environment for enhanced gameplay and outstanding features, including stunning graphics, superior quality, and exceptional gaming graphics.

Most casinos have obtained games from developers who have already produced different casino games, such as table casinos. The developers give the software license to the casino operator for use while they remain the official provider and creator of the games. An online casino platform is one way to guarantee a seamless transition between all parts of the casino system.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have altered how you recognize online gambling.

Currently, many online casinos use VR headsets so gamblers can simulate casino games like slots, blackjack, and poker and get an atmosphere that closely resembles a real brick-and-mortar casino. Virtual Reality creates a realm of interactive gambling and life-like playing experience, ensures you get a 360° view during game time, and gives you a picture of a real land-based casino on your PC or smartphone screen.

Augmented Reality is identical to Virtual Reality, except it adds computer overlays like real-world images. AR is a technique that intensifies live gameplay immersion.

The online gaming division has been revolutionized thanks to Augmented and Virtual Reality. These technologies enabled online casinos to give their gamers an unusual gaming experience.

Artificial Intelligence

The gambling world is discovering some crucial changes in terms of artificial intelligence. This technology has given more innovative and efficient playing possibilities and advanced hi-tech layouts—a real-life casino hall atmosphere generated in the game. AI allows computers to fulfill actions that are similar to those executed by the human brain. This technology permits the system to self-correct, enabling it to operate better. Artificial intelligence guarantees that gamers are getting the best of both worlds digitally and ensure that everyone’s gambling is much more entertaining.

Mobile Gaming Technology

Image Source

Nowadays, most people own mobile phones, which are not only capable of sending messages or calling someone, but these smartphones are also loaded with tons of capabilities for the pleasure of users. The online casino enterprise took advantage of the fast-evolving mobile phone technology to create casino games modified for the device to make gameplay easier for everyone.

Mobile gaming technology allows gamblers to access casino games freely on a range of phone devices. By bringing the games closer to this generation, mobile gaming technology transformed the online casino realm by implementing them into their smartphones, which they hold most of the time. Mobile gaming technology is an ongoing trend that continues to transform a gamer’s online casino gaming experience.

Mobile phones and apps give players a unique and convenient gaming environment to play various games with internet access. You also have the right to select the online gaming platform compatible with your device for a greater degree of satisfaction and allow you to take advantage of the best games, sift bonus selections, and other fascinating rewards.

Live Dealer Technology

The live dealer casino technology interface lets players connect and communicate with a real-life dealer and other gamers at the same table with a chatbox method. Live casino games also feature unique betting choices that you won’t find anywhere else, like the “bet behind” feature, which enables you to bet on another player’s hand while waiting for a seat at the table.

Live dealer is the most genuine way to play casino games online and one of the closest scenes to a land-based casino.

Blockchain Technology

Technical innovations have allowed online casinos to give their players a broad range of payment options and financial transactions. In addition to cashless transactions like credit cards and Paypal, online casinos are also starting to adopt blockchain technology for their financial trades, providing gamers various payment methods while continually rewarding them with cash-backs and incentives. This method encourages players to grasp this technological progress while appreciating their favorite games.

Today, many authentic online casinos take cryptocurrencies like the ever-famous Bitcoin for payment transactions. Not only are cryptocurrency transactions quicker and more unspecified than other transactions, but they are also spared from the limits required for fiat.

Online casinos have allowed blockchain technology to enable the safest, secure, and transparent transactions. And with such degrees of security when trading with money, more gamers found online casinos quite enticing. It’s also a technology that helps casino operators provide personalized familiarity to players when dealing with different transactions.

The World As It Is Today

Online casinos have become more engaging and fascinating to players. Thanks to these tremendous technological innovations that help casinos generate safe, secure, and fair programs for gambling.

With the changes made by these technological advancements, the online gambling industry implemented different technologies to stay updated with the latest trends to offer unforgettable gaming experiences to their players.

Thanks to these six essential technologies, online gaming and gambling made it easier to enjoy a tailor-made real money gaming experience at the comfort of your home or on the go.

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