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(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2, 29th September 2021 Full Written Update, Aditi and Sandhya are Going Somewhere



There is another serial which is known as Sasural Simar Ka 2. The makers are ready to bring fresh episodes for their users. In this episode, you will know about the upcoming incidents of these episodes. Currently, there are lots of fans of this show around the nation and it is amazing to see this serial having such a huge TRP among the various high-rated television serials. So let’s begin to explore the story of this upcoming episode.

sasural simar ka 2 29th september 2021

The upcoming episode will start with Simar when she will applying Mehendi to her hands. She telling Aarav about all the ladies sitting in the area where the Mehendi function takes placed for the occasion and everyone having Mehendi on their hands. The Mehendi designer asking her to tell the name of the person whose name will be written on her hand.

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Aarav sees Vivaan at the place and asks him that what he doing here. He tells him that it is a ladies’ function. Aarav says I want to attend the Mehendi function. Vivaan tells says loudly then Aarav says yes I want to attend the Mehendi function. Vivaan says you want to go Mehendi even after knowing that there are gents not allowed in this function. Aarav recalls Simar and tells her that he wanted to wear Lehenga.

Simar tells him that her hands are full of Mehendi and he can use her Earplugs. She turns and looks at Badi Maa standing. Aarav says else Badi Maa would have known that we are connected. Bith gets worried because of Badi Maa. She closes her eyes then he asks her why did she close her eyes. Se looking at the Aarav. He starts wearing Lehenga and sits behind her. Mehendi Boy asks her not to move else the Mehendi design will be ruined. He cants make a brilliant design on her hands if she continuously moving.

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While it’s Aditi’s turn to write a name on her hands. Mehendi designer asks for the name and Aditi says nobody will take place in my life seeing Gagan’s pic. Gagan packing his bag. He wishes that her plan will be fulfilled after her wishes for her married life. For the further story, you have to watch this television serial which will be telecast on Colors Tv at tonight. If you have suggestions or feedback then please share with us. We will serve you the best answer for you all queries related to this show.

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Eswatini: Pro-democracy protests continue despite Monarch’s warnings – The Maravi Post




Protesters gather against police brutality in Manzini, Eswatini, a country rocked by a wave of pro-democracy demonstrations.

“There’s aboslutely no bases for the state forces to use such brutality against workers”, says transport association (SACAWU) secretary Sticks Nkhambule, asking for the “release of the arrested MPs, and full democratisation of the country so citizens can enjoy there full rights as citizens”.

On Saturday, the governmet said it had shut its schools “indefinitely with immedi ate effect” as the country faces a wave of pro-democracy protests.

Pupils and students of the tiny, landlocked nation formerly known as Swaziland have been protesting for a number of weeks, boycotting lessons and calling for free schooling, as well as an end to the regime under King Mswati III.

“His Majesty’s Government has taken the decision to close schools indefinitely with immediate effect,” Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini said in a statement.

According to pro-democracy activists, the army and police have been deployed in schools this week, and several students have been arrested.

Civil society and opposition groups demonstrated in the largest cities Manzini and Mbabane in June, looting shops and ransacking business properties.

At least 28 people died as police clashed with protesters in some of the worst unrest in the southern African country’s history. The latest fatality came Wednesday.

On Friday, Eswatini shut down the internet for two hours as pro-democracy marchers headed to the capital.

The shutdown came as images of the protests circulated on social and traditional media, including pictures of two people who said they had been injured by gunshots fired by security forces.

The internet shutdown blocked social media completely for two hours, and left many services running very slowly afterwards.

On Saturday, the situation was calm, according to an AFP journalist.

King Mswati III has ruled Eswatini since 1986 and owns shares in all of the country’s telecoms.

He is criticised for living a lavish lifestyle in one of the world’s poorest countries and is also accused of stifling political parties.

The king has accused demonstrators of depriving children of their education by taking part in the protests.

Source: Africanews

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‘Overzealous’ security services undermining South Sudan peace: rights experts  – The Maravi Post




In an alert, the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan alleged that “overzealous” security forces had prevented dissent so dramatically, that civic space was now eroding “at an accelerating pace”, forcing rights defenders to flee and discouraging others from taking their place

“The State’s targeting of high-profile human rights defenders will have a chilling effect on civil society and will discourage public participation and corrode confidence in the important processes of transitional justice, constitution making and national elections, which are essential for the success of the transition envisaged by the 2018 Revitalised Peace Agreement,” said Commissioner Andrew Clapham.  

Communication breakdown 

The actions of the National Security Services (NSS) have included detentions, raids, a likely internet shutdown and an enhanced security presence on the streets of Juba, the panel said in a statement. 

Those targeted by threats, harassment and intimidation have included prominent human rights defenders, journalists and civil society actors. Many have played a key role in the country’s peace and justice processes. 

“Jame David Kolok and Michael Wani are among those now sheltering outside the country in fear for their lives,” the UN Commission said, in reference to Mr. Kolok’s membership of the Technical Committee to Conduct Consultative Process on Truth, Reconciliation and Healing – a position reaffirmed in May by the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.  

Frozen out 

Mr. Wani had been a youth representative on the National Constitution Amendment Committee, according to the UN panel, which noted that both men’s bank accounts, “and those of the non-government organisations they lead, are among those recently blocked on government orders, with other civil society actors also affected”. 

The 2018 Revitalised Agreement for the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan contains power-sharing arrangements between President Salva Kiir and opposition leader, Riek Machar.  

The accord requires the drafting of a permanent Constitution and the establishment of a Commission on Truth, Reconciliation, and Healing. 

Although implementation of these and other measures – such as public consultation requirements – have been slow, government leaders have renewed pledges and taken steps toward these in recent months, the UN Commission said. 

“These latest restrictions and acts of harassment follow the formation on 30 July of a new civil society coalition whose members planned a public assembly to take place on 30 August,” it explained.  

Clampdown in Juba 

The UN Commission – which was appointed by the Human Rights Council in March 2016 to investigate crimes linked to civil war that erupted in 2011 – noted that this public assembly could not take place amid “detentions, raiding of premises, an apparent internet shutdown, and an enhanced presence of security forces on the streets of Juba”.  

Numerous civil society leaders are still in detention and their wellbeing is unclear, the commissioners said. 

“The State’s authorities must respect and protect the rights of human rights defenders; this is an obligation under international law,” said Commissioner Barney Afako. “It would also demonstrate that South Sudan’s commitment to strengthening its systems for the consolidation of human rights is genuine.” 

Sourced from United Nations Africa Pages

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Unknown thugs hack Opposition DPP Southern Region Governor Charles Mchacha – The Maravi Post




BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Information reaching The Maravi Post reveals that opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Southern Region Governor Charles Mchacha has been hacked by unknown people.

Mchacha alleges that 15 people attacked him with panga knives when he was about to enter his house at Bvumbwe, Thyolo District.

He is currently at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre receiving treatment.

More to come….

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