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NBS Bank takes pride in Area 18 Interchange landmark – The Maravi Post



Area 18 Interchange

By Ernest Mwale, Contributor

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-NBS Bank says it is delighted to have been a part of the history-making Area 18 Interchange in Lilongwe, the first landmark of its kind in Malawi.

In an exclusive interview, NBS Bank Chief Executive Officer Kwanele Ngwenya said as a Malawian Bank, NBS Bank is passionate about the development of the nation.

“And we love to see the country taking positive strides to achieve this. We always endeavour to align our business model to complement the goals of the nation so that the Bank contributes to the sustainable economic development of this country,” he said.

For the interchange, NBS Bank assisted in the financing of the project through a bid bond worth MK14 billion offered to the Roads Fund Administration (RFA).

“For NBS Bank to emerge the financier for this project, we submitted our bid, together with other banks, and the institution with the competitive bid emerged successful.

“The bond was offered at competitive rates to ensure that RFA minimises its funding costs while the bank covers its operating margin,” he said.

Ngwenya said the Bank is looking forward to more participation in infrastructure and development generally in Malawi.

He said NBS Bank values its role in enabling  access to financial services. This, Ngwenya said, is key to promote growth opportunities, such as industrialisation, social welfare, entrepreneurship and diversification in sectors agriculture.

“We, therefore, have a unique offering and business solutions that cater for our SMEs and corporate organisations alike, to enhance their businesses and thereby contribute to the success of our Malawian economy,” he said.

It looks like the pioneering four-lane Area 18 Interchange has inspired more such constructions in Lilongwe as a similar project, a 6-lane stretch, is also taking place on Kenyatta Drive.

In the years to come, there will certainly be more of such pieces of fine infrastructure.

But even after hundreds of years and hundreds of such infrastructure in the country, history shall say that Area 18 Interchange blazed the trail of modern highway construction in Malawi.

And NBS Bank has its name engraved on this development.

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South Africa: Turning litter to classroom bricks in Diepsloot township – The Maravi Post




In a township in Johannesburg, South Africa, volunteers are turning litter into bricks, which are later used to build classrooms for local children.

A non-existent budget and need for a new classroom is what sparked the innovative idea for Diana Musara.

Musara leads the Khensani’s Collection, an education organisation that offers after school classes to young people in the small and under-resourced township of Diepsloot.

Diepsloot is littered with piles of rubbish, a lot of which is plastic waste.

Needing to expand her offering, Musara’s research lead her to Ecobricks, which are made by using sand or single use plastics stuffed into 2 litre or 750 millilitre bottles to create a solid “brick”.

The “bricks” not only offer a cost-effective solution to a construction problem but also tackle the township’s illegal dumping sites and overall pollution.

With the help of volunteers, living both inside and out of Diepsloot, more that 16,000 Ecobricks have been created to build a new classroom.

“We managed to get rid of about 3.5 tonnes of plastic, which is pollution that could have ended up in our environment,” said Musara.

The Ecobricks can be used to construct anything from a small park bench to a 42 square metre building.

For volunteer Sharon Sibanda, joining the effort to make Ecobricks was a far better alternative than sitting at home.

She can earn a stipend of up to R500 (35 USD) per month on top of donated clothing items and food for her family.

“You can pick up bottles and plastics, you can come with them here and build classes (classrooms) from Ecobricks,” said Sibanda.

For the Musara, the erection of the classroom is only the tip of the “rehabilitation of Diepsloot” iceberg.

The organisation plans to build an Eco-Centre on the premises, which will house five more classrooms, a library and a recreational centre.

The project aims to break ground by the second week of November 2021.

Source: Africanews

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Sudan: Political consensus elusive as tensions rise – The Maravi Post




As the crisis in Sudan’s troubled transition from authoritarian rule deepens, huge crowds of people marched in several parts of Khartoum, the Sudanese capital and other cities on Thursday. The protesters were this time demonstrating against the prospect of military rule,

Since the removal of President Omar al-Bashir in 2019 in a popular uprising after three decades of rule, the military has shared power with civilian parties in a transitional authority.

A coalition of rebel groups and political parties have aligned themselves with the military. Civilian leaders say that this would amount to a coup and that the military aims to install a government it can control.

Journalist and Political Analyst Mohammed Fazari inthis report, gives some context to the latest developments.

“Yes, for sure, the differences between the military and the civilians are so serious. The Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has earlier mentioned that Sudan faces the most dangerous crisis in its history.

That’s why he said that the differences between the military and civilians have come near the end of the military’s tenure at the helm of Sovereign Council. As you know in 2019, when the constitutional document was signed, it divided the leadership of the council between the civilians and the military. So the transitional period started with the military in charge and is supposed to end with civilians at the top”.

_”According to me and many observers, the Sudanese people have been divided more than ever before. Some are pro and against the military, others are pro and against the civilian government. So you can see armed movements, some tribal leaders and other Sudanese people at the grassroots level supporting the military.

But people in general and the elite and the youth of the revolution, women and all the intellectuals support a civilian-led government”.

Mohammed shared insight to what extent of responsibility the civilian component of the sovereign council has in the current crisis.

“The civilian function of the government, and the FCC [Forces for Freedom and Change], they believe that there are huge challenges facing the Sudanese government and the transitional period. That’s why they failed to satisfy and to fulfill all the obligations of the transitional period.

Among these challenges is that they failed to form the Executive Council but also the Constitutional Court besides the statutory commissions such as the Elections body, the anti-Corruption commission and others.

All this makes people at the grassroots level blame FCC for failure to satisfy their needs. Besides, the failure to resolve the worsening economic situation which has led to fuel shortages and price hikes”.

Sudan’s longtime leader Omar Al-Bashir was toppled by the military in April 2019 after weeks of mass protests. But as the events of the recent weeks of protests have demonstrated, there was little consensus on how to move forward after that.

Source: Africanews

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Malawi exams body disputes 2021 MSCE leaked papers – The Maravi Post




Suspected 2021 MSCE leaked papers

ZOMBA-(MaraviPost)-The Malawi National Examination Board (MANEB) has quashed rumours hovering on social media claiming that the 2021 Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examination papers of leaked, saying the rumours are fake.

Some people are sharing examination papers on social media especially on social media including WhatsAPP and Facebook.

The Maravi Post is in possession of some of the leaked papers.

The suspected leaked papers including Biology, Mathematics and Agriculture.

But MANEB spokesperson Mayamiko Chiwaya has described the papers circulating on social media as fake.

Chiwaya said candidates should not be worried as they have tightened security.

MANEB will started administering the 2021 MSCE examination from Tuesday, October 26, 2021 across the country.

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