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Open Letter To Pastor RUGA Osinbajo: The Gospel Comedian, By Bayo Oluwasanmi – The Maravi Post



Dear Pastor RUGA Osinbajo:


I write to you in connection with your address to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) on its 45th anniversary titled “Nigeria At 61: The Vision Undefeated.” I am not going to dwell on your address because at 61, the vision of Nigeria has not only been defeated, it has been erased completely. 

You speak as a politician. Politicians are wretched liars. It’s not surprising therefore that there’s no iota of truth in what you told CAN about the undefeated vision of Nigeria. I am directing my letter to you as an ordained minister of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). You have sided with Buhari The Butcher of Aso Rock to oppress and terrorise your own people – the Yorubas. 

I call you a gospel comedian because you teach and practice the false gospel. You’re a hypocrite. From the body of evidence of your pronouncements, action, and inaction, that’s who you are! You seemed loath to speak truth to power. But “We can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth,” Paul reminds us in 2nd Corinthians 13:8.

Yorubas have become weary of your gospel of deception and theology of hypocrisy. Do you ever think of your social mission as a pastor as one expressing solidarity with oppressed Yorubas rather than confederate with Buhari’s regime that is saturated with the ethnic cleansing of Yorubas and other associated evils inflicted on your people?

Forget that you are a politician for a moment. Think of your discipleship: Which gospel do you believe in? Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth or gospel according to jihadism? In cooperation and collaboration with Buhari, you rob the Yorubas rather than enrich them. You fleece them rather than feed them. Rather than receive them, you reject them. You fight them instead of fighting for them. 

As an apostate Christian with your half-pagan companions, you directed the warfare against Yorubas. But remember, there is no light between the Prince of Light and the prince of darkness. And there can be no union between their followers! You have shown hatred to the principles of God’s law: You have embraced deception by which lies are made to appear like truth. 

Like wolves hunting their prey, you and Buhari pursued those of us who dared to criticise you. Under the cloak of pretended Christianity, you actively participate in the siege and slaughter of Yorubas. Your preaching slogan is based on the spirit of compromise and conformity with the oppressors in power. You and Buhari have become Satanic in your cruelty to the Yorubas.

Yorubas are at a critical moment in their history: Their lives are in ruins. Everything has been taken away from them by Fulanis. And you don’t give a damn! Yorubas are being transfixed by violence and misery as their hallmark and destruction from Fulani terrorists always follows them. Where is your conscience? Where do you stand in all these? Where are your tears?

Your government of Buhari pursued terrorism to annihilate Yorubas. Where is your cry for justice? Yorubas look for light but find darkness. They look for bright skies but walk in gloom. They grope like blind along the wall, feeling their way like people without eyes. Even at brightest noontime, they stumble as though it were dark. 

Yorubas growl like hungry bears. They moan like mournful doves. They look for justice, but it never came. They look for rescue, but it is far away from them. Among the living Yorubas are like the dead! It is not too late for you to ally with oppressed Yorubas. 

You’re a pastor without a spiritual vision. A pastor with poor vision, tunnel vision, a vision that is fickle, or a non-existent vision. We cannot drive a car forward by looking at the rearview mirror. We cannot use shoes as hammers, newspapers for umbrellas, and fingernails to tighten a screw!

[email protected]

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‘Overzealous’ security services undermining South Sudan peace: rights experts  – The Maravi Post




In an alert, the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan alleged that “overzealous” security forces had prevented dissent so dramatically, that civic space was now eroding “at an accelerating pace”, forcing rights defenders to flee and discouraging others from taking their place

“The State’s targeting of high-profile human rights defenders will have a chilling effect on civil society and will discourage public participation and corrode confidence in the important processes of transitional justice, constitution making and national elections, which are essential for the success of the transition envisaged by the 2018 Revitalised Peace Agreement,” said Commissioner Andrew Clapham.  

Communication breakdown 

The actions of the National Security Services (NSS) have included detentions, raids, a likely internet shutdown and an enhanced security presence on the streets of Juba, the panel said in a statement. 

Those targeted by threats, harassment and intimidation have included prominent human rights defenders, journalists and civil society actors. Many have played a key role in the country’s peace and justice processes. 

“Jame David Kolok and Michael Wani are among those now sheltering outside the country in fear for their lives,” the UN Commission said, in reference to Mr. Kolok’s membership of the Technical Committee to Conduct Consultative Process on Truth, Reconciliation and Healing – a position reaffirmed in May by the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.  

Frozen out 

Mr. Wani had been a youth representative on the National Constitution Amendment Committee, according to the UN panel, which noted that both men’s bank accounts, “and those of the non-government organisations they lead, are among those recently blocked on government orders, with other civil society actors also affected”. 

The 2018 Revitalised Agreement for the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan contains power-sharing arrangements between President Salva Kiir and opposition leader, Riek Machar.  

The accord requires the drafting of a permanent Constitution and the establishment of a Commission on Truth, Reconciliation, and Healing. 

Although implementation of these and other measures – such as public consultation requirements – have been slow, government leaders have renewed pledges and taken steps toward these in recent months, the UN Commission said. 

“These latest restrictions and acts of harassment follow the formation on 30 July of a new civil society coalition whose members planned a public assembly to take place on 30 August,” it explained.  

Clampdown in Juba 

The UN Commission – which was appointed by the Human Rights Council in March 2016 to investigate crimes linked to civil war that erupted in 2011 – noted that this public assembly could not take place amid “detentions, raiding of premises, an apparent internet shutdown, and an enhanced presence of security forces on the streets of Juba”.  

Numerous civil society leaders are still in detention and their wellbeing is unclear, the commissioners said. 

“The State’s authorities must respect and protect the rights of human rights defenders; this is an obligation under international law,” said Commissioner Barney Afako. “It would also demonstrate that South Sudan’s commitment to strengthening its systems for the consolidation of human rights is genuine.” 

Sourced from United Nations Africa Pages

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Unknown thugs hack Opposition DPP Southern Region Governor Charles Mchacha – The Maravi Post




BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Information reaching The Maravi Post reveals that opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Southern Region Governor Charles Mchacha has been hacked by unknown people.

Mchacha alleges that 15 people attacked him with panga knives when he was about to enter his house at Bvumbwe, Thyolo District.

He is currently at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre receiving treatment.

More to come….

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#Malawi’s COVID-19 Update, October 20, 2021: Six new cases, one death – The Maravi Post




LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-In the past 24 hours, Malawi has registered six new COVID-19 cases, 63 new recoveries and one new death. Of the new cases, four are locally transmitted: all from Blantyre District while two of the new cases are imported: both from Dowa District.

One new death was registered in the past 24 hours and is from Chiradzulu District. The new death was not vaccinated. To the families that have lost their loved ones during this pandemic, may you find peace, hope
and love during this difficult time. May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

Cumulatively, Malawi has recorded 61,738 cases including 2,295 deaths (Case Fatality Rate is at 3.72%). Of these cases, 2,662 are imported infections and 59,076 are locally transmitted.

Cumulatively, 57,029 cases have now recovered (recovery rate of 92.4%) and 232 were lost to follow-up. This brings the total number of active cases to 2,181.

In the past 24 hours, there were no new admissions in the treatment units while two cases were discharged. Currently, a total of six active cases are currently hospitalised (One case is in critical condition and is not vaccinated): two each in Lilongwe and Zomba, and one each in Blantyre and Neno Districts.

On testing, in the past 24 hours, 610 COVID-19 tests were conducted. Of these, 242 tests were through SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Diagnostic test while the rest were through RT-PCR.

The positive cases out of the total number tested (past 24 hours) translates to a positivity rate of 1% a weekly positivity rate (seven days moving average) is at 1.1%.

Cumulatively, 420,518 tests have been conducted in the country so far. On COVID-19 vaccination, a total of 1,160,788 vaccine doses has been administered in the country so far.

Cumulatively 636,692 and 269,981 people have received the first dose and second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine respectively while 254,115 people have received Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Over the past 24 hours, 4,269 and 2,381 people have received first dose and second of AstraZeneca vaccine respectively while 337 people have received Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Cumulatively, 524,096 people are fully vaccinated.

Let me recommend those that are still practicing the COVID-19 preventive and containment measures as it is helping to supress further the transmission in our country.

We need everyone to embrace the new norm of adhering to the measures in order to win this fight. One of the
preventive measures in the COVID-19 fight is the proper wearing of a mask.

Masks are recommended as a simple barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air and onto other people when the person wearing the mask coughs, sneezes, talks, or raises their voice. This is called source control.

Apart from reducing the spread of COVID-19, facemasks play an important role in the prevention and control of other infectious respiratory disease transmission such as influenza.

Compliance with other measures including physical distancing, hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and adequate ventilation in indoor settings is essential for reducing the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

In addition, those that are aged 18 years and above should ensure that they receive COVID-19 vaccine to reduce their risk of developing severe disease, risk of hospitalization and deaths when they contract COVID-19.

It is important to note the type of mask to use to effectively protect ourselves and others to the virus. Those that are COVID-19 positive must self-isolate and put on a surgical mask always.

Surgical masks must always be used when taking care of a COVID-19 suspected or positive patient both in health care settings and at home.

Heath care workers and other frontline workers are advised to strictly follow the Infection Prevention and Control measures at all times.

The use of face masks is part of a comprehensive package of the prevention and control measures that can limit the spread of certain respiratory viral diseases, including COVID-19.

Face masks can be used either for protection of healthy persons (worn to protect oneself when in contact with an infected individual) or for source control (worn by an infected individual to prevent onward transmission).

The following is a guide on how to wear and remove a mask;
 Clean your hands before putting on the mask.
 Inspect the mask for tears or holes, do not use a mask that is damaged.
 Adjust the mask to cover your mouth, nose, and chin, leaving no gaps on the sides.
 Avoid touching the mask while wearing it.
 Change your mask if it gets dirty or wet.
 Clean your hands before taking off the mask.
 Take off the mask by removing it from the ear loops, without touching the front of
the mask.
 Medical masks are for single use only; discard the mask immediately, preferably into a
closed bin. Do not liter
 Wash your hands with soap after removing the mask.
 If you are using a cloth mask, wash it using soap at least once a day.
 Do not share used masks

No one is safe until everyone else is safe. Get Fully Vaccinated! Wear Face Mask! Protect yourself. Protect your loved ones. Protect everyone.

Hon. Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda, MP, MINISTER OF HEALTH

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