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Who Was Paul Kuehl? Check Cause Of Death Bio Age How Did He Die?



The quite shocking incident is arriving ahead to the people that “Too Hot To Handle Latino’s cast” Paul Kuehl has passed away on 29th September 2021. Ever since, the news came to the fore a wave of grief has surrounded everyone because it was unexpected enough. Uncounted people are paying tribute to him through social media, and praying for his family too so that, they can bear the pain of great loss. His entire family has broken down in tears because they have lost an integral part of their family. To know more check the details given below, such as his wiki-bio, Instagram, net worth, etc.

Who Was Paul Kuehl? Check Cause Of Death Bio Age How Did He Die? As per the exclusive reports or sources, the death cause of Paul Kuehl is yet to be revealed because plenty of reports are taking place, and hence, it becomes hard to believe one. But the investigation is going on to figure out a genuine one, even we will advise you to not consider any rumor because, uncounted has already taken place. That’s why we are not confirming anything unless we get strong evidence, so he reports will take some time to unleash the truth behind the incident, because still, the major reason for his demise is hidden.

Paul Kuehl Cause Of Death

It is being said, that Paul Kauhl was an amazing human and always supports his family and friends, he was the one who always helped his close ones. But unfortunately, he is no longer among us which is quite sad, his cherished nature was too attractive and this is the reason uncounted people loved him. Everyone has shattered after hearing the news but they will need to handle themselves, because his family needs their support in this hard time. Hitherto no disease has been reported and therefore his demise is creating mystery among the users.

Everyone is mourning his death because another pure soul has left the world and his absence made his close one broken enough, because they did not expect that one day such a piece of heart-wrenching news would surround them. Twitter has been flooded by heartfelt messages because everyone is expressing their deep condolence to the deceased. Because nowadays due to on going pandemic only social media is the platform where everyone can express their feeling because as far as everyone has concerned visiting could be prohibited. So therefore everyone is paying tribute to him through Twitter, even we will also pray may his soul rest in peace (RIP)


Paris Lane Suicide Video Paris Lane Passed Away Last Full Video Viral on Social Media




Social media is saddened to hear about the popular personality of America who is known for its amazing singing talent and popularity. Yes, we are talking about Paris Lane who committed suicide just a few days. A suicide video is going viral among the watchers on social media after he met his wife/girlfriend in front of the elevator and when she left him, she drunk something and fell down on the floor.

Paris lane passed away last full video

The investigation was already started of this case and Police Department Internal Affairs Bureau is exploring that how the police security video which is showing a youngster is committing suicide has gone viral on social media.

Paris Lane Suicide Video

According to the sources, Paris Lane was battling with internal demos and tribulations. His death was the last option to finish the pain he was struggling with. However, the netizens and even no one allows to share such kinds of videos on social media and even then, the video has gone viral on social media and people are also searching for the video.

All the incident was captured in a surveillance camera that was held in front of building lift. He was a youngster and committed suicide at the age of 22. Before that, he also used a 9-millimeter handgun to commit suicide on March 16 in an ongoing campaign that was running at the Morris Houses Project in the Bronx. He went there to meet his sweetheart/girlfriend.

Paris Lane Passed Away Last Full Video

A 45-seconds of video is showing Mr. Lan and his girlfriend who was standing in front of the elevator and waiting to open the gate. She holds his husband and clears her tears with his hand. She was also seen kissing him momentarily, and later, they hugged each other until they pulls away from each other, and then, she went to the left.

All the incidents are recorded in the CCTV camera and later, the video shows that how Lane trusts that the gate of the lift will close and then, at a moment, he brings out the firearm, put in his mouth and flames once, he fell down at the moment.

Lane’s temporary mother, Martha Williams, who is 56-years old, is also called the Web webpage bigot. Later, she started to approaches on Sunday and telling some individuals that the video is on the Internet. She also rushed to the Manhattan precinct president for help. Since the video gone viral on social media, people are going upset and paying tribute to his love for his sweetheart. Our condolence and prayer are with his family.

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Former Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo launches new political party in Abidjan – The Maravi Post




Laurent Gbagbo, with a decade-long exile behind him, this weekend embarks on a path he hopes will return him to Ivory Coast’s presidency at the helm of a new party.

“This is the grand return of Laurent Gbagbo to the political scene,” his spokesman Justin Kone Katinan told AFP ahead of the launch.

Gbagbo will oversee the new party’s congress on Saturday and Sunday as he seeks to “reunite the left” and use the occasion as a springboard to the 2025 presidential election.

The 76-year-old, whose 2000-2011 rule was marked by turbulence and division in the world’s biggest cocoa producer, has been very visible since returning to his homeland on June 17.

He was removed from office in April 2011 after a short civil war that claimed 3,000 lives, sparked by his refusal to accept electoral defeat by current President Alassane Ouattara.

Gbagbo was then flown to the International Criminal Court in The Hague to face charges of crimes against humanity resulting from the conflict but eventually acquitted.

He has occupied himself by visiting former president and also rival Henri Konan Bedie, held “reconciliation” talks with Ouattara but has fallen out for good with his former prime minister Pascal Affi N’Guessan, who heads a faction of his former Ivorian Popular Front (FPI).

Leaving the FPI behind, Gbagbo now expects around 1,600 delegates will show support at the congress hosted at Abidjan’s prestigious Hotel Ivoire where his new “African People’s Party – Cote d’Ivoire” (PPA-CI) will look to draw up a manifesto.

The mooted party logo comprises two intertwined hands clasping a map of Africa with the accent on a Pan-African dimension.

Indeed one of the major congress themes will be African sovereignty in the face of the abiding influence of Western powers.

The new party hopes to reshape domestic debate in a country where the opposition has become increasingly hollowed out over the past decade.

“We want to constitute a normal opposition party which brings a critique” to the table to enable “debate to leave violence behind and become essentially political,” says Kone Katinan.

“We are waiting to see if this will be a real opposition or a party seeking power. We shall see how they go about things, what will be their alternative programme,” notes political analyst Sylvain N’Guessan.

Crimping Gbagbo’s ambitions could be a bill designed to limit the age of presidential candidates to 75. He will turn 80 in 2025.

Source: Africanews

NBS Bank Your Caring Bank

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LYN vs MON Dream11 Prediction Lineup Live Score Scorecard League 1 Olympique Lyonnais vs onaco




LYN vs MON is the new square off from the football league Olympique Lyonnais. If you are looking for an exciting match then you will see this match which will give you the best square off. This match will be played on October 07:00 pm.

lyn vs mon

Definitely, it will make you crazy through the best-ever performance by the teams. Here are various other details available which you should know about this match. So let begin our article which includes match prediction, probable lineup and live score as well.

LYN vs MON Live Score

Match: LYN vs MON
League: Olympique Lyonnais
Date: Saturday, October 16, 2021
Time: 07:00 pm
Venue: Parc Olympique Lyonnais

In the recent matches, we have noticed that the teams have played such marvelous matches. The team LYN has played many matches and won several matches also. They have won 2-3 matches. Due to this stat, they have gained such massive popularity in this league. Most probably they will continue the best performance in the upcoming matches also.

While if we talk about the team MON then we want to tell you that there were many matches where the team has won brilliantly. They are also ready to perform brilliant gameplay in the upcoming matches also. Read the information below related to this match.

Probable 11 Olympique Lyonnais

Pollersbeck; Dubois, Boateng, Diomande, Emerson; Caqueret, Guimaraes; Shaqiri, Paqueta, Aouar; Toko Ekambi

Probable 11 Monaco

Nubel; Aguilar, Disasi, Maripan, Henrique; Diatta, Matazo, Fofana, Martins; Volland, Ben Yedder

As we supposing you are curious to watch the upcoming match and you are also excited to know the most predicted team who will become the winner of this match. Then we want to share details with you that you can watch the match on the regular live streaming platform. While talking about the winner then according to us in this upcoming square off you going to see LYN will win the match with a great score.

There is a huge chance that it will bring outstanding performance in this match. Now you can bookmark the page for regular live updates related to this match. You will see massive gameplay in this match. For further related details stay connected with us. We ensure you that we will give you a reply to all the queries related to this football league.

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