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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Nomination, 12th October 2021 Full Episode Written Update (BB5) Online Voting Results



Again, we are going to talk about one of the most brilliant and anticipated reality show named, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5. Everyone knows that the show is actually going on very well in which all the participants showing their best to give the toughest competition to other contenders.

bigg boss 5 telugu

Many people are keenly waiting to watch the full episode of the reality show because it holds some unforgettable moments. The Telugu version of the most prominent reality show franchise in India is also very famous and holding TRP in millions. You will never feel bored while watching this exceptional reality show.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Nomination

The episode containing some brilliant moments in which a heated argument also takes place. As everyone knows that the reality show is full of turns and twists in which every contestant showing its unique form and behavior to grab all the attention of the audience. There are a total of 19 contestants who joined season 5 in which only one will become the winner of the season.

The show has been premiered on 5th September 2021 and hosted by one of the most famous and versatile actors Nagarjuna Akkineni. He joined the stage on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode and put his opinion on the performance of the participants.

All of us know that the show is based on votes and the contestant who get the highest votes from the audience will grab the title of the season. If we talk about Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Voting Results of 12th October 2021 then the result is given below.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Voting Results

  • Sunny – 21.12% (4152 votes)
  • Sreeram – 18.37% (3611 votes)
  • Siri – 11.55% (2270 votes)
  • Maanas – 9.58% (1883 votes)
  • Jessie – 9.20% (1809 votes)
  • Ravi – 8.50% (1671 votes)
  • Priyanka – 6.10% (1199 votes)
  • Vishwa – 5.20% (1022 votes)
  • Lobo – 5.19% (1021 votes)
  • Swetha – 5.19% (1021 votes)

The results we provided above are not official and if you actually want to check the official result then you have to watch tonight’s episode.

Along with the voting session, the show will also hold a crispy and tough task for the contestant in which they have to perform well. Let us also tell you that the upcoming task will not come as simple as you think. Yes, the episode also contains some ugly and flaming arguments in which many contestants are involved.

Not only this, but some contestant will give their best in the task and become the winner of tonight’s task. So, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 will be airing on Star Maa and you will easily watch the full episode without any hesitation. Stay connected with us to know more information about trending reality shows.

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Yevgenia Leontyeva Jumped Video Yevgenia Leontyeva Falls 80ft Botched Bungee Jump, Death Video




There are many ways to entertain or make your day more interesting by visiting any place or doing some amazing things and it could entertain you but sometimes even fun things can be the punishment of a lifetime and for this reason, an incident is coming in the headlines where a woman named Yevgenia Leontyeva plummeted 82 feet to her death on this Sunday, October 10, 2021, when she jumped from a roof of a hotel before her free-flying cord was secured.

death video

A video has been also leaked on social media which is showing the threatening incident. She was the mother of three children and the video was recorded in Karaganda, Kazakhstan.

Yevgenia Leontyeva Jumped Video

The sources say that Yevgenia Leontyeva jumped after mistakenly given permission from organizers to go ahead. A man heard her saying “I Love You” in Russian and she jumped after a brief countdown. After falling down on the land, she died on the spot. According to the reports of a local health spokesman who told East1West news that with the ongoing medical treatment, the patient died.

In the footage, it was seen that a 33-years-old Yevgenia Leontyeva was standing on the top of the hotel roof to prepare to partake in “rope freeflying” which is a bungee-esque stunt organized by the Late Dan Rosman in California’s Yosemite Nation Park in the years of 1990s.

Yevgenia Leontyeva Falls 80ft Botched Bungee Jump

Well, her special moment became the worst moment of her life when she crashed to the ground with a sickening sound as the horrified onlookers including her friend who was also ready to jump after her, also was seen cry out in shock at the moment when she falls down on the ground.

According to the news of East2West, which is a Russian language news outlet said that the incident took place when a 33-years-old lady was cleared by the organizers to jump before her safety cable could be attached to a tree. In another video, it could be easily seen that the organizer who was holding the safety cable of Leontyeva can be seen falling on the ground because of the force of her body weight.

A health official told that the patient was being operated on along with this, a craniotomy was also performed and the removal of the hematoma was attempted at the time of her treatment but because of her injury, she succumbed.

According to the sources, she was reported as an experienced jumper and known for her thrilling jumpings. She was excited in an extreme sport called “Free-Fyling” which looks similar to bungee jumping, but the cord is made from nylon, not from rubber. As the result, the jumpers do not bounce back but swing when the cord is tight. The criminal investigation has been started into the case of Yevhenia Leontyeva’s death.

She leaves three sons behind in which two were her own and one was a child of her relative. They all are boys and younger than 14 but it is still unclear that who will take custody of them. In their family picture, her husband do not appear.

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Here’s Why You Need a Health Insurance That Covers Pregnancy




Motherhood is a fulfilling and gratifying experience, but it also comes with its share of obligations and responsibilities. Not only is it emotionally and physically challenging to prepare for motherhood, the financial aspect is a major concern for to-be parents. In today’s environment, the healthcare costs have skyrocketed which is why you need health insurance that covers pregnancy.

Here's Why You Need a Health Insurance That Covers Pregnancy

The Importance of a Maternity Coverage Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance policies provide coverage for medical expenditures and come with a variety of features. It is critical to seek health insurance that covers pregnancy when you are looking for a policy for a woman. These plans cover the costs of a normal pregnancy, labor, and delivery. A comprehensive health insurance coverage will also cover the infant and any other expenditures that may arise.

Medical care and childbirth at a reputable hospital have multiplied in recent years. Not everyone can withstand such a significant financial burden. If you want to provide excellent maternity care for your wife while avoiding financial strain, consider health insurance that covers pregnancy, which will cover all of the costs associated with pregnancy. A health insurance plan including maternity benefits can cover all of the expenditures listed below. However, various plans and insurers may provide varying levels of coverage.

Expenses Incurred Pre- and Post-Hospitalisation

The policy covers expenditures incurred before the covered person’s admission to the hospital. The term “post-hospitalization coverage” refers to the policy’s provision of care for the baby and the mother following the child’s birth.

Expenses Associated with Pre And Post-Natal Care

Health insurance that covers pregnancy covers the cost of daycare and doctor’s consultation fees, and prescription costs.

Vaccination Insurance

Some health insurance policies additionally cover expenditures incurred as a result of the newborn’s required vaccinations. Most health insurance policies only provide coverage for a year, while other plans provide coverage for up to 12 years.

Coverage For Newborns

Some health insurance that covers pregnancy provide coverage for newborns from the moment they are born, including necessary treatment and expenditures.

Hospitalization Without Spending Any Money

Leading insurance firms provide cashless hospitalization at their network hospitals around the country as part of their maternity insurance policies. Medical services are available in network hospitals without the need to pay for them at the time of treatment.

Bonus That You Don’t Have to Claim

If the plan has no claims in a policy year, some insurance firms discount the following year’s insurance premium or increase the total covered for the same price. Furthermore, insurance firms provide consumers with a straightforward and simplified online application procedure to make the entire process easier. You can easily purchase health insurance that covers pregnancy online by clicking the right options.

The Ability to Choose The Amount Of Coverage

The sum insured is chosen by policyholders. When purchasing health insurance that covers pregnancy, they can select the desired sum insured.

Tax Advantage

Maternity insurance premiums are deductible from taxable income for policyholders. Maternity insurance is an excellent supplement to your health plan if you are expecting a child. As a result, for a financially secure pregnancy, it is recommended that you get maternity insurance.

Secure Your Pregnancy

The future is never predictable, and financial problems might strike at any time. Maternity insurance policies may provide much-needed respite and assistance to families during difficult times. If you’re thinking about purchasing health insurance that covers pregnancy, now is the ideal time to do it.

Because most insurance companies will not give maternity health insurance to women who are already pregnant because it is considered a pre-existing condition, women who want maternity insurance should apply before they get pregnant. Alternatively, if you just married and expect to have a kid within the next several years, you should purchase this coverage right now. Choose a comprehensive health insurance plan from a reputable insurance provider such as Care Insurance that includes maternity care at a reasonable cost.

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Bigg Boss 15, 12th October 2021 Day 10 Full Written Update, (BB15) Leshan and Miesha Fall in Love




Bigg Boss 15 is rapidly reaching its hype because of the amazing contestants and their actions in the house. It has been 10 days since the Bigg Boss 15 started and managing the entertainment in the house. We have seen several fights including many sweet bonds and arguments among the housemates.

Bigg Boss 15 12th october 2021

While some of the contestants are not getting fame from the various platforms and other contestants are managing to form their friendship bond more amazing in the house to survive further. On the 10th day of the BB, there were too many twists and turns among the contestants.

Udaariyaan, Today’s Episode 12th October 2021 Written Update, Tejo asks Simran to Come With Her

Bigg Boss 15 Written Update

Along with this, when the nomination was announced in the house, we saw in the episode a love bond brewing between Meisha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal in the house while Afsana Khan called it fake. Well, lots of things are ready to happen in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15 we are going to watch many twists from today, all the contestants will fight for reaching the final episode of the show and it will be interesting to watch them doing this.

According to the latest promo video of the show, we saw that how some of the contestants will be gathered in a kitchen area and Tejasswi asks Karan Kundra that he really like Shamita Shetty and on this questions, he replies,” I have never spoken to her and either way, she is a strict personality kind of person.

After this, the next scene shows that when Tejasswi says that Gharwaasis and we see Nishant Bhat, Shamita Shetty, and Pratik Sehajpal again united. She says that she saw them discussing the game plans but Karan says that when the time will come to prove their unity, they all will be scattered.

Bigg Boss 15 Nomination

On the other side, the romantic moment of Ieshaan Sehgaal and Miesha Iyer is capturing huge attention of the audience and fans are going crazy for them as a love story has begun in the house.

In the last episode, we shaw that he proposed marriage to Miesha. He continuously confesses his love for her the whole day. He also swore of his mother and Bigg Boss that if she accepts his love, he would definitely marry her. Iesaan keep saying I Love You to her but she did not react to this and stood stunned.

While some housemates say that they are not in love and it is just attraction for each other as nobody can fall in love within three days of the show. Not only this but Afsana Khan also called Ieshan and Miesha’s love fake. She said that they are just doing this to gain some support from the watchers to go ahead.

While Vishal Kotain also says that it is just an attraction, not a love. So, what’s your review on this, Is Ieshan and Miesha in love with each other? or they are just showing off to gain some support from the audience? Tell us in the comment section.

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