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Nigeria: Death Throes Or Birth Pangs? Achike Chude – The Maravi Post



How could Karl Maier in his book ‘This House Has Fallen,’ describe Nigeria as; “a criminally run corporation where the leaders are armed and hidden in the vault.”?


As patriotic Nigerians and believers in Nigeria’s renaissance (though that has almost faded), that statement by the American journalist should be enough for Nigerians to issue a Fatwa on his head.


But Karl Maier knew what he was talking about. About twenty years after he released his block buster book at the dawn of our now unbroken ‘democracy,’ virtually all the dark predictions made about our country have come to pass. 

It is not that the author set out to rub Nigeria in the mud. On the contrary, his motivation was to look for, and find the redeeming qualities of our country. Indeed, he was awed by the vast riches of unquantifiable measures, located in every corner of Nigeria. From the north to the south are massive natural resources of all kinds in great commercial quantities. 

With vast arable farmlands, and powered by a great population made up majorly of youths, Karl Maier knew that Nigeria had very serious potential to be unstoppable in the entire global human family. After all, countries with practically NOTHING had become SOMETHING and the envy of many. 

But he was alarmed to see the dark sides of our political elites and prominent persons who were supposed to drive our country to progress and greatness. 

It was thus a shock to realise the full extent of their depravity. They are neither patriotic nor nationalistic. Some of them manifested traces of parochialism of the worst kind. Others were downright unintelligent and lacked any form of conscience that could inform them that they had gone too far in the destruction of their country. Their stock in trade was to use identity politics to keep us permanently at each other’s throats to prevent us from asking the kind of questions that could eventually lead to our liberation. Sometimes they quarell among themselves when the sharing formula is perceived to be unjust. But in spite of the occasional disagreements among themselves, there was a very strong bond of unity;


Over the years, Nigeria has become one vast criminal business empire with presidents and governors as board members while the ministers and commissioners and parliamentarians are the CEOs, COOs, and Senior and Middle Management Personnel reminiscent of the notorious Italian ‘Mafia’ enterprise of yore. 

Occasionally, a few good people within the political firmament with some consciences intact, come along. But their feeble efforts to appeal to reason are soon drowned by the cacophony of impure noises coming from members of the illicit national business empire.


Every good business man, whether the mafiosi type or the conventional one, knows that the principle of eating the goose that lays the golden egg is an anathema and deleterious to the overall health of the business. The original Italian mafiosi knew this and understood the importance of fattening the goose so that controlled exploitation and theft could continue. 

This is why the businessmen running the business corporation called Nigeria are so pre-historic and Neanderthal in their ways and practices. Their greed does not allow them realise that they are burning the very house that they live in. Even when they do realise that there is danger, they delude themselves into thinking that there is one final item of value to be picked from the ruins and debris. 

Just as It is always a very traumatic and troubling experience to behold a man or woman on the throes of death – the pain, the fear, the regret, and the uncertainty of what comes next, Nigeria and Nigerians are sadly going through the same processes. M.D. Geismar described it as “a hard and painful struggle – the throes of revolutionary social change”

But some are saying that rather than a death throe, the country is rather going through a birth pang and that what we are witnessing, the orgy of violence and killings are symbolic of the pains associated with the birth of a child, or in political terms, the birth of a new nation. 

Either way we look at it, the danger with both positions is that the success of each is dependent on the specific socio-political contexts,. the drivers, the motivations, and philosophies of the processes. The scenarios that stare us in the face in Nigeria are not so inspiring. There is no national movement towards nationhood and no encompassing ideology except the ideology of the ruling class which is absolutely selfish and self serving.   

Eventually, something will give. It always does. The what, how, and when, is the great mystery. Will it be reminiscent of the Soviet revolution in which millions died in the snows of Siberia, consuming both the innocent and guilty, or the French Revolution in 1789 in which the oppressive regime was overthrown and the king and queen beheaded, or the Somalian experience that completely destroyed that country’s political system, or the Rwandan social eruption in which over a million people were killed in a space of three months. There is also the Cuban Revolution that led to the success of Fidel Castro’s forces. And then, very close to us here in Ghana was the ‘Ghana Revolution’ inspired by young Ghanian officers and led by the great Jerry Rawlings. 

Perhaps, if there is still any small hope to hold on to in Nigeria, it is the fact that our story as a nation has not yet ended. Perhaps, following from this, the statement; 

“While there is life there is hope,” might still hold true. 

But hope, built on nothing is stupid. And to build it on the back of our thoroughly discredited and unworthy politicians is the height of insane optimism. 

Death throes or birth pangs? 

Who knows?

It seems like the Devil’s alternative.

Which will it be?

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2021 Triumph Street Scrambler Launched in India Check Price Full Specification & Features




UK-owned motorcycle manufacturing company, Triumph launched the updated 2021 Triumph Street Scrambler in India. The company updated various functions in the bike and now, the official launching has been made in India. Along with this launching, the company has also announced some important functions, specifications,s and many more things of the 2021 Triumph Street Scrambler.

2021 triumph street scrambler

Now, the model will come with a new BS6 compliant engine, subtle cosmetic tweaks, including an enhanced list of features, and some new colors for the model and the customers who wants some adorable colors on a new model. As per the sources, the company launched the model against the rival company 2021 Kawasaki Z900 and the 2021 Ducati Monster.

BMW C 400 GT Launched in India Check Maxi-Scooter Price Specification Features Images

2021 Triumph Street Scrambler: Specification & Features

The years will show you some amazing competitions between motorcycle models in Inda. This year, various companies have launched many models for the Indian customers who were eagerly waiting to buy a new model of Triumph company.

Now, the customer will have to face some competition and time to choose the best and effective model of the companies as many several companies are going to put their first step in the Indian market with some amazing bike models. However, we have been also noticing the craze of EV bikes but those bikes are available at the cheapest prices in India. Now, let’s talk about the updated specification of the model.

The model has come with ride quality and enhanced ergonimics. Now, the model is equipped with a 790mm seat height that provides an upright riding position and as well as the signature scrambler wife handlebars to improve your relaxation during riding.

Along with this, the model is equipped with higher cartridge front forks with scrambler-style rubber gaiters and 120mm travel. 2021 Triumph Street Scrambler retains the 900cc high torque Bonneville engine that produces 65bhp at 7,250rpm and 3,250rpm of peak torque at 80Nm.

If we talk about its features so, the model has three riding modes including Road, Rain, and Off-Road along with ABS and switchable traction control. There are LED rear lights, a key fob incorporated immobilizer, and a fon charging socket. Many more features and offers is also provided by the company.

2021 Triumph Street Scrambler: Price & Colors

Along with the official launching, the company also announced the price of the model and the customers can buy the model at Rs. 9,35,000 (ex-showroom, India). Many more additional features and offers are provided by the company.

Soon, the pre-order booking will start online and the dealer’s showroom. While the customer will get to see this model in these colors- Jet Black, Urban Grey, and dual-tone Matt Khaki and Matt Ironstone. Stay tuned for more updates.

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BMW C 400 GT Launched in India Check Maxi-Scooter Price Specification Features Images




Recently, a great launch by one of the most prominent companies BMW has just heated up the entire environment. So, the company has launched an all-new BMW C 400 GT maxi-scooter and enhancing the madness among the people to take a ride on this amazing product of the company. The scooter has been launched in India at Rs. 9,95,000 (ex-showroom, India).

BMW C 400 GT in India

Let us also tell you that the new scooter of BMW has been completely built-up unit (CBU). Along with it, people can buy this amazing scooter after booking it from any BMW Motorrad India dealership. So, if you are thinking to purchase this amazing scooter then you just need to book it now from the official website or any dealership of BMW.

During the launch, Vikram Pawah, President, BMW Group India said “The launch of the all-new BMW C 400 GT heralds a new era in the urban mobility segment in India. This progressive and agile mid-size scooter is designed to conquer the city and long-touring destinations with ease.

Whether riding into the city center, traveling to the office or enjoying a weekend tour the all-new BMW C 400 GT is the perfect partner to enjoy riding to the fullest: not just as alone but with a passenger too”.

The main motive of the company to design this fabulous scooter is to give comfort, performance, touring capability, as well as ample storage space. With a laid-back stance, the BMW C 400 GT gets an aerodynamic front with twin LED headlights and LED daytime working lights, integrated with turn indicators. The look of the scooter is actually grabbing lots of attention from the audience.

The company has also launched it with two painted finishes included Alpine White and Style Triple Black. Along with it, the company also giving a standard warranty of three years with an option to extend the warranty to the fourth and fifth years.

For the BMW C 400 GT, BMW offers a keyless function that handles the ignition, steering lock, seat, filler cap, and storage compartment. Let us also tell you that the scooter is 350cc and the company claimed that it will reach 100kmph in 9.5 seconds. The scooter can be reached a maximum speed of 139kmph.

Along with it, the entire drive unit is connected to the suspension to reduces the vibration at low and high speeds. So, the company actually bringing a very perfect product this time to make everyone keen to take a ride of it. So, BMW C 400 GT maxi-scooter in India at Rs 9,95,000 (ex-showroom, India) and people can book it now.

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Kaitlyn Schindler Car Accident At I-65 Southern Jackson County




A recent car accident that took place at I-65 Southern Jackson County shocked everyone. As the accident led to a total of 4 death in it along with a person with a critical condition. The fourth person is hospitalized in Louisville, Kentucky. As soon as the entire fetch the attention of authority, the investigation has been started. According to the initial reports issued by State Police and Crash Reconstructionists that claimed a silver jeep compass was driven by a 25 years young boy named Kaitlyn N. Schindle belongs to Marysville, Indiana. He was heading to northbound lanes of I-65 near the 39-mile marker for unspecific reasons.

Kaitlyn Schindler Car Accident

In addition to this, the vehicle was driven by Schindler, it was a grey 2015 Dodge Durango was driven by him at the time. Schindler’s death news has been widely spread on Social Media. All the people who have learned about this terrible accident are expressing their grief and condolence messages to his family. The authority has informed the Schindler family about his sudden demise. It is hard to believe for his family that their son has left the world so early. All of them mourning his death.

As we mentioned above, that all the family members and his beloved are sinking in sorrow. They all are currently busy with the funeral rites of Schindler. Along with him, two more people have died in the same accident. The information regarding them is being reviewed. However, it is being said that the other two deceased were of the same age. Along with that, the team of doctors are trying quite hard to save the life of the fourth person. The people are paying tribute to all the deceased and sending their heartfelt condolence to their families and beloved.

As of now, there is no announcement have been made regarding any kind of funding on the prominent funding site named GoFundMe. The families haven’t come with any public statement so far. We will get back to you soon with any kind of information regarding raising any fund page. We hope that God provides courage and strength to the family to bear this immense loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Anyone can drop condolence and tribute messages to the official Obituary site. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates.

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