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Who Was Nick Percy Cause of Death Wiki Biography Age



We are very saddened to report the unfortunate demise of Nicky Percy. It has come forward that she reportedly passed away on Tuesday, October 12, 2021. However, there is no confirmation about it. Ever since the news surfaced online, netizens were quick to express their sorrow and grief on her demise. People who were closer to Nicky are the most devastated right now as it’s like someone has snatched their source of happiness in this painful and long life. Well, there are also searches regarding Nicky Percy cause of death and how did she die.

Nick Percy death

It is really unfortunate for a kind soul like Nicky Percy to bid adieu to the world this sooner. Everyone is taking their respective social media accounts to pay her a heartfelt tribute. The devastating news has spread on the internet and everyone is coming forward and has been sharing about Nicky and how she was before her death. It is being said that she was a very lively girl who believed in enjoying life and always looked forward to a happy life where she can stay happy and keep others around her happy as well.

Now, people are searching about the cause of the death of Nicky Percy and what has happened to her all of a sudden. Well, there is no information available on that as of now. We are also trying to find out the details about it and to update you all. So far, neither anyone from Nicky Percy’s family or friends have come up and talked about it. It’s obvious that they are going through at this moment and it would be inappropriate to even ask them about it. We are expecting that Nicky’s family will soon release a statement regarding the reason behind her unexpected death.

As of now, people are expressing their deep sadness on her demise and are trying to accept the fact that she is no more and has left the world at such a young age. AS mentioned, we don’t have much information about Nicky Perrcy available at this moment, so what was her age and how many members were there in her family and other details related to her personal and professional life were revealed soon. However, it is true that she has passed away and has left a mourning world behind who will always cherish the moments spent with her and will keep her in prayers.

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NEPAD-IPPF to hold 33rd Oversight Committee meeting – The Maravi Post





What:    33rd Oversight Committee meeting

When:   14-15 October 2021

Where:   Virtual (Zoom Platform)

The NEPAD-Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility (NEPAD-IPPF), a multi-donor Special Fund hosted by the African Development Bank, will hold its 33rd Oversight Committee (OC) meeting from 14-15 October 2021.

The Oversight Committee was set up to provide general policy direction and ensure effective governance for Fund activities. It approves the Annual Work Program and progress reports, reviews the operational focus and ensures that the activities are consistent with the NEPAD-IPPF Special Fund mandate, mobilizes resources and provides guidance on key focus areas.

The committee comprises the African Development Bank, Germany and Spain (representing the Fund’s donors), the African Union Commission (AUC) and the African Union Development Agency-NEPAD (AUDA-NEPAD).

The two-day meeting will discuss operational and strategic issues; (i) NEPAD-IPPF Special Fund half year operations and portfolio performance (ii) Resource mobilization updates and donor outreach (iii) Updates on the implementation of strategic initiatives (Strategic Business Plan 2021-2025), Digital Platform, New Risk and Project Selection Criteria Framework for NEPAD-IPPF) and (iv) Updates on continental infrastructure initiatives.

It also serves as a forum to follow up on recommendations from previous Oversight Committee meetings while providing opportunities for the key stakeholders of the Fund; donors, the AUC, AUDA-NEPAD, regional economic communities and specialized agencies, partners, and the Bank to dialogue on Africa’s broader regional and continental infrastructure agenda.

The meeting will also launch a report titled Unlocking Investments for Infrastructure Projects in Africa: 15 years of the NEPAD-IPPF Special Fund and show a short film on the special Fund’s operations over the years. The film will stream on 15 October on the Fund’s YouTube channel.

The outcomes of the 33rd Oversight Committee meeting will feed into other continental infrastructure dialogues, including the upcoming PIDA (Program for Infrastructure Development in Africa)  Week in November/December 2021.

Source African Development Bank Group

NBS Bank Your Caring Bank

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Tapanga M. Eudy Car Accident Dies At 21 What Happened To Him? Check Video




Another saddening piece of news is being reported where it is said that Tapanga M. Eudy has died. Yes, the unfortunate death was a result of a fatal car accident. Ever since the news came to light everyone close to Eudy has gotten devastated. They are finding it difficult to accept the fact Tapanga has left them and a mourning world behind. Social media is flooded with numerous posts where netizens are paying the deceased a heartfelt tribute. However, people are also searching for the reason behind the accident. Here’s what we know about it so far,

Tapanga M. Eudy

As per sources, Tapanga M. Eudy met with a horrifying car crash which caused Eudy to die on the spot. Tapanga was 21-year-old and belonged to Columbus, Indiana. It is coming forward that Tapanaga was seated on the passenger seat when the crash happened. It was a two-vehicle crash that resulted in killing a total of three people. Sources claim that at the time of the accident, four people were involved in which three died on the spot while the fourth person was taken to Louisville, Kentucky Hospital as his condition was extremely critical.

Besides, the car accident took place on I-65 in Southern Jackson County. The news started surfacing online on Tuesday, October 12, 2021. However, when did the accident take place exactly has not been revealed as of now. The person who was injured is now admitted to the hospital and reportedly getting treatment and has been put under medical supervision. Reports state that person’s situation is quite critical. However, the other three persons who died are being missed badly by their families and friends. No one has thought that a certain day will come when they will be seeing them for the last time.

Tapanga M. Eudy was one of the three people who died in the unfortunate car crash. People are coming forward and are expressing their sadness on Eudy’s death and the accident altogether. Social media is witnessing a flood of tributes and condolence messages as everyone has gotten horrified after learning about Eudy’s unfortunate passing. Besides, it is also reported that the cops have also started their investigation and are trying to find out the reason behind this accident. They will be trying to collect all the crucial information about the accident which can lead them to a certain conclusion. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Eudy’s family in this hard time.

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Nigeria: Death Throes Or Birth Pangs? Achike Chude – The Maravi Post




How could Karl Maier in his book ‘This House Has Fallen,’ describe Nigeria as; “a criminally run corporation where the leaders are armed and hidden in the vault.”?


As patriotic Nigerians and believers in Nigeria’s renaissance (though that has almost faded), that statement by the American journalist should be enough for Nigerians to issue a Fatwa on his head.


But Karl Maier knew what he was talking about. About twenty years after he released his block buster book at the dawn of our now unbroken ‘democracy,’ virtually all the dark predictions made about our country have come to pass. 

It is not that the author set out to rub Nigeria in the mud. On the contrary, his motivation was to look for, and find the redeeming qualities of our country. Indeed, he was awed by the vast riches of unquantifiable measures, located in every corner of Nigeria. From the north to the south are massive natural resources of all kinds in great commercial quantities. 

With vast arable farmlands, and powered by a great population made up majorly of youths, Karl Maier knew that Nigeria had very serious potential to be unstoppable in the entire global human family. After all, countries with practically NOTHING had become SOMETHING and the envy of many. 

But he was alarmed to see the dark sides of our political elites and prominent persons who were supposed to drive our country to progress and greatness. 

It was thus a shock to realise the full extent of their depravity. They are neither patriotic nor nationalistic. Some of them manifested traces of parochialism of the worst kind. Others were downright unintelligent and lacked any form of conscience that could inform them that they had gone too far in the destruction of their country. Their stock in trade was to use identity politics to keep us permanently at each other’s throats to prevent us from asking the kind of questions that could eventually lead to our liberation. Sometimes they quarell among themselves when the sharing formula is perceived to be unjust. But in spite of the occasional disagreements among themselves, there was a very strong bond of unity;


Over the years, Nigeria has become one vast criminal business empire with presidents and governors as board members while the ministers and commissioners and parliamentarians are the CEOs, COOs, and Senior and Middle Management Personnel reminiscent of the notorious Italian ‘Mafia’ enterprise of yore. 

Occasionally, a few good people within the political firmament with some consciences intact, come along. But their feeble efforts to appeal to reason are soon drowned by the cacophony of impure noises coming from members of the illicit national business empire.


Every good business man, whether the mafiosi type or the conventional one, knows that the principle of eating the goose that lays the golden egg is an anathema and deleterious to the overall health of the business. The original Italian mafiosi knew this and understood the importance of fattening the goose so that controlled exploitation and theft could continue. 

This is why the businessmen running the business corporation called Nigeria are so pre-historic and Neanderthal in their ways and practices. Their greed does not allow them realise that they are burning the very house that they live in. Even when they do realise that there is danger, they delude themselves into thinking that there is one final item of value to be picked from the ruins and debris. 

Just as It is always a very traumatic and troubling experience to behold a man or woman on the throes of death – the pain, the fear, the regret, and the uncertainty of what comes next, Nigeria and Nigerians are sadly going through the same processes. M.D. Geismar described it as “a hard and painful struggle – the throes of revolutionary social change”

But some are saying that rather than a death throe, the country is rather going through a birth pang and that what we are witnessing, the orgy of violence and killings are symbolic of the pains associated with the birth of a child, or in political terms, the birth of a new nation. 

Either way we look at it, the danger with both positions is that the success of each is dependent on the specific socio-political contexts,. the drivers, the motivations, and philosophies of the processes. The scenarios that stare us in the face in Nigeria are not so inspiring. There is no national movement towards nationhood and no encompassing ideology except the ideology of the ruling class which is absolutely selfish and self serving.   

Eventually, something will give. It always does. The what, how, and when, is the great mystery. Will it be reminiscent of the Soviet revolution in which millions died in the snows of Siberia, consuming both the innocent and guilty, or the French Revolution in 1789 in which the oppressive regime was overthrown and the king and queen beheaded, or the Somalian experience that completely destroyed that country’s political system, or the Rwandan social eruption in which over a million people were killed in a space of three months. There is also the Cuban Revolution that led to the success of Fidel Castro’s forces. And then, very close to us here in Ghana was the ‘Ghana Revolution’ inspired by young Ghanian officers and led by the great Jerry Rawlings. 

Perhaps, if there is still any small hope to hold on to in Nigeria, it is the fact that our story as a nation has not yet ended. Perhaps, following from this, the statement; 

“While there is life there is hope,” might still hold true. 

But hope, built on nothing is stupid. And to build it on the back of our thoroughly discredited and unworthy politicians is the height of insane optimism. 

Death throes or birth pangs? 

Who knows?

It seems like the Devil’s alternative.

Which will it be?

Source saharareporters

NBS Bank Your Caring Bank

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