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Yevgenia Leontyeva ‘Rope Free Flying’ Accident Fall From 80Ft. Death Video



When it comes to talking about height most of the people or better say almost everyone gets to tremble in their soul because height is one of the scariest things people love but do not actually love. Recently a piece of news came perhaps you will be more scared and touch your ear after reading. We are talking about Yevgenia Leontyeva, who died after a terrifying bungee accident in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. Go down and read the complete details about her and the accident.


Yevgenia Leontyeva a mother of three children died after she went for a normal 82 feet bungee jump adventure. However, it is coming up that the investigation team is searching for the reason that what exactly happened at the spot because bungee jumping is all about rope’s quality and the main thing that matters is trust but most of the people love to do the jump though we have seen so many people losing their lives just because of these kinds of trips or whatever you say in your tongue. As per the sources, the lady was plunged from 82 feet post which she got some crucial injuries after that she was rushed to the hospital where the medical team confirmed her death.

A video is available on the internet where you can watch the Kazahkistan lady named Yevgenia is standing on the edge of a hotel preparing to jump, just behind her a man is seen fixing the safety equipment such as a harness and checking the rope just a moment back to Yevgenia’s jump. Well, it is still behind the veil that exactly led to the accident but in the clip, you can watch that how she got dragged across the ground before colliding against a wall.

We are sad to give the saddest news of the day because she left three children behind, but reports are not cleared yet about the exact scene that happened there. At this time her family must have broken so feel free to spread some positivity among them however her place can’t be filled but think about the children. May her soul rest in peace and we would like to make a request to you that please check the complete safety and your fate before doing any kind of adventure or trip because your life is rather important than your fun.

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Chakwera dared to seriously share pain with Malawians not lip services – The Maravi Post




Chakwera enough of lip services

By Iommie Chiwalo

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-The country’s human rights organisation, Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has challenged President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and his Tonse Alliance administration to immediately introduce measures to cushion the suffering of vulnerable and marginalised Malawians.  

In a statement made available to this publication and signed by its Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa, CDEDI had noted with deep concern deepening plight of Malawians, especially the rural masses owing to increasing cost of living, aggravated by the recent increase in fuel prices.

The organisation has highlighted that the rising cost of living is being mirrored through skyrocketing prices of basic essential goods cooking oil, water and electricity, and cost of mobile phone airtime charges, transport and Internet bundles.

Namiwa is of the view that given the current situation, is time the President stopped the mockery on the suffering masses and started sharing the pain with the citizens as per his pledge of servant leadership. 

“If the President is sincere, then he should stop being rhetoric and start being seen to care by embracing austerity measures such as cutting down on unnecessary local and international travels; scrapping off unjustifiable fuel levies; trimming his Cabinet and the crowd of personal advisers; cutting his salary and other benefits, and those of top government officials. Among others, the obscene 1 000 liters of fuel per month for Cabinet ministers, advisers and senior government officials disturbingly come to mind,” he says.

Namiwa says, while implementing the austerity measures, the President and his Tonse Alliance administration should walk the talk by fulfilling their sugar-coated campaign promises such as the one million jobs; MK15,000 allowances per month for those aged 65 and above; reducing passport fees from MK90,000 to MK14,000; the free water and electricity connection.

He has therefore reminded the President and his administration that any increase in fuel prices means more misery for the majority of Malawians who expect solutions, and not callous attempts to justify their suffering. 

“Thus far, Malawi’s fuel prices are the highest in the region due to punitive and unjustifiable taxes and levies which government imposed on the commodity,” he says.

Namiwa further enlightened that, apart from tax, here in Malawi every litre of fuel includes the regulator levy, road levy, Malawi Bureau of Standards levy, rural Electrification levy, storage levy, distribution levy and the price stabilisation fund levy if not to mention of the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) office complex levy.

He has since pleaded with government to be considerate by scraping off some of the levies, such us the construction of the Mera office complex, which has now been completed.

The CDEDI Executive Director has also questioned the wisdom in paying the MBS levy when there is a Mera mobile van being used for the same purpose.

He further reveals that the recent fuel hike has eaten much into the much-touted increase in the tax-free band, and the15 percent salary increment for the public servants thereby making it worse for the unemployed and those whose businesses have been affected by the government-initiated Covid-19 preventive measures.

But on the general concerns, state President’s media team, only said that “the President appreciates the pain that has come with the recent fuel price hike, but he does not want to interfere with the independence of Mera,” the remarks which Namiwa says are unfortunate and highly insensitive to the suffering masses.

Information Minister Gospel Kazako was also in the press justifying the hike by saying that Malawi has no control over the product which it does not produce.

Kazako was however not ready to justify the wherein of price stabilisation fund and eventually creating speculations that the money has been abused.

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Who Was Nick Percy Cause of Death Wiki Biography Age




We are very saddened to report the unfortunate demise of Nicky Percy. It has come forward that she reportedly passed away on Tuesday, October 12, 2021. However, there is no confirmation about it. Ever since the news surfaced online, netizens were quick to express their sorrow and grief on her demise. People who were closer to Nicky are the most devastated right now as it’s like someone has snatched their source of happiness in this painful and long life. Well, there are also searches regarding Nicky Percy cause of death and how did she die.

Nick Percy death

It is really unfortunate for a kind soul like Nicky Percy to bid adieu to the world this sooner. Everyone is taking their respective social media accounts to pay her a heartfelt tribute. The devastating news has spread on the internet and everyone is coming forward and has been sharing about Nicky and how she was before her death. It is being said that she was a very lively girl who believed in enjoying life and always looked forward to a happy life where she can stay happy and keep others around her happy as well.

Now, people are searching about the cause of the death of Nicky Percy and what has happened to her all of a sudden. Well, there is no information available on that as of now. We are also trying to find out the details about it and to update you all. So far, neither anyone from Nicky Percy’s family or friends have come up and talked about it. It’s obvious that they are going through at this moment and it would be inappropriate to even ask them about it. We are expecting that Nicky’s family will soon release a statement regarding the reason behind her unexpected death.

As of now, people are expressing their deep sadness on her demise and are trying to accept the fact that she is no more and has left the world at such a young age. AS mentioned, we don’t have much information about Nicky Perrcy available at this moment, so what was her age and how many members were there in her family and other details related to her personal and professional life were revealed soon. However, it is true that she has passed away and has left a mourning world behind who will always cherish the moments spent with her and will keep her in prayers.

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NEPAD-IPPF to hold 33rd Oversight Committee meeting – The Maravi Post





What:    33rd Oversight Committee meeting

When:   14-15 October 2021

Where:   Virtual (Zoom Platform)

The NEPAD-Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility (NEPAD-IPPF), a multi-donor Special Fund hosted by the African Development Bank, will hold its 33rd Oversight Committee (OC) meeting from 14-15 October 2021.

The Oversight Committee was set up to provide general policy direction and ensure effective governance for Fund activities. It approves the Annual Work Program and progress reports, reviews the operational focus and ensures that the activities are consistent with the NEPAD-IPPF Special Fund mandate, mobilizes resources and provides guidance on key focus areas.

The committee comprises the African Development Bank, Germany and Spain (representing the Fund’s donors), the African Union Commission (AUC) and the African Union Development Agency-NEPAD (AUDA-NEPAD).

The two-day meeting will discuss operational and strategic issues; (i) NEPAD-IPPF Special Fund half year operations and portfolio performance (ii) Resource mobilization updates and donor outreach (iii) Updates on the implementation of strategic initiatives (Strategic Business Plan 2021-2025), Digital Platform, New Risk and Project Selection Criteria Framework for NEPAD-IPPF) and (iv) Updates on continental infrastructure initiatives.

It also serves as a forum to follow up on recommendations from previous Oversight Committee meetings while providing opportunities for the key stakeholders of the Fund; donors, the AUC, AUDA-NEPAD, regional economic communities and specialized agencies, partners, and the Bank to dialogue on Africa’s broader regional and continental infrastructure agenda.

The meeting will also launch a report titled Unlocking Investments for Infrastructure Projects in Africa: 15 years of the NEPAD-IPPF Special Fund and show a short film on the special Fund’s operations over the years. The film will stream on 15 October on the Fund’s YouTube channel.

The outcomes of the 33rd Oversight Committee meeting will feed into other continental infrastructure dialogues, including the upcoming PIDA (Program for Infrastructure Development in Africa)  Week in November/December 2021.

Source African Development Bank Group

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