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Deon Estus Cause Of Death Dies At The Age of 65 How Did He Die?



The American musician Deon Estus has sadly passed away. The bassist and the popular singer who is known for his work with George Michael and Wham! has died on Monday, October 11, 2021. He was 65-year-old at the time of his sudden death. The announcement of his death news was made on the singer’s official Twitter account on Monday. It was stated that with real sadness they are posting that Deon Estus has passed away. The post further read that Deon was mostly known as the third member of Wham.

Deon Estus

Deon was passionate about music and loved interacting with his loyal fans, the post reads. Ever since the sad news was announced all the singer’s fans and well-wishers are paying him tribute. Social media is flooded with condolence and RIP messages. No one is accepting the fact that Deon Estus is no more. People are also searching about the cause of his death and are wondering what happened to him all of a sudden that resulted in his unexpected death. However, no official statement with regard to Deon Estus has come forward yet. Neither anyone from his family nor any of his friends have revealed anything.

Deon Estus was born in Detroit in 1956. His real name was Jeffrey Deon Estus. The singer was introduced to music at an early age by his parents. You would be surprised to know that Estus’ parents were graduates in music and it was they who introduced their son to this field. Deon learned to play numerous instruments including guitar, piano, and drums. Besides, he also played the bass guitar and at the age of 12, he started playing it professionally. In one of the interviews with the Associated Press in 1989, Estus had shared that he used to play house parties in the summer and got 20 bucks each time.

Growing up in Detroit, Estus got the opportunity to meet some of Motown’s most talented musicians. He befriended them and later he also performed with Marvin Gaue. Besides, Deon also studied bass under James Jamerson who was considered one of the most influential players in history. Estus also joined Brainstorm as a teenager which was a Detroit R&B group. It was in 1980, Deon joined Wham, the U.K. pop duo of Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael. There, he played bass on such hits that include “Careless Whisper” and “I’m Your Man”. It is really unfortunate to lose such a talented personality this early.


Malawi Govt hails Maldeco community project – The Maravi Post




BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources Nancy Tembo has hailed The Foods Company Limited (TFCL), a subsidiary of conglomerate Press Corporation Plc (PCL), which markets its products under the brand name of Maldeco for its community transformation initiative dubbed ‘One Village, One Cage’ (OVOC) Initiative.

Speaking in Mangochi during the first fish harvest of the initiative, Tembo said the initiative will transform communities around Maldeco as they will be economically independent.

The initiative is where Maldeco, with support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) through its implementing agency the Malawi Innovation Challenge Fund (MICF), is supporting five beach village committees (BVCs) who have each been allocated a fish cage on the lake where they are operating like the way tobacco tenants operate.

Maldeco supplies fingerlings and coordinates feed supplies to the BVCs and when the fish is harvested, Maldeco procures the fish and the cost of the inputs is deducted and the surplus is what the BVCs take away as their income.

The initiative is within the bigger project where Maldeco is coming up with a modern fish processing facility with funding from PCL amounting to K2.6 billion and an additional fund from UNDP amounting to K650 million which Maldeco won as a matching grant.

“The One Village, One Cage initiative is a good model for development which apart from fostering development and transforming the lives of the communities around Maldeco, will also improve co-existence between the company and the communities,” said Tembo.

“I commend the efforts of Maldeco management and staff and your partners for your fruitful efforts in aquaculture development and urge you to continue to invest in this sub-sector.  I am well satisfied and pleased to note that Maldeco will continue to contribute positively to improved food security, nutrition status as well as providing employment opportunities for many Malawians,” added Tembo.

Maldeco General Manager Andrew Santhe said that with the modern processing plant once deployed, the company will be able to process as much as 15 metric tons of fish per day up from the current level of about 5 tons.

“The UNDP funding required Maldeco to involve the community in this project hence the OVOC Initiative which will benefit these five villages who are expected to harvest about 1.5 metric tons of fish from each cage after harvest and they already have a ready market at Maldeco for their fish,” said Santhe.

Chairman of the Beach Village Committee Jordan Kanyerere Junior hailed Maldeco for the initiative saying members of the community around the company are elated.

“We want to thank Maldeco for considering us to be part of the Maldeco Chambo success story. They have trained us in business, leadership and financial management so that we are responsible when we realize our profits from this initiative, we are very grateful,” said Kanyerere Junior.

MICF official Tambulani Chunga said it is the wish of the fund that companies that are successful and accessing the fund should also involve the communities around them in their projects.

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Uganda sets new coffee export target [Business Africa] – The Maravi Post




It is coffee time in Uganda. After falling short, the East African country has relaunched an ambitious campaign to become the world’s third-largest exporter of coffee by 2025.

After shipping nearly 6 million 60-kilo bags in 2020, Africa’s largest coffee exporter says it can be done.

A new law which orders the registration of farmers and the enforcement of standards, plus the replacement of old trees with new ones are part of the measures to achieve the target.

In the current coffee year, the country expects to export 6.5 million bags out of a total harvest of 8 million.

After seeing millions of its Robusta coffee trees get decimated by a viral disease in the 1990s, Uganda’s scientists began breeding new, disease-resistant varieties.

Coffee is Uganda’s main cash crop and is the second-highest foreign exchange earner for the country.

Brazil is currently the world’s leading exporter of coffee, having shipped 40.2 million bags in 2020. Vietnam ranks second with 26.4 million bags.

Apollo Kamugisha, the acting managing director of Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), the agency mandated to control the crop joins the program from Kampala to talk more about the campaign.

South Africa’s coal conundrum

South Africa’s government is under pressure to clean up its energy supply. The country relies on coal-fired power plants to generate electricity, making it one of the world’s top polluters.

But even with coal, the country isn’t generating enough.

Despite criticism by climate activists, Pretoria has said it needs coal to power its faltering economy as green alternatives remain pricey.

Morocco sees strong GDP growth in 2021

After contracting 7% in 2020, Morocco’s economy is expected to grow 6.2% this year buoyed by a good agricultural harvest, according to the central bank.

The kingdom’s economic recovery has also been aided in part by a robust vaccination program which saw it reopen faster than the rest of Africa.

Source: Africanews

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Sigh of relief! Treasury releases funds for Malawi’s Auxiliary Teachers – The Maravi Post




By Thandie Chadzandiyani

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The ministry of education has disclosed that treasury has provided funds to keep auxiliary teachers in school up until March next year before being incorporated in the national budget.

The minister said this in Mzuzu yesterday on the sidelines of an interaction with education officials from Mzimba North, Mzimba South, Likoma, Mzuzu City and Nkhata Bay education zones.

The development comes at a time when Initial primary teachers have been asking government to employ them after finishing their studies at various teachers training colleges.

According to Agnes Nyalonje, minister of education, treasury has agreed to give the ministry of education money to keep the auxiliary teachers on board before being incorporated into the budget.

Nyalonje said the ministry is fighting to keep the teachers permanently, as other sectors are also fighting to get clearance to employ their staffs.

She has since disclosed that a teachers council will be established soon to address critical issues in the profession including their welfare.

The teachers under the Initial Primary Teacher Education 13 cohort were recruited in February 2021, as part of efforts to de-congest classrooms to reduce the further spread of COVI-19.

NyaLonje said: “It is not that straightforward to get resources for education because resources needed are massive.

“We fought and fought to bring auxiliary teachers on board, keep them on board, and as at last night, Treasury agreed to give us further money.

The minister said the resources will enable the ministry to keep them on board until March when they will be incorporated into the budget.

She said: “For these teachers, it is not given that the money was there, it wasn’t. We fought and we have gone to the ends of the earth to find the money, and we have been given this final stretch until the next budget.”

NyaLonje further said they are hoping to incorporate them permanently in the next budget and they are working hard to get that done.

However, the minister did not provide the exact amount that Treasury will provide. They receive MK80 000 each, meaning government parting with MK261.6 million monthly.

The auxiliary teachers were first given a five-month contract in February, which was later extended to August after its expiry in June.

They have since been pushing for permanent employment

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