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Who is Manish Anurag Das? Manish Anurag Das Cause of Death WATCH CCTV Footage Video



There PRO, Bhubaneswar AIIMS gets one lead in the mysterious death case of Manish Anurag Das. Recently, the post mortem report has revealed that Anurag has lost his life due to suffocation. Now, the case takes a new turn and the investigation is going on to find the truth behind the murder of Manish Anurag Das.

Manish Anurag Das

Along with it, the post mortem also clarifies that he has no external injuries on his body. The investigation is already going on in full swing and recent revelations have further complicated the matter.

Who is Manish Anurag Das?

Still, the police department giving their best to solve this case and punish the accused involved in this case. Talking about the previous actions taken by the police then they already seized the car which was allegedly used to kidnap Manish. The car was seized from the outskirts of the capital city.

This information has been confirmed by the senior police officer. It is worth mentioning that Manish was found floating in the Namrakani pond in Patrapada, Bhubaneswar. Currently, the case is running and the police continuously trying to find some more clues on this mysterious death case.

Talking about Manish Anurag Das then he was the elder son of senior journalist Navin Das. After the news broke out that Manish has been kidnapped, many reputed people shows their interest in this case.

Manish Anurag Das Cause of Death

Let us also tell you that, Tomando Police team Bhubaneshwar along with DCP Umashankar Das and the scientific team arrived at the spot and started an investigation into the matter. When the officials have initiated their research, they rushed the body to AIIMS, Bhubaneswar for the post mortem procedure.

After that, the samples of Viscera and Diatom has been also sent. Along with it, the Commissionerate Police has sealed the South City hotel. The police have been investigating the entire hotel and continuously finding some clues related to the mysterious dead body.

Many people know about this incident and they are also want to know the main reason and complete truth behind his tragic death. We will update here all the information related to the mysterious death case of Manish Anurag Das. So, you just need to stay connected with us to get updates on this topic.

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Deon Estus Cause of Death? Wham Bass Player Deon Estus Passed Away at 65, Net Worth, Family




The popular personality of the American music industry, Deon Estus, who was a musician and a singer passed away at the age of 65 on Monday, October 11, 2021. He was best known as a bass player of Wham! and also a bassist on George Michael’s first two solo projects.

The news of his death was confirmed by official social media accounts of the longtime bass player confirmed that the musician died on Monday, October 11. The post reads,” It is with real sadness I post that Deon Estus passed away in the Morning of October 11. He was known as the third member of Wham! Deon was too passionate for his work and loved to interact with his loyal fans”.

Who Was Valentina Gioia? Tv Executive On Mafs Killed In Road Accident? Check Age (Biography)

Deon Estus Cause of Death?

After a short time of this death, Deon Estus’s partner, Brenda Kaye Pearce also took the support of Facebook and shared a heartfelt message about her last conversation with Deon Estus. She wrote,” On Sunday, October 10, 2021.. Deon Estus – Bassist, Songwriter, Singer, Producer. My dearest, closest partner and significant other of 4 years transitioned and all I can remember is our last conversation the day before.

My heart will need time to heal. RIP Deon. Love you forever”. He was one of the best singers and songwriters who gained his popularity from his hard work and he gained a huge fan following on social media with his amazing singing talent.

Kaizzad Capadia Death Reason Tiger Shroff’s Fitness Trainer Kaizzad Capadia Passed Away, Net Worth, Family

Since the news of his demise came out, fans are going crazy after hearing this upsetting news as the singer left the world too soon. Many more tweets can be seen on the Internet who are paying tribute and condolence the death of the singer.

Deon Estus Passed Away at 65

If you are searching for the cause of his death so, let us tell you that the cause of his death has not been revealed by his family and friends. The singer, Deon Estus was born on July 4, 1956, and before joining R&B band Brainstorm as a teenager, he was taught to play the bass guitar by Motown legendary bassist, James Jamerson. With the band, he scored a hit with 1979’s popcorn.

Later, Estus captured the massive attention of Marvin Gaye who also asked him to perform in 1982’s Midnight Love Album but due to his other commitments, he lost the opportunity to become a part of the album, and later, he regretted his decision after Gaye’s death in 1984.

After settling in Europe in the early 80s and there, was living in Belgium and Ireland. He settled there with his family where he landed a position bass in Wham!.

He looked on the band’s studio records, Fantastic and Make It Big. “Me Or The Rumors”, “Heaven Help Me” and “Spell” are the most famous and amazing hit of the singer. When the news went viral among the fans, many people shared their pictures on social media and paid tribute to him. He will always be remembered by his friends and family.

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Here are the Answers for 10 Commonly Asked Questions for ULIP Plan




When you want to financially secure your loved one’s financial planning is essential. A good financial plan will involve insurance as well as investment in a single product. Unit link insurance plan ULIP plan is ideal for those who need protection and wealth creation on long term basis.

However, selecting the best ULIP plan may not be an easy task. Several questions arise in the buyer’s mind while investing. These plans offer triple benefits to the buyer such as investment insurance under tax deductions. Now let us understand some of the common questions with answers to them regarding the ULIP plans.

Common questions answered

How are the ulip plans providing insurance as well as investment in a single plan?

When policy holder pays the premium a small portion of it goes to the life cover. Rest of the funds get invested in the market which generate the returns and help to create wealth. These investments are prepared through several underlying funds which are offered by these plans.

What are the different kinds of funds ulip investments?

ULIP policy generally invest in a vast array of funds which have varying risk factors. This includes equity, balance, and debt etc. This depends entirely on the person’s risk appetite and the exposure level they choose for the funds.

Provide details about various fees and charges ulip are associated with ulip?

There are some charges associated with ULIP plans such as:

  1. Premium allocation

Before distributing the coverage, the insurer charges a portion of the first-year premium. These are the costs incurred by the insurance company when the policy is first issued. Fees such as underwriting costs, medical bills, agency commissions, and so on are included. After subtracting these fees, the remaining funds are invested in the fund of choice.

  1. Mortality

These charges get levied to provide the life insurance cover.

  1. Fund management

The charges which are imposed to manage different kinds of funds in the ulip policy. These charges get deducted before the calculation of NAV.

  1. Surrender Charge

There is a charge which gets levied if the insured person surrenders the ULIP plan prematurely.

  1. Policy administration

This can be considered as the total administration expenses regarding one’s policy.

  1. Switching

The charges arise when the person wants to switch to another fund provider.

What is the lock in period of a ULIP policy?

Before you can plan your investment in the policy, you must understand what is ULIP lock-in period. ULIP plans have a compulsory lock in period for 5 years.

Can a person make partial withdrawal from their ulip?

Ulip plans do offer a partial withdrawal facility. However, the charges on the withdrawals may differ depending on the policy terms and conditions.

What are the benefits of maturity in ulip?

Ulip offer both death benefit as well as maturity benefits. If the insured person dies during the term of the policy nominee receives the sum assured. Once the policy gets matured policyholder receives the sum or the fund value whichever is higher.

When a person is nearing the goal can they reduce equity exposure?

Yes, one gets an option to switch equity into a debt fund ulip plans offer. Moreover, one can always make a switch when they are not comfortable with the current plan. There are some ulip which can offer switching with a minimal switching charge.

Can ulip plans guarantee a return?

All the ulip are linked to the market. So, there is no guarantee. But when a person remains the investment for a long term such as 10 to 15 years, they can reap the returns from the investment plan along with the compounding that comes in the picture.

What happens if a person wants to surrender the plan within the lock in period of 5 years?

When person wants to surrender the ulip plan they not only miss the life insurance but also the wealth created. One must always know that these policies come with a 15-day period where they can choose to terminate it without any loss.

Should a person also pay LTCG tax for the ulip benefits?

All the ulip plans do not require LTCG are they are also life insurance products.

Selecting a right plan is crucial to secure the future financially as they also provide tax benefits in the present. Hence, compare different policies available to get the best set of benefits.

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Kaizzad Capadia Death Reason Tiger Shroff’s Fitness Trainer Kaizzad Capadia Passed Away, Net Worth, Family




A piece of unfortunate news has been coming from Bollywood that Tiger Shroff has recently lost his fitness trainer Kaizzad Capadia. Yes, the news is actually heartbreaking and many people are paying tribute to the fitness trainer. On Wednesday, Capadia has passed away and many people are upset to hear about this tragic loss.

kaizzad capadia dies

His family and friends are mourning his death because he was actually a very strong pillar of his family. Not only his friends, several famous and reputed stars also mourn his sudden demise. He is quite famous in Bollywood because of his outstanding skills and talent in bodybuilding.

Kaizzad Capadia Death Reason

He was one of the most famous fitness trainers who trained many Bollywood stars. After his tragic death, famous actor Tiger Shroff condoled his death and took to Instagram to express his pain after hearing about his demise. Tiger Shroff shared a picture with the caption “Rest in Power Kaizzad Sir”.

But, the news was first announced by the entertainment journalist, Viral Bhayani on Instagram. After that, many reputed stars took to social media to show their emotions after hearing about this loss.

Currently, his cause of death has not been revealed yet but we are searching to know some more details. According to the sources, his last rites will be held in Pune. Talking about his personal life then he owned a fitness academy, K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences in Mumbai.

Tiger Shroff’s Fitness Trainer Kaizzad Capadia Passed Away

When he gives an interview after initiating his fitness academy, he spoke up about the challenges he faced as a celebrity fitness trainer. Later, he becomes familiar with the challenges and make his name very big in the industry. Many people know him as a fitness trainer and his success already touching its peak.

Recently, the news of his sudden demise totally broke several people, and many people mourning his death. Currently, the main cause of his death has not been unveiled yet but many people searching to know more information on the same topic. He was actually a quite prominent and well-known person in the Bollywood industry and several people paying tribute to him.

After Tiger Shroff expresses his feelings on his demise, many people show their grief as well and search to know more about Kaizzad Capadia. So, we will update here all the information related to the same topic and you just need to visit here to get the updated information.

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