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UN chief urges lifesaving transformation of food systems – The Maravi Post



World Food Day is not only a reminder of the importance of what we eat to everyone on the planet, but also “a call to action to achieve food security around the world”, the UN chief said in his message marking the day on Friday.

Commemorated annually on 15 October, Secretary-General António Guterres pointed out that currently, almost 40 per cent of humanity, some three billion people, can’t afford to eat healthily.

And as hunger, undernourishment, and obesity are on the rise, the economic impacts of COVID-19 “have made a bad situation even worse”, he said, noting that the pandemic has left an additional 140 million people “unable to access the food they need”.

For people and planet

At the same time, the way we produce, consume and waste food is taking a heavy toll on our planet.

“It is putting historic pressure on our natural resources, climate and natural environment – and costing us trillions of dollars a year”, warned the UN chief.

Reference this year’s theme that the power to change is in our hands, he spelled out that “our actions are our future”.

Turn commitments into actions

Last month, the world took part in the landmark UN Food Systems Summit, which set the stage to transform food systems everywhere to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs ) by 2030.

The UN chief recalled that during the summit, “countries made bold commitments” to make healthy diets more affordable and accessible and to make food systems “more efficient, resilient and sustainable at every step”.

“We can all change how we consume food, and make healthier choices – for ourselves, and our planet”, said the Secretary-General. “In our food systems, there is hope”.

‘Agri-food system’

An agri-food system comprises all the activities related to the production, processing, distribution, preparation and consumption of food.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), that’s something we play a part in, every time we eat: “The food we choose and the way we produce, prepare, cook and store it make us an integral and active part of the way in which an agri-food system works”.

In a healthy and sustainable agri-food system, local market shelves are stocked with nutritious food, but less is wasted and the supply chain is more resilient to shocks, such as extreme weather, price spikes or pandemics – all without worsening environmental degradation or climate change.  

“In fact, sustainable agri-food systems deliver food security and nutrition for all, without compromising the economic, social and environmental bases, for generations to come” said the UN agriculture agency. “They lead to better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life for all.  

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Who is Grant Kelly in Lost in Space season 3? Dead or Alive? Spoilers Alert




We have both good and bad news for you. You must be wondering what is this about and what even is the context. Well, let us tell you that the popular Sci-fi Netflix series Lost in Space is all set to return with a brand new season. Yes, Lost in Space Season 3 will soon be entertaining the viewers with an interesting plot and story. Coming back to the bad news, it is coming forward that the upcoming season would be the popular series’ final season. Here, in this article, we will discuss the character Grant Kelly and find out if he is dead or alive.


Created and produced by Irwin Allen, the science fiction was originally released on April 13, 2018. It is entirely adapted from the 1965 released series with the similar title that mirrored the story of the Robinson family on their hunt to establish the “Alpha Centauri Planetary system”. It is no doubt that the TV series has been nothing but an amazing gift during its previous seasons. Thanks to the fabulous cast and the astonishing special effects. Now, the fans are anticipating nothing less than a bang from this upcoming final season.

Talking about who is Grant Kelly, he was shown as the biological father of Judy Robinson, played by the Canadian actress Taylor Russell. It was expected that Grant was a departed leader of the Fortuna who further vanished during the Alpha Centauri mission. The makers revealed the said character to be the first one to work on the Alpha Centauri program. He was later shown to get into a relation with Maureen Robinson. So it was thought that Grant died before the birth was Judy. In season 2 final episode, Judy, Will, and Penny got coordinates which they assumed originated from a Jupiter ship. However, they rather ended up tripping across the forgotten Fortuna.

Now, speaking of the character Grant Kelly and discussing if he is dead or alive, in season 3, it is unveiled that Grant Kelly is alive. It is shown that before waking up from cryosleep, Judy finds Grant in a cryopod. However, Judy refrains from telling Grant that she happens to be Judy’s daughter but further in episode 3, he discloses it to her. As obvious, the moment instigates a touching section in the series. The said character will be essayed by the actor Russell Hornsby in the upcoming season. Let’s see if Lost in Space Season 3 manages to get the same response as its previous two seasons did.

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Who is Jimmy Bartel Girlfriend Amelia Shepherd? Check Wiki Biography Age Instagram




Former Australian rules football player Jimmy Bartel has officially split from his former girlfriend Lauren Mand as he shared a post on Instagram where he introduced his new girlfriend, Amelia Shepperd or Milly Shepperd. The said post was shared on the footballer’s Insta story on Thursday which featured the pair kissing each other with “Happy” written on it paired with a red heart that indicates nothing but love. The player had tagged Amelia in the post. Well, it was enough to break the internet. Now, the netizens are searching for Jimmy Bartel’s girlfriend Amelia Shepperd.

 Jimmy Bartel Girlfriend Amelia Shepherd

Amelia Shepperd who is also known as Milly Shepperd belongs to Melbourne. She recently got in the news after the AFL player shared a telling picture on his official Instagram. Apart from the fact that Amelia happens to be based in Melbourne, no details related to her age, date of birth, family, educational background is known. No source happens to have the information about the new personality yet. However, it is definitely known that the pair seem to have been sharing a sweet bond with one another that is clearly visible in the photograph shared by the player himself.

Talking about Jimmy’s former girlfriend Lauren, aged 32, she had reacted to the breakup rumours at the beginning of the year. Lauren had changed her Instagram profile picture to a photo of herself and Jimmy. Later, she changed the profile picture to a photo of just herself. Lauren’s last post on Instagram was made in September last year on the occasion of their first anniversary. In that post, Jimmy’s ex had written “Three hundred and sixty-five days” along with a red heart emojis as she had shared a cute picture of them cuddling up on a couch.

Last year in December, their breakup rumours started to surface again as they have not posted about one another for months. The player had shared their last photo together on his social media account in March last year. Their relationship had come to light in 2019 after Jimmy’s public split from Nadia Bartel, his ex-wife. Now, Jimmy Bartel is again making headlines for his new story update on Instagram. He has officially debuted his new girlfriend Amelia Shepperd who is also gaining the attention of the netizens. As mentioned above, we do not have much information about the 37-year-old’s girlfriend. Stay tuned to this space to get to know the latest news.

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Violence in Cameroon, impacting over 700,000 children shut out of school  – The Maravi Post




Two out of three schools are closed in the North-West and South-West regions of the country. On 24 November, four children and one teacher were killed in an attack in Ekondo Titi, in the South-West. 


A recent lockdown imposed by a non-State armed group, from 15 September to 2 October, limited access to basic services including health and education. 

Over 700,000 children have been impacted by school closures due to violence in northwest and southwest Cameroon., by © Education Cannot Wait/Daniel Beloumou

During the period, OCHA reported a series of attacks in the North-West. 

Eight students were kidnapped, and a girl’s fingers were chopped off after she tried to attend school. Five public school principals were also kidnapped, including one who was then killed. 

All schools and community learning spaces were closed, except for some schools in a few urban areas which operated at less than 60 per cent capacity. 

The lockdown and insecurity also forced UN agencies and aid organisations to temporarily suspend the delivery of aid. During that time, about 200,000 people did not receive food.  

Multiple crisis 

Nine out of ten regions of the country continue to be impacted by one of three humanitarian crises: the crisis in the North-West and South-West, conflict in the Far North, and a refugee crisis, with people fleeing the Central African Republic.  

Because of these combined crises, over one million children need urgent education support.  

To answer some of these needs, Education Cannot Wait (ECW), the UN global fund for education in emergencies and crises, is working closely with UN agencies, the Norwegian Refugee Council and other civil society partners. 

ECW is contributing $25 million over three years and calling for other donors to fill the gap, which is estimated at $50 million. 

putting a schoolbag on your back shouldn’t make you a target

When fully funded, the programme will provide approximately 250,000 children and adolescents with access to safe and protective learning environments in the most-affected areas. 


Just this week, the Secretary-General of the Norwegian Refugee Council, Jan Egeland, and the Director of Education Cannot Wait, Yasmine Sherif, had a joint visit to the country. 

In a statement, Ms. Sherif said the situation “is among the most complex humanitarian crises in the world today.” 

“Children and youth are having to flee their homes and schools, are threatened with violence and kidnapping, and being forced into early childhood marriage and recruited into armed groups,” Ms. Sherif recalled. 

Jan Egeland argued that “putting a schoolbag on your back shouldn’t make you a target”, but unfortunately children in Cameroon “risk their lives every day just showing up for school.” 

“Cameroon’s education mega-emergency needs international attention, not deadly silence by the outside world,” Mr. Egeland declared.  

Sourced from United Nations Africa Pages

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