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#EndSARS: Might Becomes Right, By Cheta Nwanze – The Maravi Post



A year ago today, at least 44 people were killed in nine separate incidents around the country, most infamously at least nine killed at the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos. One year on and justice still eludes the peaceful protesters who were brutally cut down. It is a bitter irony that the very security services whom were the subject of the protests, and in many cases, would have been beneficiaries of the very reforms sought by the protesters, were deeply involved in perpetrating the violence on the people they are sworn to protect.

Jimoh Isiaq was shot and killed by policemen dispersing #EndSARS protesters. His crime was to stand on the pavement watching the peaceful protests tens of metres away from him. He did not join them. One year on, he has not gotten justice. This article is for him, and for the unnamed driver shot at Ojuelegba in Lagos. For the many others whose deaths led to the protests. It is also for Pelumi Onifade and others who died or were arrested later.

Despite the mountain of damning evidence from various panels set up in several states to investigate the atrocities, not a single arrest has been made. The best we have gotten is recommendations to pay compensation to victims or families of some of the affected persons.

In a manner of speaking, 20 October 2020 is a logical summation of Nigeria’s issues. If Nigeria never recovers from the current dark place it is in, 20 October 2020 will stand as a huge signpost on that path to perdition. It is a moment of broken trust, and for many, it proved that the #EndSARS protestors were right not to trust the government after promises had been made to reform the F-SARS unit.

The #EndSARS protests was a decentralised group of protests demanding the government disbanded the notorious Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad who routinely wasted innocent lives rather than going after actual robbers. F-SARS officials profiled young Nigerians based on their lifestyle choices and bullied them, to put it mildly. Evidence abound about how F-SARS officers kidnapped, murdered, raped, humiliated and unlawfully detained helpless citizens.

After the government disbanded the unit four times between 2017 to 2019, Nigerian youths rose to make their voices heard. They simply wanted less police extortion and killings, but did the government listen? No. So young people marched to the streets, and were met first with government sponsored thugs being ferried around in government vehicles to attack peaceful protesters, and then eventually, the Army. And you wonder why more people have lost faith in this government?

20 October 2020 showed that a huge part of Nigeria’s inability to solve its problems is the disdain of so-called leaders. Lekki on 20 October 2020, and Obigbo in Rivers State in the days after, were not the only case of the Nigerian State killing protesters and hiding their bodies in order to downply the magnitude of the crime. Soldiers removed bodies from the scene of the crimes in Odi, Zaria, Nkpor, and so many other places.

The youths did not believe the government’s promises last year and one year on, no changes have happened. The government has lied some more and disregarded every promise about police reform. Instead, the EFCC has stepped in right where F-SARS left off.

Nigeria’s security forces learnt nothing from the Lekki Massacre. Just last month we saw soldiers stabbing Shiite protesters in Abuja in broad daylight. No one has been reprimanded. Just today, the police, after a “show of force”, deployed tear gas against people memorialising last year’s shooting. 

But of course ultimately, they all take their cue from the top. Nigeria’s security architecture is all about regime security. President Buhari is on record saying that the #EndSARS protests were about removing him from office. That is all that matters. Not the fact that security is demonstrably worse under him. Not the fact that the already high, and still rising, unemployment is feeding the army of “bandits” whom his Air Force paid a bribe to retrieve a lethal weapon. Not the fact that people are struggling to eat. All that matters to the man is remaining in power, and in that regard, he is deaf to all else.

Consider that Mohammed Adamu, the Inspector General of Police when the #EndSARS protests broke out was about three months from retirement. Would it have cost Buhari anything to sacrifice Adamu as a concession to the protesters? Instead we got the expected tone-deafness that has radicalised various groups in various parts of the country. All at a time when it is clear that the Nigerian state has lost the monopoly of violence, and rather than introspect, it is pushing more and more of its citizens towards the belief, or is it knowledge, that might, is indeed right.

Nwanze is a partner at SBM Intelligence

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How Did Benedict Blythe Die? What Happened To Benedict Blythe? Check Cause of Death Images




On Twitter, many individuals are sharing their condolence over the death of a 5-years-old boy, Benedict Blythe who died due to health complications. Benedict Blythe was a young lovely child loved by his parents more than anything in this world since he was born.

How Did Benedict Blythe Die

His passing was a huge loss for the whole Blythe family who loved their child or a lovely family member. With great sadness, his mother, Helen Blythe posted a picture of him on Twitter and told the world that he existed. Many people paid tribute to the boy who lost his life at the age of 5. He was a brave child who fought until his last breath.

Helen Blythe wrote on Twitter,” This is my son, Benedict. He dies yesterday suddenly, aged 5. I just want everyone to know that he existed, and to see his beautiful smile and how wonderful he was. He was such a bright spark, the kindest boy.

His time with us was the greatest gift (with broken heart emoji)”. No one can feel the pain of a mother who lost his little boy at this age. She is devastated and can’t realize that her 5-years-old son has gone from the world. Currently, the whole family is suffering from deep trauma.

As per the bio of Helen Blythe, she is a mother of two but after the sudden demise of Benedict Blythe, she will have to continue her life once again as she will also have to think about her other child. After her tweet, many tributes and condolences were made towards Blythe family.

A GoFundMe page has been set up in his name for donations purposes. Helen Blythe wrote,” Trustee and NED. Interim Director”. As per the sources, Benedict’s mother is an owner of a consultancy service organization and on the other side, the information regarding his father is unknown yet.

Benedict was like his mum who is self-achiever, intelligent, and talented in every field. She is currently working with her self-made expert team at HB Consultancy which helps to improve the profitability of companies.

Benedict Blythe was a young bravest and bright child of the school who always feels his parents proud because of his achievements. As we can see in his pictures shared by his mother, he was the cutest and handsome boy of the family but unfortunately, he is no more alive which hurts even more.

Helen Blythe thanks those who prayers for her family and wrote,” Thank you for the messages. I have not read them all, but the ones I have seen mean the world. For anyone who would like, we set up donations to go to the places he loves best and the world you to contribute”. Benedict Blythe was a lovely child. He will be missed by his family and loved ones.

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FIFA Arab world cup: Mauritania optimistic ahead clash with UAE – The Maravi Post




Mauritania face the United Arab Emirates in Doha on Friday, two days after being humiliated by Tunisia 5 goals to 1 in the opening game of the Arab Cup of Nations.

A second defeat would seal the fate of Didier Da Rosa’s men, particularly as Tunisia will challenge Syria, who were beaten 2-1 by the Emirates in their first match.

Hemeya Tanjy, Mauritania forward:

“It was a tough defeat for the players and the team but the players’ goal is to get a win against the UAE. We will play and fight for one of the two spots to get to the next stage and God willing the players will be on their best day.”

The 16 nation FIFA Arab Cup is currently taking place in Qatar is set to end on the 18th of December.

Source: Africanews

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Udaariyaan, Today’s Episode 3rd December 2021 Written Update, Jasmin Comes Home and Cries




The story of Udaariyaan is going on very well and entertaining all the people a lot. Everyone knows that the show is continuously rolling over millions of hearts of the audience. The daily soup continuously gains lots of love from the audience. The upcoming episode of the show will be very interesting in which all the stars appear in their brilliant form and entertain everyone a lot.

Udaariyaan 3rd December 2021

The upcoming episode of the show begins with Angad feeling Tejo’s grief. He finds her really upset and asks her to reconsider her decision if she really wants to leave the village, her family, and Fateh.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 3rd December 2021 Full Written Update, Aarav Gets Angry

On the other hand, Jasmin returns to Sandhu’s house with her broken dreams. She meets Rupy and confesses to him. She seems absolutely shattered after Fateh’s betrayal. Rupy learns what Fateh has done to Jasmin. He feels that his oath has hit him and has really ruined his happiness.

Fateh also broke down. He walks down the street in a lost state of mind. He falls down and cries. Along with it, Jasmin also doesn’t want Fateh to know about Tejo and Angad’s fake engagement. She thinks if Fateh gets to know that Tejo sacrifices for him, he unites back with her.

In the next scene, we can see that Fateh regretting to allowing Jasmin to do wrong with Tejo because he had never seen Jasmin’s truth. Later, he decides to never forgive her. He feels that he lost his life just because of Jasmin who played with his emotions and heart.

Kumkum Bhagya, Latest Episode 3rd December 2021 Written Update, Prachi Stops Ranbir’s Wedding

He thinks that the punishment he gave to Jasmin is not enough for her. Now, he wants to stay away from Tejo to give punishment to himself as well. Later, he doesn’t think that he will meet Tejo again and then he visualize Tejo and thinks if she is really with him.

After that, Fateh meets Rupy and apologizes to him as well for the fake marriage drama. He tells Rupy that he is facing some faults with Jasmin as well. Not only this, but he further says that he fake his marriage with Jasmin only for Tejo’s sake.

He further says that he just wants Tejo’s happiness with Angad. Now, the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will actually be worth watching in which all the stars appear in a very genuine form and amuse all the watchers by adding some brilliant turns and twists in the story.

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