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UN’s top envoy warns Great Lakes Region is ‘at a crossroads’  – The Maravi Post



For Mr. Xia, the main threat to peace and stability in this region around the Great Rift Valley, remains the persistence of non-State armed groups. 

He pointed to “an upsurge in attacks”, whether by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), or those launched by the RED-Tabara against Bujumbura airport, in Burundi, last September. 

Since the beginning of this year, in DRC alone, at least 1,043 civilians have been killed, including 233 women and 52 children. 

Peacekeepers from MINUSCA’s Burundian contingent on patrol in Bokengue.

“This violence continues to have serious consequences on the already fragile humanitarian situation, as well as on the socio-economic stability of the affected area”, the Special Envoy said.  

He told the Council Members that “these negative forces also remain involved in the illicit exploitation and trade in natural resources, the revenues of which finance their arms procurement and recruitment.” 


“How to put an end to it?”, he asked. “This is obviously an old question that haunts anyone interested in the region.” 

Despite the challenges, he highlighted several bilateral and regional initiatives, saying they “attest to the emergence of a community aware of the added value of dialogue and cooperation.” 

He also noted the overall peaceful transfers of power in the DRC and Burundi, as well as the signing and implementation of peace agreements in the Central African Republic, South Sudan and the Sudan.  

For him, more than ever, “it is necessary to sustainably consolidate these achievements while firmly addressing the challenges that persist.” 

“The success of such an approach requires learning from the lessons of the past and showing imagination to support the people of the Great Lakes region in building a better present and future”, he added. 

Turning to COVID-19, he said the pandemic has exacerbated vulnerabilities, but also demonstrated the resilience of the region.  

Before the pandemic, 15 million people across the Great Lakes were already displaced from their homes, facing rising malnutrition and food insecurity.  

Mr. Xia also reiterated the Secretary-General’s call for greater solidarity to facilitate access to vaccines and to strengthen health systems.  

The success of such an approach requires learning from the lessons of the past and showing imagination to support the people of the Great Lakes region

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), to date, only 36 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in a region of nearly 450 million people. 

UN presence 

Martha Ama Akyaa Pobee, the Assistant Secretary-General for Africa in the Departments of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs and Peace Operations, also briefed Council Members. 

Ms. Pobee informed that the UN is reconfiguring its presence in the region to best address the challenges, highlighting a few areas where the Council’s support is most needed.   

For her, the situation requires “a comprehensive approach rooted in enhanced political engagement, encompassing military and non-military interventions, fostering economic cooperation across the borders and building trust between neighbours and among communities.” 

She also argued that “armed group activity is a symptom of insecurity in the region”, and therefore “the enabling conditions should be addressed upstream.” 

Among those main root causes, she pointed out the illegal exploitation and regional trafficking of natural resources, saying it contributes to the financing of armed group networks but also “creates parallel economy at the expense of States’ budgets whose revenues continue to diminish.” 

The Executive Secretary of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), João Caholo, and a civil society representative also briefed the Council. 

Sourced from United Nations Africa Pages

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Udaariyaan 30th November 2021 Written Update Episode Abhiraj Throws Jasmin Luggage Out




Well, there is no doubt that makers of Udaariyaan are putting the magic of their pain into the script and as a result, the show is getting immense popularity with its daily episode. Well, till now you watched that Angad sees Fateh and pats him. Meanwhile, Jasmin enters the scene, she greets everyone there keeping a smile on her face and it makes everyone happy right there. Meanwhile, Abhiraj sees her and fumes at her saying how dare she come to the house and says her to get lost.

Udaariyaan written Update

So, the latest episode of the show begins with Fateh giving a handkerchief to Tejo but she does not take it and wipers her hand out with her dupatta. She congratulates him saying all the best, he says that he was about to come to her because he wanted to return her dupatta. She takes it and gets back to the time when both used to stay together. Jasmin puts Fateh’s pic on Canada’s map and makes Tejo away. She then says that she does not think that Tejo will ever go far and for this, she should have to enter in between them. She then calls Satti and asks to get some sweets. She then goes to bebe and asks her for the stuff that she kept for her Canada trip.

Jasmin then says Satti to get all the stuff from Bebe, she leaves the room chanting Canada Canada… and gets happy seeing her dress that Bebe kept for her, she takes that and makes Bebe wear her coat and wears another one for her own. Satti scolds Jasmin when Jasmin says Bebe to get ready as she will call her right there. There, Fateh talks to Tejo saying that she never gives him happiness and except for pain and sorrow he did not get anything in relation to her, it makes Tejo teary eye.

On the other side, Abhiraj scolds her, she then says that one day they all will come to her and must be begging her and she will treat them all there. Rupy shouts and stops her saying that she did everything such as fulfilled her dreams by sparing them. Abhiraj comes in anger and throws her luggage out of the house. Rupy says Jasmin to leave and both of them get into a verbal spat. Jasmin shouts asking who made her dream about Canada, it was Satti behind all. Tejo comes home and gets shocked seeing this all. The episode ends here stay connected for more written episode updates.

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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 30th Nov 2021 Episode: Sonakshi Turns Out To Be The Kidnapper




The latest written update of Kundali Bhagya of 30th November 2021 starts with Sherlyn. She says that Preeta is right as all of this wouldn’t have happened if she had not gotten late to reach there. Sherlyn says that just because Preeta accepted her mistake doesn’t mean she will be forgiven. Mahesh comes and asks Sherlyn to calm down. He asks Sherlyn why is she losing her temper. Sherlyn answers that she also considers Pihu as her daughter and losing her really hurts. She says that she is really worried for Pihu and prays that she returns soon. Dadi agrees with Sherlyn while Kareena also says that she was trying to say this too.

Kundali Bhagya

Mahesh asks them not to fight and try to find Pihu together. Sherlyn thinks that she has given them another reason to fight and now she should leave to find out what’s Sonakshi is planning with her father. Here, Preeta feels extremely bad as she runs to the halls and kneels beside the table crying. She thinks how she failed to be a good mother as Sonakshi also seemed to care about her more than her. Preeta thinks that Dadi and Kareena Bua are right.

In the next scene, Karan comes. Vinod asks him to keep talking to the kidnapper so that he can find out if she has eaten anything or not. He said that it will also help them to trace the kidnapper’s location. However, the call gets disconnected before he could even ask him anything. Karan’s phone rings again. Preeta snatches the phone and begs the kidnapper to not hurt her Pihu and says that she can’t live without her. The kidnapper who is no one but Sonakshi tells Preeta that they have no rivalry with the family but they only want the money.

Karan threatens the kidnapper to beat them to death if they even touch Pihu badly. Sonakshi asks Karan why did he take so long to pick up the call as she would not tolerate this again. After the call ends, Karan assures Preeta that he will bring back Pihu safely no matter what. Here, Sonakshi tells Rajveer that they will soon get the money. While the duo was talking, Sherlyn reach there and hears their conversation. Sonakshi and Rajveer get shocked seeing her there. Will Sherlyn expose Sonakshi or join hands with her? Watch Kundali Bhagya full today’s episode on Zee TV at 9:30 PM.

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Chakwera’s Tonse Govt bows down to Kalindo’s wrath; Settles for engagement – The Maravi Post




By Dorica Mtenje

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-President Lazarus Chakwera’s Tonse government is set to engage former UTM member Bon Kalindo’s contain his planned demonstrations saying wants to hear his side mutually.

Minister of Information,Gospel Kazako said told The Maravi Post in an interview on Monday, November 29, 2021 that Tonse government believes in listening.

Kazako said ministers mentioned in the demonstrations will be present in the engagement.

He said government is aware of high cost of living and promise to try to remove some levy on some items.

The minister said despite the increase of prices is a global crisis ,government will find ways to help the countries citizen to get things at an affordable price.

Recently Kalindo organize mass demonstrations which lead to some destruction of filling station and some shops in protest of the high cost of living.

Winiko is also planning another protests against Chakwera’s leadership on December 3 in Mzuzu.

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