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Malawi’s prolific musicians Eli Njuchi, Faith Mussa committed on health awareness drive – The Maravi Post



Eli Njuchi

Chris Loka

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Two Malawi’s prolific musicians Eli Njuchi and Faith Mussa have reaffirmed their commitments to take leading roles in mental health awareness campaigns.

The duo says as artists want to use their musical power in tackling issues affecting their fan base.

Njuchi, Mussa expressed interest on mental health issues ahead of the most anticipated Lilongwe Music Festival (Lifest) scheduled for October 29-30, 2021 at Lilongwe Golf club where the duo are also expected to perform.

Apart from international headliners like Joe boy, Shekhinah and Chris Martin, the event will also bring together other local musicians including Taygrin, Patience Namadingo, Suffix, George Kalukusha, Gwamba, Kell Kay and the Black Missionaries among others.

Lifest is a project that aims at engaging artists including Comedians, Musicians and Poets in the fight against ills of gender based violence (GBV) and addressing mental health issues using their talents.

Speaking in an interview Eli Njuchi says its high time the general public could to normalize sharing hard situations encountering for necessary support.

He observes that mental health issues need to be treated with urgency saying many People are dying silently.

“It is a need, we need to have this conversation and if it means using all we can to spark this conversation i am up for it.We cannot be talking about it, there is a need to be involved in the actions to have a better and safer mentally supported Malawians.

“We need to protect our minds to things that could potentially be harmful to our mental health. Our physical wellbeing starts in the mind, we should strive to find ways to speak out and share things that are troubling our inner feelings,” Njuchi says.

Echoing on the same, Mussa says there have been several mental health cases involving both young and old, something that needs attention.

“We need to understand that our mental health is as important as our physical health and as such, we need to do whatever it takes to address those issues and i am ready to take the challenge,” he said

Mussa said during the Lifest, he will also share his experience in as far as mental health is concerned.

Lifest project coordinator Maya Kalumo expressed gratitude over artists’ interest in mental health project

Kalumo therefore assured the nation of a historical mental health awareness gig.

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Nima Denzongpa Written Episode 3rd December 2021: Nima Gets Another Threatening Message




The latest episode of the show begins with Nima coming home and sitting worryingly, all of her daughters come to her and asks what happened. Nima gives Manya her phone, Manya asks what is this, Nima asks just watching the video. Nima was stunned seeing the video and tears come out of her eyes. The video is featuring Manya sitting with a boy, the video looks like contained explicit content, however, things aren’t as it looks. Someone is trying to defame Manya and ruin her character. After the video, the blackmailer demand ransom of 5 lakhs till 12 AM other this video will get viral.

Nima Denzongpa

Nima and all daughters get worried and Manya thinks about where they will arrange such a big amount of money. Nima asks her not to worry about this and asks to recall what all happened in the shooting. Manya says that she had left the place even before the audition has started. Nari says that Manya had changed clothes they might fit the camera in the changing room. Nima was shocked to hear her words. Suresh on another hand sees Sarla at the work and asks her about Nima, but Sarla doesn’t tell anything and leaves. Suresh gets worried and wonders if Nima is fine.

Nima Denzongpa 3rd Dec 2021

Nima is extremely disappointed and goes to the temple to pray and asks why everything wrong happened to her and her daughters always. They never did let anyone down neither did bad with anyone still they are suffering in life. Just then the priest comes and consoles Nima that everything will be fine. Manya also crying badly at home and calling herself responsible for what is happening to them. Manya says that she didn’t do anything wrong so no need to worry we are in this together. Suresh overhears Nima’s words when she is talking about blackmailers.

At the same time, Suresh enters the house and asks who is blackmailing them, but Nima lies that there is nothing like that. She further asks Suresh to better return home if Tulika comes to know she will again create a problem here. Suresh leaves from there and Tulika noticed that Suresh is disturbed. She then thinks that Nima might tell Suresh everything, but after a moment she realised that Suresh doesn’t know anything, she gets disappointed and calls her father. Tune in to Colors TV at 9 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and Nima Denzongpa written update.

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What Was Amy Carlson Cause of Death? Colorado Cult Leader’s Mummified Body Was Decked With Lights




Reportedly breaking news comes in the knowledge and definitely you will be shocked after knowing the most awaited autopsy report of a mysterious death. We are talking about Amy Carlson’s death who has been found dead earlier this year. As per the reports, Amy Carlson was a former McDonald’s employee from Texas, Carlson was the leader of Love has won cult.

How did Amy Carlson die

The dead body was found from her home in Colorado. Now the autopsy report has come and we going to share all the details with you. You can check it here. Stay in this article to know all the details.

What Was Amy Carlson Cause of Death?

She was a 45-year-old cult leader Amy Carlson aka ‘Mother God’ had been discovered at a home in Colorado earlier this year. When she was passed away. The mysterious death made everyone shocked.

She had more than a hundred followers and admirers. After her death, she left her husband and three children in her family. In the last photos published prior to her death, Carlson appeared emaciated with an eerie blue tinge to her skin.

When the incident happened in April 2021 there are many people who were shocked to know that why suddenly she has been found dead from her home. Many people looked out for the death cause. As per the details, her followers wrapped her dead body in a green sleeping bag and covered her face with makeup.

How did Amy Carlson Die?

Now here is the autopsy report which is the most important to discuss here and then you can know the actual reason behind her death. Definitely, after reading the information you can know that how did Amy Carlson Die?

According to the autopsy report, Amy Carlson died of alcohol abuse, anorexia and long-term intake of colloidal silver is lethal dosage. This report says that prolonged intake of the substance reportedly caused her death. The substance damaged her stomach and liver which was also the important thing to notice.

The small brown bottles found beside her corpse contained a series of metals including colloidal titanium, gold, and silver, among others. There are many things that we will update later in this article. So stay ready to get all the information. For further information, you can bookmark the post in your browser and get updates on time without any delay.

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How Did Benedict Blythe Die? What Happened To Benedict Blythe? Check Cause of Death Images




On Twitter, many individuals are sharing their condolence over the death of a 5-years-old boy, Benedict Blythe who died due to health complications. Benedict Blythe was a young lovely child loved by his parents more than anything in this world since he was born.

How Did Benedict Blythe Die

His passing was a huge loss for the whole Blythe family who loved their child or a lovely family member. With great sadness, his mother, Helen Blythe posted a picture of him on Twitter and told the world that he existed. Many people paid tribute to the boy who lost his life at the age of 5. He was a brave child who fought until his last breath.

Helen Blythe wrote on Twitter,” This is my son, Benedict. He dies yesterday suddenly, aged 5. I just want everyone to know that he existed, and to see his beautiful smile and how wonderful he was. He was such a bright spark, the kindest boy.

His time with us was the greatest gift (with broken heart emoji)”. No one can feel the pain of a mother who lost his little boy at this age. She is devastated and can’t realize that her 5-years-old son has gone from the world. Currently, the whole family is suffering from deep trauma.

As per the bio of Helen Blythe, she is a mother of two but after the sudden demise of Benedict Blythe, she will have to continue her life once again as she will also have to think about her other child. After her tweet, many tributes and condolences were made towards Blythe family.

A GoFundMe page has been set up in his name for donations purposes. Helen Blythe wrote,” Trustee and NED. Interim Director”. As per the sources, Benedict’s mother is an owner of a consultancy service organization and on the other side, the information regarding his father is unknown yet.

Benedict was like his mum who is self-achiever, intelligent, and talented in every field. She is currently working with her self-made expert team at HB Consultancy which helps to improve the profitability of companies.

Benedict Blythe was a young bravest and bright child of the school who always feels his parents proud because of his achievements. As we can see in his pictures shared by his mother, he was the cutest and handsome boy of the family but unfortunately, he is no more alive which hurts even more.

Helen Blythe thanks those who prayers for her family and wrote,” Thank you for the messages. I have not read them all, but the ones I have seen mean the world. For anyone who would like, we set up donations to go to the places he loves best and the world you to contribute”. Benedict Blythe was a lovely child. He will be missed by his family and loved ones.

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