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Who Are The Island Boy Rappers Flyysoulja And Kodiyakredd? Watch Viral Song Video



Hey folks, another viral video incident is coming to the fore which is creating havoc among the users, where Island Boy Rapper is remaining the hot topic ever since his video surrounded the social media massively. The freestyle is attracting the rounds on social networking sites, but these days users are getting acquainted with such videos which catch the heat in just a small time duration, something similar is reported from Fllusoulja and Kodiyakreddad. But what is in the video check the crucial information below that will remove your all doubts for sure, because their identity is grabbing the whole attention.

Who Are The Island Boy Rappers Flyysoulja And Kodiyakreddand? Watch Viral Song Video

As per the exclusive reports, The viral video is getting surfaced on several internet sites and uncounted users have streamed the video. The video is containing rappers Flyysoulja and Kodiyakreddand freestyle in the Viral TikTok video. The Viral clip has got more than thousands of views, uncounted admirers of them are streaming the video and this is the reason the video got more than 200k likes, and still, the video is hitting the bricks in the matter of likes, both rappers belong to Florida where uncounted admirers consider them as their future stars who will inspire the coming generation.

Who Are The Island Boy?

Florida-based Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja are the twins’ rappers whose popularity is hitting the bricks, they have spotted in 2020 together. Several videos have been shared by the rapper on TikTok which got plenty of likes, but ever since his viral video took place he got the pump in the numerics of their followers. Uncounted admirers have watched the video’s massive reactions spotted on their social media handle, but still, their video is remaining the subject of discussion. Both rappers contain extraordinary looks which seem incredible enough and this is the reason their admirers follow their looks.

Ever since their video took place massive reactions spotted on social networking sites, and this is the reason their video has been removed. Uncounted users are paying attention to their video because their fan following seems up to the next level, but as soon as their video came to the fore, their popularity got the pump. But nothing seems inappropriate in the video, hence they are getting popularity up to the next level. So whenever we will get more we would make you familiar with that, so stay connected with us.


Amazon Africa HQ site faces indigenous backlash – The Maravi Post




A legal battle is looming over plans to build Amazon’s multi-million-dollar African headquarters on land cherished by South Africa’s indigenous Khoi San people.

Amazon is setting up its African HQ in Cape Town — a project with the promise of thousands of jobs in a country where unemployment is cripplingly high.

City authorities last month approved the construction of a nine-storey business and residential complex on a greenfield site that will be anchored by Amazon.

Its offices will provide total floor space of 70,000 square metres (7.5 million feet) — equivalent to almost 10 football pitches.

But some of the country’s first inhabitants, the Khoi Khoi and San — whose presence in the southern tip of the continent has been dated by archaeologists to thousands of years — say the project desecrates ancestral land.

They say it lies on a battlefield in which the Khoi defended the territory from Portuguese colonisers in 1510.

“Our heritage will be completely wiped out,” paramount chief Aran Goringhaicona said. “There is so much spiritual significance to this place.”

He represents the Goringhaicona Khoi Khoi Indigenous Traditional Council, which is among the indigenous, environmental and community activists contesting the scheme.

Led by a neighbourhood group, the Observatory Civic Association (OCA), they wrote to the developer Liesbeek Leisure Properties Trust (LLPT) this week stating their intention to appeal the project in the courts.

Construction of the four-billion-rand ($283 million / 234 million euro) complex is due to start little more than a month from now.

The group is also questioning environmental approvals for the riverside site, said OCA chair Leslie London.

Cape Town is already struggling with episodes of severe floods and drought — a risk that could be amplified when climate change goes into higher gear, London argued.

City authorities say the impact on floods is “minimal” and the site will be built up above the 100-year flood line.

Amazon, which has been operating in South Africa for 15 years, declined to comment on the development.

– ‘Ancestors’ graves’ –

The site had been protected under a two-year provisional heritage designation, which lapsed in April 2020, according to city authorities.

To acknowledge the history, LLPT said it will build a heritage, cultural and media centre that will be operated by indigenous groups. It will also include a medicinal garden, trail and outdoor amphitheatre.

Some indigenous groups see this as a victory.

“Those plans place the First Nations at the centre of this entire development, right opposite this building that everybody’s talking about, the Amazon building,” said chief Garu Zenzile Khoisan, who heads the First Nations Collective representing several clan formations.

Both the group and the developer said the proposal had been endorsed by the majority of indigenous peoples in the area.

“It is therefore perplexing that a small group of naysayers who claim to work for better inclusive housing opportunities or respectful celebration of local heritage and sustainable environmental upgrades wouldn’t support our plans,” LLPT said.

But opponents, including Goringhaicona, say divide-and-rule tactics are being used to stifle or sideline dissent.

City officials have lauded the potential job creation at the site at a time when official unemployment reached 29 percent in the last quarter of 2020.

The project will create 5,239 jobs during construction and close to 900 jobs once the project is up and running, according to LLPT.

Once hunter-gatherers known under the now-discarded label of Bushmen, the Khoi San suffered deeply under colonisation and apartheid.

Many in their community say they still endure wide social inequalities and economic opportunities today, and their past remains overlooked.

“Going onto someone’s sacred terrain and building something on top of it, saying ‘we’re going to offer employment in doing so’ is a morose and sick form of arguing the notion of job development,” said Tauriq Jenkins, high commissioner for the Goringhaicona council.

“You don’t employ the descendants of the Khoi Khoi and San… to dig up their ancestors’ graves”.


Source: Africanews

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Comedian Rich Elwood Cause of Death, Radio Host Dies At 67| Death Reason




The quite shocking news is again coming in front of the people from the radio world, which made everyone shocked enough, as 3rd December 2021 brought such a worst news. Yes, you heard right, Rich Elwood is passed away at the age of 67, he has earned popularity through his radio events and counted in the list of one of the jolliest guys. But unfortunately, he is no longer among us, which is a matter of great sorrow even his close ones are going through a huge shock. Hence massive heartfelt messages are being shared by those who were close to him, so below you can check the crucial details.

Comedian Rich Elwood

According to the reports or sources, that popular radio personality Rich Elwood was the stand-up comedian and the owner of the comedy club as well. But since, his followers got acquainted with the news their anxiety is hitting the bricks because no one even assumed that their beloved one will leave the world in such a way. Therefore, everyone is mourning his sudden demise along with those who worked with him. Because in this hard time, his close ones need someone’s support because their deep sorrow is crossing all barricades.

Who Was Rich Elwood?

It is being reported, that hitherto his close ones did not share any statement on his death this is the reason everyone is paying attention to get more. Because only their statement can confirm the news because he could be alive as well, therefore, as long as the genuine one pops out you do not need to consider any false narrative. Even our team is also seeing ahead to get more so that, we can confer the details to make others familiar. So you will have to wait a bit more as the reports are coming to the fore.

Everyone is paying tribute to him through social networking sites as some reports have been claimed that he is no more, but we are not claiming anything unless we get strong evidence. So hence, we will also advise you to not consider even a single false report because these days that entire social media has been grabbed by the rumor spreaders. Because negative news spreads easily than positive one. So when something gets spotted again we will make you an update for sure, these details have been derived from some other sources, so stay connected with us to know more.

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What Was Jay Jay Phillips Cause of Death? ‘America’s Got Talent Star Dies of Covid at 30




Unfortunately, we get another heartbreaking news that Jay Jay Phillips has died during Thanksgiving week. Everyone knows that he was best known for his appearance in America’s Got Talent but he suddenly dies at the age of 30. Let us tell you that he was surrounded by his friends and family for the last time in his life.

How did Jay Jay Phillips die

Suddenly, his health deteriorated and took a bad turn just a day before his death. Later, the news of his unfortunate demise is shared by family members and they are going through a very tough time. After the news hit the internet, many people start paying tribute to him.

What Was Jay Jay Phillips Cause of Death?

His close friend Seph Lawless shared a tribute and the main cause of his death after hearing this news. He said that he battling COVID-19 which become the reason for his sudden demise at such young age. He was battling the deadliest virus over Thanksgiving week.

When the family calls him that he passed away, he is totally shocked to hear about this tragic loss. Later, he also added that his girlfriend found him unresponsive on the bed in the fetal position. Let us also tell you that he was a heavy metal lover and also appeared in America’s Got Talent Season 4 in 2009.

Later, he was evicted in the early rounds of the show. Not only this, but he again made his appearance in the show in 2012 but still he got eliminated in the quarterfinals. So far, the family of the deceased announced that the main cause of his death is COVID-19. When his family took him to the hospital, he denied it by saying that all he needed is full sleep, not treatment. Many people continuously went through a very tragic loss and paid tribute to him.

The official band of Jay Jay Phillip named Mettal Maffia has also paid tribute to him and said “It is with great sadness we inform you all of the loss of our bandmate/brother/and friend @jayjayrocks.

It still doesn’t feel real and we would give anything to change it”. It is actually very heartbreaking news for the family members and close friends to hear about this tragic loss. Our deepest condolences to his family members and loved ones who mourn his unfortunate and sudden death.

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