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Patrick Mahomes Injury Video: Kansas City’s Chief Leaves Titan Game With Head Injury



The quite heartbreaking news is reported from Kansas City Cheifs quarterback Patrick Mahomes left the Sunday afternoon’s clash against the Tenessee Titans after getting brutally hit. Ever since, his homies got acquainted with the news they reached to bring him for medical care. So that, he gets appropriate cure but the ruckus took place during the game, uncounted admirers of Patrick Mahomes got disappointed but due to injuries, he had to admit for the treatment. Because no one would like to watch their favorite athlete as an injured player, get to know more check the details below.

Patrick Mahomes Injury Video: Kansas City's Chief Star Leaves Titan Game With Head Injury

As per the exclusive sources, at the time of the incident, his head hit massively to the surface but due to the helmet his head did not get any injury, but several injuries were appeared on his foot. Both teams came forward for helping him because it does not seem appropriate if someone gets injured massively during the clash. Spontaneously, the makers had to cancel the match on the spot as his homies left their fields to make him admit. Several reports are coming in front of the people, which are claiming such unknown facts as well.

Patrick Mahomes Head Injury Video

Patrick Lavon Mahomes is an American football quarter for the Kansas City Cheif of the NFL (National Football League) since childhood he is paying his interest in the football game and decided to accept it as his passion. He was born on 17th September 1995 in Tyler, Texas. He has played several sports games as well such as baseball, basketball. But his career got pumped as a football player. Many achievements have been made on his name because during his college days he has participated in several competitions.

It is being said, that he is treated by the medical center so that, he can heal as soon as possible because the field and his team need him on the ground. Because everyone would like to watch their favorite athlete in the match because a few players have the ability to overturn the game at any moment. Hence, his admirers are praying for his health so that, he can come back next time to take over the match. But as soon as the incident happened it made uncounted hearts shattered, who were watching the match constantly without even blinking their eyes, but as per the reports, he is recovering well.


Asian businessman Waheed Kassam exposed in Malawi’s Manobec gate – The Maravi Post




Waheed Kassam exposed

By Maclve Chowe

An Indian named Waheed Kassam is the father of Malawi’s Corruption: Will Chakwera stop this guy?

When people are using their positions wrongly, citizens get affected mainly through different ways that affects their day to day life.

One Max Chombe once wrote an article that talks about what is needed for Patrick Sulungwe in relation to the issue of Wassim Kassam the son of MANOBEC Limited managing director Mr Waheed Kassam.

It was claimed that Sulungwe used his position to facilitate a procurement deal/deals for Marep project.

It was alleged that the public needs the Anti-Corruption Bureau at this juncture to do a lifestyle audit and also investigate how contracts were awarded minus the use of the Internal Procurement Committee (IPC) using the old Public Procurement Act.

The article further explained that once Sulungwe is cornered to the wall he will be forced to spill the beans and Waheed Kassam and his son will be at the centre of everything.

That was said then, but the question of who are these Waheed’s is the question that many people can’t tell you a real answer.

But we dig deep and find out more about them. If we talk about Malawi’s most corrupt people, then the Waheed’s are top of the list. Guess what? They have multi-billion investments of hotels in South Africa’s big cities such as Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

Fahim is a chartered accountant who moves with his small laptop everywhere and he is the master of the dirty works as they have been involved in evading tax through bringing in cooking oil and claim raw materials.


These guys have a lot of companies and when bidding for a contract they use different names from time to time and the truth is they have amassed over billions of Kwacha’s belonging to Malawians as each and every year they get contracts from government and MAREP is their other garden.

Currently, they are constructing houses at Area 9 for every child and all materials are of duty free in the name of hotels and after the change of government they targeted different government companies.

Fahim, a chartered accountant, makes all the deals with all big government deals taken by them as all procurement officers are under their control and it on record that every government official has been captured by them and some have been given houses.

This has been happening for as many years as you can imagine, evading tax as well as externalizing forex in the name of hotel construction. They buy materials more than required. For instance, instead of 5 containers they bring 50 or more on duty free and sale the rest.

On externalization of money, they buy goods outside using their Dubai Company and inflate the figures. For example, something they buy at USD10 000 it is invoiced at USD50 000 or more.

A container of USD30 000 is priced at a larger amount like USD300 000 and at the border it is reduced to USD10 000

President Lazarus Chakwera please stop “Waheed”

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The facts, puzzle of some business crooks in MDF food ration fraud – The Maravi Post




By Maclve Chowe

It never rains but pours for Farook Gani who is now at the centre of food ration at the Malawi Defence Force (MDF). as more rot keeps coming

This time for over four years he was providing meals to various MDF units. A plate of one chicken piece accompanied with nsima or rice and some vegetables was going at MK4800 and in some units it was going at MK5700 when senior officers had the opportunity to have a meal.

The size of the portions was always a bother to the men and women in uniform. This created disdain and Gani was once wanted dead or alive. He survived because the top high command supported him since they were in the pocket of this crooked business man.

At the weekly commander’s parade his name was mentioned and the commander then General Sipuni had to promise that he will take it personally to one farook Gani. But all in all he ate close to MK12 billion through exaggerated invoices.

Please men and women follow this man to his house in Blantyre. Other than this he was the one who printed the fake ballot papers in the failed 2019 presidential elections.

He openly accepted the Jiva boys Bilal and Shobi to persuade him to print the fake ballots since they were sent by Collins Magalasi from Mera then.

The Fiscal Police have work here. Please hurry to arrest these culprits but Bilal Jive has married an English lady in the United Kingdom using the billions they made with the original company that was awarded the contract do the ballots in Dubai by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) infested Malawi Electoral Commission (M.

As for the usual suspect Abdul Lido Karim also known as Batatawala he is hiding in India. He was in South Africa for three weeks and came back to Blantyre for one day before taking a one way ticket to India.

He is scared of the police after he sued the government for his so called MK260 billion. All good intentioned people should openly protest since the nation will loose funds through these dubious means. His friend Wahid Kassam of Manobec limited ruined the Marep 8 and 9 process by fielding over twenty two companies.

This time around his companies have been identified and shall be struck off from the list of suppliers. This is a big thief who has been playing ” a good ” boy. He has several files with the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

More rot to come….

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of author not necessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor

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BEL-W VS PBY-W Dream11 Prediction Live Score Lineup Squads EuroCup Women Playing Squads




Once again here is a fabulous match waiting for you and there is huge hope that this upcoming match will be so much awesome. Most commonly you will see that the match will grab your attention and you will watch the stream of this match. As per the current details, the match will take place.


The league has entertained fans around the world with marvelous gameplay. You will see an extremely thriller in this upcoming match which is all set to bring an outstanding match. Definitely, you will enjoy the details which are available here such as match prediction, probable lineups and live score.

Match: PBY-W vs BEL-W
League: N/A
Date: Thursday, December 2, 2021
Time: 12:00 AM IST
Venue: Updated Soon

After watching the points table stats here we going to explore many details which are essential to know. As per the information, the team BEL-W is ready to bring the outstanding level gameplay and there is no such doubt about their performance. Currently, they are standing at a very good level. Definitely, you will see a very good performance by both the teams.

While on the other side, if we talk about the team PBY-W then we want to tell you that they have played several games and are well-tried to maintain good momentum. Yes, the efforts of the team can be seen easily and no one can ignore the effort by the team. Here is the lineup of the match which is telling you the name of probable players who going to perform in this upcoming match.

Belarus Women Probable Starters

  • A. Tarasava
  • A. Bentley
  • Y. Rytsikava
  • A. Verameyenka
  • V. Hasper

As we supposing you are curious to watch the streaming of this latest match then we want to tell you that you can watch the game on your screen. Even you can get the live score updates here.

The streaming of this game will take place on the regular platform. Now moving towards the match-winner then we want to tell you that the match will be won by the team BEL which is much expected because of its results in the previous matches. For further information you can bookmark us and get all the related sports news on the time.

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