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PM vs GAL Live Score Dream11 Prediction Lineup Basketball Champions League PAOK Mateco vs Galatasaray



Finally, here is the fresh Basketball match which going to play soon. If you are excited to watch this upcoming then you should read this report where you going to get all the updates related to this thriller’s exciting square off.

PM vs GAL basektball

Yes, according to the details, the upcoming match of the Basketball Champions League will be square off between PM vs GAL. It will be placed on October 25, 2021, and you will see that the game will be excited and you will enjoy it so much.

Match: PM vs GAL
League: Basketball Champions League
Date: October 25, 2021
Time: N/A
Venue: N/A

In the recent few matches, we have noticed that the gameplay of the teams was awesome and possibly they will continue the same level of performance in upcoming matches also. The available stat shows that the PM has won only 1 match and lost 4 matches in the last five games.

While on the other side, GAL won 4 matches with a massive attractive score and lost 1 match as well. Definitely, you will see such impressive gameplay in the upcoming days. So let’s begin the details here and get all the updates soon. This is a very interesting match and definitely, you will enjoy it as we can predict.

PAOK Mateco Probable Starters

  • Malcolm Griffin
  • Andreas Christodoulou
  • Vladimir Jankovic
  • David DiLeo
  • Marvin Jones

Galatasaray Probable Starters

  • Dee Bost

  • Melo Trimble
  • DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell
  • Kerry Blackshear, Jr.
  • Sadik Emir Kabaca

According to us, you will see that the upcoming square off will win by the team GAL. Yes, we selected this team because they are performing extremely better than the team PM. Even the team GAL has won 4 matches in the last five games. It is not an ordinary thing and you will see that the team will serve the extremely well gameplay in the upcoming months.

Now definitely, you will see that the team will hit awesome shots and the fans will go crazy. here you will know about the live score and you will get interesting updates.

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Mumtaz Ali Khan Death Reason Veteran Pashto Director Mumtaz Ali Khan Passed Away at 74, Family




The film industry is mourning the death of director Mumtaz Ali Khan who was a Veteran Pashto film director in Pakistan. According to the sources, the director took his last breath in his Lahore residence and lost his life at the age of 74. Some of the sources are believing that the director has been suffering from several health issues for the last few months and today.

Veteran Pashto Director Mumtaz Ali Khan Passed Away at 74

The director has gone from the world after leaving some memories behind. He was one of the most popular and talented Pashto directors in the Pakistani film industry. According to the sources, Mumtaz Ali Khan passed away on Friday, December 3, 2021.

He was survived by his family and left behind four sons, two daughters a widow to mourn his death. Many people are coming forward to pay tribute to him and it was disheartening news for the fans. He was loved by millions of fans because of his films in the industry. He directed numerous of videos and gave amazing stories to the industry through his talent.

Since the news of his demise went viral, many people paid tribute to the veteran director of the film industry. Now, we are going to share some important details and the life of Mumtaz Ali Khan.

According to the sources, Mumtaz Ali Khan was born in 1947 in Pabi, Nowshera district, Pakistan. He qualified from 10th grade at a government school in his village. Later, he took admission in Edwardes College Peshawar but due to financial problems, he couldn’t complete his education. Along with this, he got employment with a well-known actor Rangeels in Lahore studio.

Mumtaz Ali Khan began his career in 1963 with working Rangeels and proved himself as a talented director and later, came up with some super hit movies such as Dil Aur Duniya, Dulhan Ek Raat Ki, Diya Aur Toofan, Teri Qasam, and many more.

Well, he got more achievements after he directed some popular Pashto films such as Darra Khyber which was one of the most popular films of the director released in 1971 including Deedan, Jawargar, Naway Da Yway Shpay, Orbal Khanabadosh, and Rahmdad Khan.

Pashto movies captured the big attention of the viewers due to Mr. Khan’s amazing direction where the quality and beautiful locations in the movie attracted most of the viewers. The director had worked with numerous actors like Waheeda Khan, Suriya Khan, Asif Khan, Musarrat Shaheen, Humayun Qureshi, and Ismail Shah. Between the 80s and 90s, Da Dako Loor, Qanoon, Bangree Au Hatkarrai, Zakhooma, Dukhmani, and Zakhooma.

He gave several hit movies to the industry and earned a huge fame because of his work. He will be remembered by his family and friends. May his soul rest in peace.

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Gospel Kazako eyes MCP Vice Presidency: Abuses MACRA to bankroll his Lower-shire’s political prowess – The Maravi Post




…………..Kazako wants to be the next Gwanda Chakuamba

Kazako eyeing MCP Vice Presidency

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Battle of the ‘Giant of Lower shire’ is now here! Information Minister Gospel Kazako has now started flexing his political muscles, he is eyeing the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice Presidency position.

Kazako is also eyeing a parliamentary seat in Nsanje and wants to make himself the ‘Giant of Lower shire’ an imaginary power position once associated with former powerful politician the late Gwanda Chakuamba.

This position was recently also associated with the fallen Cabinet minister and former MCP Vice President the late Sidik Mia.

Kazako’s maneuvers have caught the eye of Mia’s aggressive widow Abida who is trying very hard to replace his late husband in all positions available for the lowershire namely ‘Giant of the Lower shire’, MCP Vice President and a powerful cabinet minister.

Kazako has decided to use his position as Minister of Information to exert his influence in Lower shire especially Nsanje by abusing resources at the Malawi Regulatory Authority (Macra) which he oversees.

Impeccable sources within Macra say Kazako has made it a point that most of the activities by Macra should be taking place in Nsanje.

“This year alone we have been to Nsanje eight times including World Postal Day celebrations. He is forcing us to support the community radios, post office among other projects. He is using Macra to be seen as bringing development to Nsanje district,” said our source.

However, his plotting has not gone well with Abida Mia, who accuses Kazako of being a traitor.

The two have since stopped talking to each other.

“The fight is full brown. Abida has money. Kazako has Macra. We will see how it ends,” said the source.

In his bid to consolidate a political base, Kazako has been a huge disappointment to the public after turning himself into an MCP praise singer and talking ‘insults’ to Malawians.

“He is a typical example of what one Professor said about what happens to bright people when they join politics,” wrote one Limbikani Gamaliele on social media.

There was no immediate comment from Kazako on the matter.

Four months ago, Kazako approved Macra board members to travel to Dubai as an appeasement policy so that he should have an easy ride when he wants Macra resources.

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Udaariyaan 3rd December 2021 Episode Fateh Leaves Jasmine Alone Forever




The 3rd December 2021 episode of Udaariyaan is bringing a high voltage drama where you will watch, that after getting separated from Fateh Jasmine decides to go back to her house. Because Fateh has said that he does not want to stay with her no matter what happens, and this is the reason he destroyed her boarding pass and passports. In short, Jasmine has been stuck in trouble as Fateh left her, But as soon as she reaches her home her father denies to accept her again and says that she does not have a right to come inside.

Udaariyaan 3rd December 2021

Another side, Fateh also feels alone because now he can not go back to his residence to apologize to Tejo for those circumstances which has faced recently due to him and Jasmine. Briefly, he is accusing himself of those circumstances that ruined their life because three lives have been destroyed enough including him. Meanwhile, he wonders that now all doors have closed through which, he could go back in Tejo’s life as Angad Maan has taken his place and fulfilled all dreams of Tejo. Extempore he breaks down in tears as no path is appearing in front of him.

Later, Fateh thinks that no matter what happens but he will have to go somewhere spontaneously he falls down on the road but spontaneously, Bojo takes place and handles him so that, he can not get injured. As soon as Fateh sees Bojo he breaks down in tears because he recalls those moments when he accused Bojo of having an extramarital affair with Tejo. He apologizes to him too by saying that he realized his mistake but now nothing is under his hand. Bojo consoles him and says that everything will be sorted out soon so there is no need to think more god will heal everything.

On the other hand, Jasmine’s father throws her out while warning that if she comes back again so he will not let her forgive at all, because she became the cause of somebody’s unhappiness and ruined many lives, which are inappropriate enough and does not require forgiveness. Meanwhile, Jasmine takes the pledge by saying that now Fateh will become a witness of her second face which will destroy him as well. In short, she decides to take revenge by mentioning that whatever pain Fateh has given her, she will now give Fateh many times more.

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