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Tyler Graham Car Accident Video: What Was Baseball Player Cause Of Death?



The quite frightning car accident of Tyler Graham is remaining the subject of discussion ever since his accident video popped out on social media. But everyone is grieving his death because no one ever expected it, and therefore a surge of sorrow has surrounded everyone notably his close ones, who are going through a big shock. Because they have lost their close one forever, which is a matter of great sadness, but still, several reports are taking place. Under which some are claiming that he has passed away and many are claiming that he is alive, so below you can check everything.

Tyler Graham Car Accident Video: What Was Baseball Player Cause Of Death?

As per the exclusive reports, the concerned department is investigating the case ever since the car accident took place on social media. All those who considered him as their idol of the future icon are showing the deepest condolence to the deceased and his family as well. Because they need everyone’s blessing in this tough time, but the admirers are seeking justice for him, so that the real culprit could be sent behind the car. But all those who saw the accident through their eyes in short, witnesses have shared their statement by saying that the incident was too scary.

Tyler Graham Cause Of Death

It is being reported, As soon as the concerned department got the news they reached the spot to bring him to the nearest Hospital. But the complications were too high which took the worst face during the treatment. Where the doctors told his family that there is a dearth of chances of his endurance because the heavy blessing was spotted which became the central reason for his unexpected demise. Due to the accident, several injuries took place on his body, and as the complication got increased his pain also got hype and therefore, he could not bear that and had to leave the world.

Ever since, the accident video came to the fore uncounted users have streamed it and demanding for strict action. But if the sources are to be believed he has passed away, because of which, everyone is paying tribute to him. Which became the cause of a heavy flood on Twitter, so we will also pray may his soul rest in peace. But these pieces of details came as per the sources and we are not claiming anything.


(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2, Today’s Episode 6th December 2021 Written Update, Simar Hears Him and Cries




The all-time favorite serial Sasural Simar Ka 2 is ready to amaze all the fans with the numerous upcoming twist in the story. If you are also excited to know all the things then here is the complete detail about this latest episode. The episode will start with Simar when she rings the temple bell to get answers to her question. Aarav is so much upset and he is driving the car. The sadness on his face tells how much he is facing the problem.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th December 2021

Gagan also standing in the temple and looks at Simar with teary eyes. Aarav driving a car and recalling the words of Samar. He recalls the moment when Samar said he still does not believe that they both are getting married. Samar plays Drum in his studio with extreme anger.

Suddenly Yamini Devi comes to the place and seeds him playing Drum. When Simar is standing in front of Mata Rani then suddenly one of the chit falls down. She picks it and thinks that possibly it is something that Mata Rani indicates to me.

On the other side, Aarav gets down from the car and thinks that definitely, Samar was lying so I have to talk with simar. He is thinking that Simar can’t do something wrong with him. The love still remains between them. The bond they have is not yet finished after saying a few words. He comes to Avinash’s house and calls Simar saying he wants to talk to her. The neighbor tells that the gate is locked.

Gajendra is with Badimaa. Geetanjali devi asks Gajendra to schedule the meeting with CA. Aarav calling but he does not see the call. While on the other side, Simar opens the chit that she got from Mata Rani. She sees Yes and thinks that it is the Mata Rani’s order to marry Samar.

Now it going to be interesting in the story and you going to watch the extreme level of interest. Definitely, you will receive a massive level of entertainment in the upcoming episodes. To watch the episode you can bookmark the website in your browser and get many more details. Stay tuned for more.

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The Numbers behind the Biggest Shopping Day




Thanksgiving has been a significant celebration in the US for many years. They usually celebrate it every fourth Thursday of November every year after Franklin D Roosevelt’s declaration in 1942. However, Black Friday became associated with Thanksgiving in the mid 20th century. 

It started as the day after Thanksgiving when people clogged the streets to shop for the holidays but has become a global phenomenon. For example, retailers have recorded massive sales both online and offline in recent years thanks to the Black Friday shopping frenzy. 

The Numbers behind the Biggest Shopping Day

What Is Black Friday?

As mentioned earlier, Black Friday is usually the day after the US Thanksgiving day. It is also known to kick start the Christmas shopping season. Why Black Friday? Well, the day received this name because the massive number of shoppers resulted in traffic accidents and, in some instances, violence. During Black Friday, shoppers can save between 20% and 60%, meaning the average savings is 37%.

The term Black Friday was coined in Philadelphia in 1961. From there, it gradually gained traction and was first used in print media in 1975. It did not stop there as it was formally recognized in 2001.

Other Nations Adopted the Practice

Black Friday’s growing popularity has pushed it beyond American borders as other countries adopted the practice. When you look at the numbers from Betway online casino you will agree that Black Friday has gone international as interest in the day grows globally. 

For instance, interest in Black Friday grew by 47% in Mexico, 43% in the USA, 46% in Canada, and 242% in the UK. Other countries that registered significant growth in interest include France with 4900% and Germany 900%. These numbers show that Black Friday’s popularity is growing unprecedentedly.

Black Friday Demographics

According to reports, the 2018 Black Friday attracted over 165 million Americans. The reports also reveal that these American shoppers shopped in stores and online.

Additionally, studies have shown that more females shop on Black Friday than men. The studies suggest that slightly over 50% shop on Black Friday while male shoppers account for 45% of the shoppers.

Apart from that, it was reported that the average shopper spends around 313.29 USD on gifts and other holiday items during the 5-day period. On the other hand, consumers aged between 35 and 44 spent an average of 413 USD during Black Friday. This amount translates to almost 100 USD more than the total average per consumer.

The Preferable Shopping Gadget

According to reports, 66% of all shoppers used their mobile devices to make holiday decisions during the Thanksgiving weekend. On the other hand, 87% of mobile users are individuals aged between 25 and 34. The reports also claim that 88% of individuals who shopped using their mobile devices are aged between 18 and 24 years.

What about the Shopping Channel?

People use different channels when shopping during the Black Friday period. For instance, research shows that nearly 58 million are multichannel shoppers. These shoppers get the items they need from stores as well as online platforms. Furthermore, some get ideas of what they will buy online but visit the local store to get them.

On the other hand, around 51 million individuals make their Black Friday purchases in stores only. Lastly, 58 million people are online shoppers only. 

Top Five Selling Items

So, what are the top-selling items during Black Friday? Based on previous shopping trends, 37% of the items bought are usually items in the Fashion & Accessories category. This makes them the most purchased items during this unique shopping period.

The second most bought items during Black Friday shopping are toys. Studies show that 34% of the items purchased during this period are toys. On the other hand, 29% of the items bought are books and video games, making them the third top-selling item on Black Friday. Electronics are the third most purchased items at 26%, while gift cards complete the top five at 20%.   

Black Friday 2020

Black Friday 2020 will go down in history as the second-largest online spending day in the US. According to reports, consumers spent 9 billion USD on the day after Thanksgiving! This meant that the amount spent increased by 21.6% year on year.

Historic Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2020 is the largest online spending day in the US. The sales for that day were a whopping 10.84 billion USD! It is also reported that around 174 million people shopped during that day.

Factors Influencing Consumer Decisions during Black Friday

Studies have shown that buyers consider several factors before purchasing during Black Friday. Here are the most notable factors:

  • Free Shipping– this is the most common factor among Black Friday shoppers. Reports suggest that 49% of shoppers go for items with free shipping offers.
  • Promotions – According to reports from previous Black Fridays, up to 36% of shoppers go for items on promotion.
  • Website/App usability – 21% of buyers buy items on sites that are easy to use.
  • Buy-Online-Pick-In- Store (BOPIS) – Many shoppers prefer shopping online and picking from a local store. The studies reveal that 20% of Black Friday shoppers prefer this arrangement.

Looking Forward – Black Friday 2021  

Industry experts argue that Black Friday 2021 will be similar to 2020’s edition. Most of the projections indicate that the sales will go beyond last year’s. Are you ready for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Once again, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2021 Written Update: Prachi Is Pregnant With Ranbir’s Child?




So, far we watched a mind-blowing episode where everyone gets shocked seeing Prachi’s next level and unseen before kind of avatar because finally she has broken her silence on Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding and shown her angry side that was hidden somewhere in herself for a while. In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, the audience is going to be so happy perhaps sad as well. If you are keen to know that why we are saying this so be here till the end.

Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2021 Written Update: Prachi Is Pregnant With Ranbir's Child?

So, the episode begins with, Prachi reaching the venue and asking at the reception about Ranbir’s wedding, receptionist replies to her “this way mam”. She rushes to the same way, there, Ranbir takes Vermillion and fills it in Rhea’s maang but he is still thinking about Prachi. Prachi reaches the venue and gets shocked seeing Ranbir filling Rhea’s Maang, Prachi sees and faints. Rhea sees Prachi falling down and smiles because she did not reach the exact time.

Kumkum Bhagya Today’s Written Episode

Ranbir there turns the scene when he smiles as well seeing Prachi. He then takes the Mangalsutra and makes Rhea wear the same. Soon Prachi gets back in her senses and asks where is Ranbir, she stands and runs meanwhile, she collides with a banquet staff, she asks him about the wedding, the man replies that everything has done and they all have gone.

Prachi gets shocked saying this can’t happen, how can it happen? She recalls Sid’s words keeping her hand on her tummy. She comes out of the hotel thinking how did it happen, she gets a teary eye thinking that she could stop them if she did not faint. She then shivers and makes a call to Ranbir where she asks him that why he did the second marriage when he said that he is the one-woman man, he replies that she said him the same and sworn that they are together for 7 years now, then why did she keep a second relation with someone else.

Prachi gets shocked hearing all from Ranbir as she never even expected the day. So, as we told you above that you will be happy and sad as well so the deal to be happy is that Prachi is pregnant, and the deal to be sad is, Ranbir has tied the knot with Rhea and it is the biggest mistake of his life. Now, watching this will be amazing that how will the show turn again as it is the behaviour of this drama show. Stay tuned with us to read more further updates.

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