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The Secret Connection Between Malami And Extraordinary Rendition, By Aloy Ejimakor – The Maravi Post



Back in the day when I was in Law School in America, one of my favorite Professors used to repeatedly tell us that there’s a fine line between good legal research and investigative journalism. He told us that one day we would find it useful, as legal practitioners, to remove the garb of a lawyer and adorn that of an investigative journalist. And that it might pay off.

Recently, I remembered the erudite Professor and decided to indulge myself in a little bit of investigative journalism (of the internet kind) and my topic of interest was, you guessed it: Extraordinary Rendition – the abominable legal concept that is currently generating quantum public interest in Nigeria. On a hunch, I zeroed-in on official Nigeria. 

In due course, my hunch paid off. In particular, I discovered that Nigeria’s Chief Law Officer – Attorney-General Abubakar Malami (SAN), has long had a secret connection with extraordinary rendition in more ways than one. Below are the details:

In 2016, the ‘United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’ published a scholarly project document in a 691-page colorful compendium, titled ‘Cases and Materials on Extradition in Nigeria’. The highly celebrated publication was accomplished with the assistance of the European Union, the Federal High Court and several lawyers from the Office of the Attorney-General of the Federation.

The highly collaborative project comprised of learned jurists who pivoted on ‘Extradition’ and its garden varieties, including particularly ‘extraordinary rendition’ which the compendium discussed with evident disapproval.

AGF Malami, who had endorsed the project, wrote in the Foreword to the published compendium that: “The compendium consists of constitutional provisions, legislation, subsidiary legislation, judicial pronouncements treaties and other international instruments on extradition as they relate to Nigeria”.

This how Malami’s negative connection with extraordinary rendition started. But this is a tip of the iceberg. The iceberg lies in the Introduction to the compendium, which I shall hereunder reproduce, verbatim. Now, read on:

“It is easy to confuse extradition with rendition. Rendition is a general term for all procedures, including extradition, for returning wanted persons or aliens generally, from a State. Unlawful or irregular forms of returning persons wanted for trial or punishment include abduction and the so called “extraordinary rendition”.

“Extraordinary rendition is a government sponsored arrest, kidnap and abductions of persons wanted, accused or convicted of a criminal offence either to the state who sponsored the arrest, kidnap or abduction or to a willing third party state.

“Extraordinary rendition denies a person of the right to challenge his transfer to the requesting or receiving state. It involves the violation of the principles of international law especially where the persons transferred are subjected to torture or sham criminal charges or trials. 

“The ‘Dikko Affair’ of 1984 is an example of an attempt at unlawful rendition. After a coup d’état in 1983, the Federal Military Government of Nigeria requested the British government to surrender Umaru Dikko, a former Minister alleged to have been involved in corrupt practices.

“Before the British government responded to the request, an intelligence officer from the Nigerian security forces with three Israeli nationals abducted Mr. Dikko and attempted to cargo him to Nigeria in a crate. This attempt was foiled by the British security apparatus, the abductors were jailed and the relationship between Nigeria and Britain became strained. 

“Even though not successful, it was an attempt by Nigeria to go against the international norms in expressing its political will”.

In concluding his Foreword to the compendium, Malami stated that: “It is a very good resource material on extradition and it is therefore my pleasure to recommend the Cases and Materials on Extradition in Nigeria to all and sundry, for use in identifying the position of extradition law in Nigeria”.

Malami did not stop there. He underscored his abiding commitment to the due process of extradition, as opposed to the illegality and abomination of extraordinary rendition by deploying some of the finest lawyers in the Federal Ministry of Justice (his office) to the project.

Not done, Malami went on to profusely thank the United Nations “for its technical support to the Federal Ministry of Justice for the review of laws, development of policy instruments and capacity building for staff of the Ministry in extradition law related areas”.

And there, dear readers, is how much Attorney-General Malami loved extradition and hated extraordinary rendition until 19th June, 2021.

Think about it.

Aloy Ejimakor, a Lawyer wrote in from Lagos.

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Watch Udaariyaan 27th November 2021 Written Update Episode: Tejo Breaks Down In Tears




The 27th November 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where you will watch Fateh gives a surprise to Jasmine by saying that he brought something for her, and gives her two tickets to Canada by saying that after their tied-a-knot ceremony they will leave the country and will settle in Canada forever. So that, they can be looking forward to their new beginning, as soon as she hears her happiness hits the bricks because she thought the same and finally, her dream is gradually coming true. She agrees with Fateh and says that she will agree with his all decision no matter what happens.

Udaariyaan 27th Nov

Later, Jasmine’s grand entry takes place in the canopy and her joy is clearly appearing on her face even everyone is looking at her. She inwardly says that she should control her joy, because no matter what happens but she can not make anyone familiar with Fateh’s commitment. But Tejo comes to know about their plan that they will leave the country on the next day of their wedding ceremony, and she thinks that what is wrong with them why they do not want to stay with the family and decides to inform Khushbir Singh.

At the same time, Mahi comes to her parents and informs them that Fateh and Jasmine are going to Canada tomorrow as they have booked the tickets as well. As soon as they git acquainted with the news they lose their senses because no one even expected that they will do such a thing without informing anyone. Even Mahi is getting tense because her brother has decided to leave the country with his spouse which is inappropriate because he is the one who takes care of his parents and if he goes to Canada so who will take care of them.

Meanwhile, Tejo rushes towards Angad Maan while crying and tells him that she wants to go far where no one knows her name, because she had fed up with facing the circumstances which, she is going through daily. He consoles her and says that she does not need to think more he will manage everything, he mentions that once they will get married than their all unhappiness will be removed forever, but Tejo could not stop her tears because she is blaming herself for these circumstances. So do not miss watching it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for more details stay connected with us.

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Kumkum Bhagya, Latest Episode 27th November 2021 Written Update, Ranbir’s Wedding With Rhea




Finally, the ongoing serial of ZeeTV is all set to move towards a new turn and twist after the latest episode of the serial. In the last episode, we have seen that Prachi gets to know that she is pregnant and becomes the mother of Ranbir’s child. She gets happy after knowing that she is pregnant.

Kumkum Bhagya 27th November 2021

Now, the fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya because currently, the serial is capturing a big attention of the viewers and everyone wants to know that what is going to happen in the next episode? If you really want to know about the written update. Keep reading this article.

Now, the upcoming episode starts when the servant of the hotel will tell Prachi that she is pregnant and she gets happy after knowing this. She is excited to tell this to Ranbir but she realizes that Ranbir insulted her and he doesn’t want to see her face.

She can’t go in front of Ranbir as he is not good because he insulted her, says Prachi and can’t go to her. Later, Prachi gets to know that Ranbir is getting married to Rhea and she realizes that Sidharth was saying true to her.

When Ranbir is about to follow all the rituals of the married, Prachi reaches there and says,” stop this marriage right now”. Everyone gets shocked after hearing this because she is back in Kohli’s house. Prachi comes to the wedding to reveal about Rhea. Prachi says that how can he get married to Rhea because she is a cheater.

She reveals that she and his mother was together to separate us because when Sidharth and she went to the hotel to find out the culprit behind her parent’s accident. She says that at the moment, Pallavi and Rhea with each other and they made Sidharth and her unconscious and locked inside the hotel room.

Pallavi can’t believe this because she was not involved in this and Rhea gets shocked after knowing that Prachi knew everything. She reveals everything about Rhea and Rhea gets angry over her and holds her hand to throw her out of the wedding. She says that everything was planned when he came here. Prachi says that she is about to become a mother of his child. She also reveals that Pallavi always hated her and Rhea always wanted him.

Rhea says that she is lying and asks Ranbir to don’t come in his words. But unfortunately, she will get to know that it is a dream for her. In reality, Prachi reaches to Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding. She gets unconscious and lay down on the floor. Suddenly, Ranbir sees her and left his wedding to save Prachi’s life.

When they both will be seen in the ambulance, Prachi says that she is about to become a mother and Ranbir gets happy but Ranbir also gets angry because he will think that it could be a child of Sidharth as well. The Episode Ends.

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Udaariyaan, Today’s Episode 27th November 2021 Written Update, Fateh is Going To Canada With Jasmin




Get ready to watch the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan in which you will get to watch some interesting moments that amuse everyone a lot. As we already see that the show is going on very well and entertaining all the fans without any hesitation. The episode begins with Angad making Tejo wear the ring and everyone claps.

udaariyaan 27th November 2021

After that, Fateh comes and looks on, and then Tejo makes Angad wear the ring. Suddenly, Fateh cries, and then Tejo and Angad stand up and go to the elders to take blessings. Khushbeer is very happy and hugs them.

After that, Fateh thinks of Tejo and wishes her to always stay happy. He goes from there and then Sweety asks Jasmin not to take any tension. After that, Fateh comes to them and asks Sweety to give Fateh and Jasmin a space as he wants to talk to her in private.

Then, Sweety and her friends go from there and then Jasmin asks Fateh that it is their marriage and when he will get ready. She further asks if Fateh doesn’t want to marry her but he says Jasmin that she is looking very beautiful. He further says to look at his bride for two minutes.

Jasmin tells him that if he comes late, she will die. Then, Fateh asks her if she is thinking that he will run away. He further says that he fought with the entire world and family only for her and he says that they both will run together now.

She asks if he is planning a surprise for her and then she check and sees the tickets. She gets shocked after seeing her name on the tickets. After that, she asks that they both are going to Canada and then Fateh says yes, they both will be going to Canada.

Fateh says it is just a half surprise as he plans more for her. After hearing this, Jasmin says that she can’t wait for the further surprise and jumps on the bed. She asks Fateh if they both are going tomorrow. He says yes and then Jasmin thanks Fateh. Now, what will happen next is one of the biggest surprises for all the viewers.

It will be actually very interesting to watch. The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be going to air on Colors TV at 7 PM. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the upcoming episodes.

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