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Peacekeeping chief encouraged by ‘warming’ relations between Sudan and South Sudan over Abyei  – The Maravi Post



“The warming of their relations was visible in Abyei, where most of the threats to the community were of a criminal nature, not of military nature”, Jean-Pierre Lacroix briefed Council Members.  

The area was accorded special administrative status in 2004, and a UN Interim Security Force, UNISFA, operates there to provide support for local policing, and the deployment of armed forces, in accordance with a 2011 Agreement. 

Sudan coup: ‘To early to know’ 

Referring to this week’s military coup in Sudan, he said that “it is too early to know what the impact of this week’s developments in Khartoum will mean” for the region and the Interim Security Force. 

“But I am hopeful as I know that all parties in Sudan are, and have been, strong supporters of the Mission”, he added.  

Future of the mission 

UNISFA was established in 2011. In a resolution, earlier this year, the Security Council asked for a possible drawdown and exit strategy. 

Following that request, Mr. Lacroix presented a strategic review, which indicated that UNISFA was successfully continuing its work, to protect the people of Abyei through its military and mine action presence.  

In the reporting period, from 16 April 2021 to 15 October 2021, the mission’s humanitarian and recovery work reached more than 103,000 vulnerable people.   

Most of the new challenges during this period were related to the mandate of the Joint Border Verification and Monitoring Mechanism (JBVMM). 

“Representatives of the community in Gok Machar made it difficult, and eventually impossible, for UNISFA to continue to support the implementation of the JBVMM mandate to a large extent”, Mr. Lacroix informed. 

According to him, the review team identified an important space for UN peacebuilding, humanitarian, recovery and development assistance.   

“It is my hope that the Council will provide UNISFA with a continued, and somewhat strengthened, mandate in this particular area, while slowly but steadily identifying areas where the military and security side of the Mission could start preparing for an eventual drawdown”, he said.  

With respect to the military side, the strategic review proposes two options: keep overall force numbers close to what they are currently, or a lightly reduced troop ceiling.   

A positive trend 

Parfait Onanga-Anyanga, the Secretary-General Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa, also briefed Council Members on the region, and relations between Sudan and South Sudan.  

He noted that most of what he was reporting “may sound a bit removed from the unfolding situation in Sudan which could potentially negatively impact bilateral relations”, but also hoped that “the recent positive trend will not be derailed.” 

He said the two countries have been deepening their relationship, pointing out several high-level visits and initiatives in support of each other’s peace processes.  

For Mr. Parfait, a newly agreed deal to resume export and border trade is a crucial step, but has so far not materialized, having been overtaken by the unfolding events in Sudan. 

Regarding Abyei, he said “the long-standing deadlock has hindered any progress, besides leaving the area with a clearly defined status that has continued to stoke instability.” 

The Special Representative also highlighted the high-level committees that both countries established, informing that they are currently both reviewing all past agreements. 

The goal is to have negotiations, facilitated by a third party, that would lead to the settlement of the final status of the region. 

Sourced from United Nations Africa Pages


Maanaadu 2nd / 3rd Day Box Office Collection Film Hit or Flop Total Earnings Report Kamai Vasool




Indian Tamil-language sci-fic action thriller movie, Maanaadu has been released in theatres on November 25, 2021. The action movie is directed and written by Venkat Prabhu while Silambarasan, S.J. Suryah, and Kalyani Priyadarshan is playing lead role in the movie. There are lots of characters playing a lead role in the movie and each character has a different story.

Maanaadu Box Office Collection

Since the trailer of the movie was released on the Internet, the fans are going crazy to watch this movie, and finally, the movie hit the big screens on November 25, 2021. After the official release, now, the fans are giving their response on the movie and leaving their reviews on the Internet.

Maanaadu Box Office Collection

Some of the fans are also supporting actor Silambarasan who is an Indian director, actor, writer, dancer, and lyricist. He had worked in various movies and now, Maanaadu is another sci-fi movie of the actor and he is going to appear alongside Kalyani Priyadarshan as Seethalakshmi and Silambarasan as Abdul Khaaliq. There are several experts on the Internet who is also sharing their reviews regarding to the movie and it will be interesting to know to all the fans that the movie is a Blockbuster hit as it got 75%.

Well, the fans of the actor is also responding to the movie and sharing their reviews. As you can see some reviews as well on Twitter. Along with this, some of the fans are also searching for the box office collection of the movie.

Maanaad Film Hit or Flop

Let us tell you that the box office collection always reveals after the one day of its official release but there are some expectations that could be put that by how much the movie can reach up to.

Well, there is no official information has been released that by how much the movie has been earned but some of the experts are sharing their prediction that the movie will have a chance to earn around Rs 7 crore in Indian on the first day for all languages.

On Thursday, the theatres were filled with 40% of occupancy. Some of the experts are also revealing that due to the Covid-19 situation in India, the movie could earn around Rs 3 crore but there is no official announcement has made yet so, we will have to wait for the official announcement. You can also watch this movie on theatres as well with your family and friends and enjoy the sci-fi action drama.

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What is restorative justice? Here’s Why Cop Julia Crews Had Charges Dropped for Shooting




On November 5, 2021, Julia Crew who is a 13-years-old veteran as per the Ladue Police Department, met with Ashley Fountain Hall, the woman who was accidentally shit in April 2019. After all of this, the Crews dropped the felony charges which led to their return to work although the police were not in force. It is one of the many examples of restorative justice.

What is restorative justice

Many people want to know about this movement and search on the Internet. It seems that there is a lack of information about this and here, we like to inform our readers regarding to restorative justice.

As per the sources, restorative justice is a social movement that has been long popular in the countries such as South Africa and Canada and now, justice is also spreading here in the USA where people are asking for restorative justice. For a very long time, some politicians and activists have been asking for a recreation of the criminal justice system in the country.

Along with this, if we go back in 2020, Kim Kardashian also met the President over this matter. In the campaign trail, Joe Biden also talked his version for reform but it has been more than 10 months into his administration but yet, there is no light over this.

What is restorative justice?

Well, the Criminal Justice System of America has been broken and there are only a few political desires to change that. The movement describes an aim to redirect the retributive response of the society to crime restorative justice.

Simply, restorative justice is an approach to justice in which seeks to reform the harm by providing an opportunity for those harmed and those who take responsibility for the harm to communicate about and address to their needs in the aftermath of a crime.

Most of people can understand by this, restorative justice is a kind of a theory of justice that emphasizes recreating or reformating the harm caused by any criminal behavior. Along with this, the system of restorative justice works where the victim and the offender sit in front of each other and take out the solution that allows both of them to reform from the crime rather than lock the offender away. This system, it ensures that the offender is still part of society and also contributes in them.

It helps to avoid sending people to jail but still, it ensures offenders are held responsible. This system has been adopted in South Africa, and Canada including Europe as well. Some of the states are practicing to form restorative justice.

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Carol Butt aka Karol Butt Suicide Case, Where is her Husband Michael Butt? Check Details




The investigation began after a 36-years-old woman, Carol Butt also known as Karol Butt died from a gunshot wound on her mouth, according to the police reports some years ago. After the body of the lady was found, the police began the investigation of this case and according to the autopsy report, it was revealed that Valium which is similar to a drug was found in her system with some muscle relaxant.


With all of this, her blood alcohol level was reported at 0.08%, which revealed that the person was drunk. Later, the police suspect some people who could be present at the moment and she was alone.

Carol Butt aka Karol Butt Suicide Case

It is unclear that who was responsible for her death? After a few days of investigation, Police suspect Carol’s husband whose name is Michael Butt. He told a developing story to the official after which, he was suspected by the police. With all of this, Michael was accused of a sexual battery charge and he was ordered by the court to appear on Monday in the Jackson County court.

As per the reports, Michael Butt was accused of sexual battery charges as he stroked a teenage patient. Now, we are going to share more details regarding to the murder case of Carol Butt.

According to the sources, Carol Butt aka Karol Butt was a 36-years-old woman who was brutally murdered in February before decades. The investigator couldn’t find that Carol’s death was suicide, murder or any kind of accident. There is no specific information found yet that her husband should be charged on her murder case or not. Due to the lack of evidence into the case, police removed all the allegations put over him during the investigation.

Where is her Husband Michael Butt?

While, Carol’s friend came further to tell that she was depressed and maybe, it was not surprising for them that she took her own life. It believes that the case was totally suicidal case, said Carol’s husband, Michael Butt. It has been a long time and now, some highlights are coming out as the people want to know that where is Carol’s husband and their daughters.

According to the sources, Carol and Michael had three daughters together and because of this incident, the whole family had to go through some ugly charges that Michael killed his wife. Later, the case was closed and the court declared that it is a suicidal case. Currently, there is no reports or any information that where is he and his family. Well, there is no much information regarding to the case

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