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South Africa municipal: Ramaphosa, opposition leader John Steenhuisen cast vote – The Maravi Post



South Africans cast ballots Monday in local elections expected to reflect growing discontent with the African National Congress, whose popularity has been waning even before deadly riots in July.

Polls suggest a majority of voters could for the first time turn against the ANC, which has governed nationally since Nelson Mandela’s election ended white rule in 1994.

Senior party members, including ex-president Jacob Zuma, face a slew of corruption investigations — the latest linked to coronavirus spending.

Unemployment has hit 34.4 percent. In July, Zuma’s imprisonment sparked riots and looting that left at least 354 dead.

But for many voters, daily frustrations are at the forefront. Decades of mismanagement have corroded state utilities, causing water cuts and rolling blackouts that interrupted the ANC’s own campaigning.

“The apartheid government used to be bad, but at least it delivered services to the people,” said Samuel Mahlaule, 55-year-old Uber driver and father of four in Soweto.

Early Monday, he was in a queue of less than 20 people at a polling station near President Cyril Ramaphosa’s childhood home, and he wants change.

“Our ANC leaders haven’t really delivered” he said. “They make too many empty promises. But, we are still hopeful.”

Farther away in Danville, a predominantly white middle-class suburb of Pretoria, Charmaine Barnard, 57, also yearns for change.

“The reason why I’m voting is to make change in the country, better life for everyone,” she said.

About 26 million people registered to vote, out of an eligible population of around 40 million.

They are choosing local councillors in 257 municipalities, but turnout is expected to be low.

“I won’t vote because the government has forgotten about the plight of people like me,” said Xihluke Mitileni, 27, an unemployed mother of two.

“I am a squatter in my own country,” she said. “My parents were promised houses by the ANC when I was young, but that promise has never been delivered. ”

Ramaphosa and other top ANC leaders have relentlessly campaigned across the country, with the president himself even stumping in small towns.

Their focus this past week has been on key battlegrounds in Gauteng, home to the capital Pretoria and financial hub Johannesburg, which the ANC lost for the first time in the last local elections in 2016.

That year the party won just under 54 percent of the vote nationally, its worst electoral showing ever.

“We realise that we have not realised the aspirations of our people, we are going to do better,” Ramaphosa said after casting his ballot in Soweto.

He said he expected an “overwhelming victory” for the ANC, but polls predict that the party’s popularity will keep sliding.

Throughout the campaign Ramaphosa has been trying to convince voters that they are “cleaning up the party”.

But in rural Umzinto in KwaZulu-Natal province, voters unhappy with an ANC candidate dug a trench and used boulders to barricade access to a polling station at Mistake Farm.

Police later cleared the road, filled up the trench and arrested around a dozen people. But after four hours, the station remained closed.

A handful of voters who showed up were turned away by electoral officials waiting to take delivery of ballot papers.

Meantime, the opposition is fractured.

The largest opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, is widely seen as a party for whites. It has formed unlikely coalitions with the radical left-wing Economic Freedom Fighters.

But the local governments they have set up together often spend more time bickering than working to provide services.

A record 1,700 of the 60,000 candidates in Monday’s races are independents, reflecting disenchantment with the mainstream parties.

Their performance will set the scene for general elections in 2024.

Source: Africanews


ARR vs LUB Live Score Dream11 Prediction Lineup Team Squads Polish Volleyball League




The team ARR and LUB are ready to bring the peak level of entertainment through the upcoming match. There are many things which is the key reason behind the craziness among fans. As per the details, the match will start on November 27, 2021.

ARR vs LUB Volleyball

There are many things that will make you curious and you will see a massively entertaining game on your screen. The league is all set to amaze everyone with the brilliant hits. So let’s start the article with brief information which is seriously important to know before the match starts.

ARR vs LUB Live Score

Match: ARR vs LUB
League: Updated Soon
Date: November 28, 2021
Time: 12:30 AM
Venue: N/A

In the recent matches, we have noticed a brilliant level of gameplay in the previous matches. There were many matches in which the team ARR has played such brilliant gameplay and the performance is awesome. As per the data, the team ARR has won 2 matches in the past few matches. While on the other side, team LUB also won a few matches which is the key reason behind its brilliant performance.

The team LUB is ready to bring the thriller hits on the ground once again. Now we going to unveil other key factors related to the match. So here we want to tell you that the team is ready to bring the outstanding level of the game to your screen.

As per the details right now the lineup information is not available and we want to tell you briefly that the information will be available soon. We will tell you the lineup briefly once we get the update about the detail. Possibly we will add the information in a few moments.

As supposing here that you are curious to know the upcoming winner of this match. So in this regard, we want to tell you that the team LUB is ready to win the game with the high scoreboard. There is a large possibility that you will get a massive level of entertainment through this match. If there is any change in the detail then we will tell you briefly and you will see the information here in this article.

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GUA vs ARA Dream11 Prediction Live Score Lineup Liga Venezuelan Baseball Araqua vs Guaira




Here, we get another brilliant match between two superb teams named Guaira (GUA) and Araqua (ARA). The match will be going to be held under Liga Venezuelan Baseball. Everyone knows that the madness among the people to watch the full match between both teams is very high.


The ongoing league is never missing any chance to entertain all the Baseball fans who eagerly waiting to watch the full fierce battle between the teams. Here, we are giving GUA vs ARA Dream11 Prediction in which you will get some key details related to the teams and players who play in the league.

GUA vs ARA Match Details

  • Match: Guaira (GUA) vs Araqua (ARA), Liga Venezuelan Baseball
  • Venue:
  • Date and Time: Sunday, 28th November 2021, 01:00 AM IST

If we talk about the performance, then Guaira (GUA) is actually giving very brilliant competition to all the contenders. Still, every player on the team will have to improve their skills to compete against other competitors in the league. The team played a total of 28 matches in which they won 11 matches and lost 17 battles. Along with it, the team has consecutively lost all the previous five matches.

On this side, Araqua (ARA) is standing in the 4th position on the points table. The team is considered to be the very toughest contender in this league. Let us tell you that the team has played a total of 28 matches in which they won 15 matches and got 13 unfortunate losses. Let us also tell you that the team maintains the streak of winning from the past five matches by winning all the matches in a row.

MGR vs GUA Probable Lineups

Araqua Playing9: Rincones, Flores, Salcedo, B Valera, Martinez, Castro, O Romero, H Centeno, and T Amoroso.

Guaira Playing9: J Sosa, Cedrola, A Martinez, Martinez, Garcia, Vasquez, Infante, Mayora, and Perez.

Talking about the winning probability of the teams, Araqua (ARA) has more possibilities to grab a very shining victory in the upcoming match.

If you want to support any team in the upcoming match then it will be Araqua (ARA) because the players in the team have more chances to take down the competitor in the ensuing match with ease. So, stay connected with us to know GUA vs ARA Live Scores where you will get live results of the match during the battle.

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MON vs NIM Dream11 Prediction Live Score Lineup French Star League Montpellier Handball vs Usam Nimes Gard




French Star League is well known for introducing some amazing matches to the fans. Most of the fans are waiting to watch the match of the league and maybe, there are lots of things to watch including skills and talents of the players.

MON vs NIM Live Score

Well, there are lots of matches that will also take place and tonight, team Montpellier Handball (MON) and team Usam Nimes Gard (NIM) will face off each other on the handball court. Fans are too excited to watch the battle of the teams on the ground and it will be interesting to watch them together once again. Both teams have played several matches in this league.

MON vs NIM Live Score

According to the sources, there are 16 teams in this league that has played several matches but today’s teams who will play tonight’s match is not standing in the top four teams of the league and they will have to play more matches to reach on this position. Well, both teams will have to win many more matches to reach the above in the table and maybe, it seems difficult.

While the table also shows that team Nimes has more chances to reach in the top four teams because the team is standing near the topmost teams. So, get ready to watch this amazing match tonight.

MON vs NIM: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Montpellier Handball (MON) vs Usam Nimes Gard (NIM)
  • League:- French Star League 2021-22
  • Venue:- FDI Stadium
  • Date:- Sunday, November 28, 2021
  • Time:- 12:30 AM IST

MON vs NIM: Team Squad

Montpellier Handball (MON):- Olafur Andres Gudmundsson, Benjamin Bataille, Lucas Moscariello, Robin Puigsegur, Hugo Descat, Yanis Lenne, Veron Nacinovic, Mathias Mougin, Kylian Prat, Alexis Berthier, Thomas Vignal, Kyllian Villeminot, Kevin Bonnefoi, Marko Panic, Karl Wallinus, Charles Bolzinger, Elie Ona, Marin Sego, Mathieu Cornette, Julien Bos, Adrien Dubois, Gilberto Duarte, Lucas Guigon, Valentin Porte, Lucas Pellas, Arthur Lenne, and Diego Esteban Simonet.

Usam Nimes Gard (NIM):- Teodor Paul, Remi Desbonnet, Romain Tesio, Mohammad Sanad, Julien Rebichon, Michael Guigou, Tom Poyet, Benjamin Gallego, Remi Salou, Henrik Jakobsen, Luc Tobie, Mathieu Salou, Quentin Minel, O’Brian Nyateu, Ahmed Hesham, Jean-Jacques Acquevillo, and Quentin Dupuy.

MON vs NIM: Lineups Player

Montpellier Handball (MON):- Robin Puigsegur, Hugo Descat, Mohammad Sanad, Julien Rebichon, Charles Bolzinger,Ahmed Hesham, and Elie Ona.

Usam Nimes Gard (NIM):- Michael Guigou, O’Brian Nyateu, Jean-Jacques Acquevillo,  Henrik Jakobsen, Remi Desbonnet, Luc Tobie, and  Tom Poyet.

MON vs NIM: Lineups Player

Many fans are waiting to know that which team has more chances to win this match and it seems that both teams have played several matches in this league. According to the sources, team MON is standing on the 9th spot with 4 victories and 5 lost matches out of 10 matches.

On the other side, team NIM also played 10 matches where they won 5 matches and lost 3 matches. Currently, they are standing on the 6th spot and the experts are claiming that team NIM has more chances to win this match.

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