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South Africa: Academics urge an end to the debt crisis at universities – The Maravi Post



The Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande revealed that universities are owed more than 700 million US dollars in fees due between 2010 and 2020 with historically disadvantaged institutions bearing the brunt of the costs.

Universities South Africa CEO, Professor Ahmed Bawa, is urging the need for a solution.

“There is a need for a national solution to this issue. It is not a solution that will be found by the universities. It is a solution that will have to come from a partnership between government and so forth. I think one of the challenges we face is to try and ensure that this doesn’t become an impediment for young people who fall outside of the national financial aid scheme. Very often they are most at risk and we need to find a solution to addressing that issue”, said the academic.

According to the Minister, more than 100 000 degrees or certificates were withheld because of lack of payment over the period.

“By the way, two years ago government released 160 million towards student debt. However, the flaws to this money is that it is directed to NSFAS (national financial aid scheme) students only. We have the missing middle students who are not accommodated in clearing their student debt. Number two, this money applies to students who were registered that time. It means that those students at home who have graduated but can’t get their degrees cannot work. So, we are saying should intervene more into this issue of historical debt of students”, defends Nhlonipho Nxumalo, Chair of South African Union of Students Financial Aid.

Africanews correspondent in Johannesburg, Wandiswa ntengento, adds:

“South Africa’s education experts say it is quite clear that a new approach to tertiary funding needs to be put forward. On the other hand, students are calling for free education in South Africa”.

Source: Africanews


Who Is Dr Sophie Scamps? Doctor Running As Independent In Australian Elections Wiki Bio Instagram




Dr. Sophie Anna Scamps is the name that is being trended on Twitter nowadays and everyone is keen to know that what she has done that is grabbing the headlines. However, she is also known as Sophie Scamps who is an MBBS graduate from Sydney and currently serving as a General Practitioner. However, her life was going good but her decision for standing as an independent election candidate has brought hype into her life.

Dr Sophie Scamps

You all must be keen to know that who is she so we would like to tell you that she is an MBBS chalk-up Sydney University medical graduate, recently stood as an independent candidate for Mackellar. Her election campaign has been assigned to the home turfs and ethnic roots that have drawn major attention in the Pittwater region and as a result, she became headline friendly nowadays. She has studied her medical science at Sydney University and has a specialization with two master’s degrees. Now when you got to know about her Master’s degree so you must be keen to know that in which sector does she have done her master’s so we would like to tell you that her first master’s degree is in Public Health from NSW post which she pursued another one that is in Science at Oxford University. She has also earned a diploma-level degree in skin cancer treatment and also in sexual reproductive health.

Talking about some of her other achievements so deeds so, it includes Our Blue Dot company which was founded by her that usually focuses mainly on green buildings, relocation of waste from Northern Beaches, and reduction of carbon emissions. You can also check her images and her company’s account on Twitter where they usually share their visits on spots.

Well, now when there are so many things to talk about her you must be thinking that what about her Wikipedia so we would like to tell you that so far we have not found her official Wikipedia but as per she is going so saying this won’t be bad that soon her official one will be created. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on her and world news as well.

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CAR vs ANT Live Score Dream11 Prediction Lineup Liga Venezuelan Baseball Leones Del Caracas vs Anzoategui




Liga Venezuelan Baseball has come with lots of matches in this league and every single match has shown some amazing gameplay to the fans. We have seen lots of matches in this league and tonight, the league is back with another match once again.


Tonight, we will get to see two teams once again who have already played various matches and team Leones Del Caracas (CAR) and team Anzoategui (ANT) will face off each other on the baseball court. The league has already introduced some of the best matches before and each team has already played 35 matches.

If you want to watch this amazing match so, you will have to visit the baseball court to watch the match because there are no details that the match will available on any streaming platform so, you may check the details online on some popular websites provides the details.

Each team comes with 9 players and every player will give their best to win this upcoming match against the rival team. We can’t disclose that which team has more chances to win this match but we can predict which team has more chances to win this match tonight. So, let’s wait for the upcoming match.

CAR vs ANT: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Leones Del Caracas (CAR) vs Anzoategui (ANT)
  • League:- Liga Venezuelan Baseball 2021-22
  • Venue:-
  • Date:- Sunday, December 5, 2021
  • Time:- 10:30 PM IST & 05:00 PM (GMT)

CAR vs ANT: Team Squad

Leones Del Caracas (CAR):- Wilfredo Tovar, Yosmany Guerra, Cesar Valera, Aliangel Lopez, Erick Castillo, Jose Rondon, Luis Amaya, Anthony Jimenez, Gerson Garabito, Jefry Valdez, Jose Mujica, Alfredo Gonzalez, Edwuin Bencomo, Eduardo Paredes, Jose Torres, Carlos Campos, Felix Carvallo, Leonardo Ferrini, Alejandro Chacin, Ricardo Rodriguez, Kevin Gadea, Alex Sanabia, Jesus Vargas, Franklin Dacosta, Miguel Socolovich, Jhonny Pereda, Ramses Malave, Loiger Padron, Jesus Rodriguez, Carlos Quevedo, Angel Aponte, Jose R Flores-I, Antonio Pinero, Jesus Zambrano, Alexander Palma, Romer Cuadrado, Ronald Herrera, Andres E Perez, Luis Ysla, Brayan Hernandez, Jhonathan Diaz, Leandro Cedeno, Yoimer Camacho, Norwith Gudino, Aldrem Corredor, Ronny Cedeno, and Braian Fernandez.

Anzoategui (ANT):- Balbino Fuenmayor, Christian Pedroza, Freddy Pacheco, Tomas Telis, Jose Ascanio, Francisco Butto, Lester Oliveros, Jose Dominguez, Daniel Gonzalez, Ricardo Mendez, Herlis Rodriguez, Oswaldo Arcia, Asdrubal Cabrera, Rafael Pineda, Wilmer Perez, Angel Duno, Wilfred Astudillo, Luis Sardinas, Niuman Romero, Jose Lopez, Willians Astudillo, Angel Guillen, Heiker Meneses, Carlos Mendoza, Roberto Chirinos, Mauricio Llovera, Ivan Medina, Andres Machado, Jean Toledo, Yeizo Campos, Oddanier Mosqueda, Greg Minier, Wilfredo Ledezma, Harold Chirino, Manuel Cachutt, Luis Ramirez, Jesus Paricaguan, Liarvis Breto, Andres Sotillet, Mayckol Guaipe, Royber Salinas, Williander Moreno, Frainger Aranguren, Jheyson Manzueta, Jesus Sucre, and Eduardo Diaz.

CAR vs ANT: Lineups Player

Leones Del Caracas (CAR):- Erick Castillo, Romer Cuadrado, Cesar Valera, Alexander Palma, Aliangel Lopez, Aldrem Corredor, Ronny Cedeno, Wilfredo Tovar, and Yosmany Guerra.

Anzoategui (ANT):- Eduardo Diaz,Tomas Telis, Balbino Fuenmayor, Christian Pedroza, Ricardo Mendez, Asdrubal Cabrera, Freddy Pacheco, Herlis Rodriguez, and Oswaldo Arcia.

CAR vs ANT: Match Prediction

Team CAR is standing on the 5th spot with 35 matches where they won 18 matches and lost 17 matches in this league. Their performance was not enough good but even then, they are upper than the rival team. Along with this, team ANT is standing on the 6th spot with 35 matches and won 16 matches. As per the sources and expert advice, team CAR has more chances to win today’s match.

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Dato’ Dr Tan Kai Chah Cause Of Death Liver Surgeon Specialist Death Reason Wiki Biography




Renowned Malaysian surgeon Tan Kai Chah has reportedly passed away on Sunday, December 5, 2021, on the island of Hainan. The doctor was a very notable liver transplant surgeon who was known for performing a liver transplant on Andrea De Cruz, a former actress from Singapore. Now, the saddening piece of news is coming forward that Dr Tan Kai Chah passed away at the age of 68. Ever since the disheartening was announced, his well-wishers and all of his co-workers are condoling his death and paying him heartfelt tributes. Here, check what was his cause of death and other information.

Dato Dr Tan Kai Chah cause of death

Believing the reports that are circulating on the internet, Dr Tan Kai Chah has passed away after having a heart attack. It is believed that he died of a heart attack and the news has really left all of his well-wishers in disbelief. The Malaysian doctor was also known as Dr K.C. Tan and as per reports, he has gone on a business trip. On Sunday evening, the Asian American Medical Group stated that he was running the first Singapore-operated medical centre which was located on the island in Southern China. Talking about the doctor, Dr Tan was the executive chairman of a medical group based in Singapore.

Dr Tan practised in the Asian American Liver Centre which was a part of the Singapore-based medical group. The group chief financial controller, Ms Angela Choong, shared that before passing away, the doctor had sent his usual “good morning” text to all of the colleagues and said that he died in his hotel room between 8:30 and 9:30 AM. Ms Choong added that Dr Tan’s death was quite unexpected and sudden and that the team is still trying to believe that fact that he is gone. She further said that Dr Tan was well-respected in his profession and a good boss.

Ms Choong continued that Dr Tan cared for all of his patients and worked day and night to provide the best possible care and treatment. He is survived by his wife and his daughter who are in extreme pain right now. Besides, Dr Tan was popularly known as the liver transplant surgeon who performed the transplant on actor Pierre Png’s wife De Cruz who was reported to have almost died as she took slimming pills in 2002. Tan Kai Chah performed life-saving surgery on the actress. Pierre Png shared an emotional post on Instagram where he paid the doctor who saved his wife’s life a tribute.

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