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Kundali Bhagya Latest Episode, 24th November 2021 Written Update, Sherlyn Reveals Truth About Her Child



In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya, we will get to see that the Luthra family is worried because of a storm outside the house. Dadi and Rakhi says that something wrong is about to take place and Kareena asks them not to say anything as this is just a storm. Sonakshi hears everything and thinks that the storm is only for the family as she will not spare them until she gets what she deserves.

Kundali Bhagya 24th November 2021

Then, she sees Preeta as she is upset and goes to her and says that what happened with her. Preeta is worried about what happened between Sherlyn and Rishabh, she lies to Sonakshi by saying that she is just thinking about Karan.

Udaariyaan, Today’s Episode 24th November 2021 Written Update, Fateh holds Tejo in Arms

On the other side, Pihu gets scared by the storm outside the house and runs towards Preeta while Kareena taunts her and asks her to take care of Pihu right now. Sonakshi says that she will take care and asks her to come to her, Pihu denies and runs away from there.

Dadi reminds Preeta that Pihu is a responsibility of her and Rakhi supports Preeta for this and says that Preeta did not come downside because Pihu was sleeping. Kareena again taunts and says to Preeta that she did not see a mother like her before and Rakhi replies to her that she always shouts at Preeta.

On the other side, Rishab faces Sherlyn and asks her that who is the father of his children? Sherlyn continuously lies to him and says that this is his child. He tells that he saw her talking with Prithvi and she said to him that she deserves a man like him.

He also tells that for taking all the information, he talked to a lawyer, and Sherlyn gets shocked. Meanwhile, Pihu apologizes to Preeta as because of her, Kareena shouts at her. Preeta asks her to sleep and sing a lullaby to make her sleep.

On the other side, Kareena complains to Dadi about Rakhi and says to her that if Preeta will not take care of Pihu so, she will give her to Sonakshi. Because of this, Dadi gets shocked and shouts at her for saying this. Meanwhile, Sonakshi is also annoyed at Rakhi for supporting Preeta always.

She then decides to bring back Rakhi to her side but later, says that Preeta is a good mother. On the other side, Sherlyn accepts that Prithvi is the child of their baby. She says that if he will disclose this in front of the family, everyone will be laughed at her.

Later, Preeta asks Karan to come home soon as Karan also wants him. After some time, Rishab stands on the road and reminds Sherlyn and later, he meets Prithvi and tells about her confession. Prithvi and Sherlyn come into an argument. The Episode Ends.

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The Struggle Is My Life By Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa – The Maravi Post




“Each generation must out of relative obscurity, discover its own mission; fulfill it, or betray it.”   

 By Frantz Fanon: Wretched of the Earth.

I have read a foolish write up, from one stranger who claimed to know me in school as a “drop out”. I write this piece not to respond to such idle talk, but rather to encourage somebody who may be facing the kind of challenges of life that I faced, so that such person may continue to persist and not give up.


I joined a protest in secondary school, to complain against deprivations and lack of food and other basic amenities in our hostels. That earned me serious persecution to the extent that I had to leave that school, eventually.

At the Obafemi Awolowo University (Great Ife), I was chosen as Principal Liaison Officer, PLO in my 100 level as the representative of my colleagues. I was subsequently elected Public Relations Officer of the Students’ Union of Great Ife in my 200 level and eventually became the President of the Union in Year 3. For all those who know, Great Ife is the headquarters of the revolutionary struggles of our people and it was indeed hot during our tenure.


Great Ife led the struggle against the IMF loan that was to impoverish Nigeria and so the university was shut down for over six months. In the course of this, names of all student activists were compiled: Adeola Soetan, Adewale Sadiku, Biola Akiode, Bamidele Aturu, Self Pikin, Eweje, Ogbara, Ogundipe; name it. We were all expelled from the university. Chief Gani Fawehinmi challenged our expulsion in court and we were subsequently re-instated.

Then just one day like that, the Dean of the Faculty of Law called me, Mr Nurudeen Alowonle Ogbara and the late Bamidele Aturu (God bless his gentle soul) that we should choose between students’ union struggles and the study of law. We chose both. I paid the sacrifice of that choice. The Dean taught us Land Law and by the end of that session, he returned an “F” for me. In Great Ife Law Faculty then, there was no carryover, once you fail any course you repeat the whole class. So, I had to repeat Year 3 whilst my colleagues proceeded to Year 4. It was painful but we met at the Pacesetters Movement level and decided to forge ahead with the struggle.

The day that this persecution truly affected was when the students took a decision at the Congress to embark upon a three-day protest. The University authorities issued a damning statement that was circulated all over the campus that students should desist from following me as their leader since I was a “failure”. I went into my office at the Students’ Union Building, locked my door and wept profusely. I had struggled all my life to get to this point and now this. The fear was palpable then that I could earn another “failure” in another course, in which case I’ll have to leave the university. It was one of the most challenging moments of my life. But we went on with the protest and I continued with my studies in Year 3.


Unknown to me however, Mr Nurudeen Ogbara (Ogbara Again!) had met with some of our Comrade lecturers in ASUU, to petition the Senate of the University over my Land Law result. They demanded a review and my answer scripts were forwarded to the University of Ibadan and University of Nigeria, Nsukka, to be marked by external examiners. Meanwhile, I took my first semester exams in Year 3. 

Early in the Second Semester, my scripts came back and it was apparent that I passed the Land Law exam. The Faculty of Law met and took a decision to ask the Dean to remark my paper, which he did and returned a pass mark. It was history in Great Ife as it had never happened. The Senate of the University met and decided that I should be asked to make a choice, whether to proceed to Year 4 and join my colleagues, or remain in Year 3, given that a lot had gone by and it may be difficult for me to catch up. The student movement decided that I should proceed to Year 4, as a mark of rejection of the oppressive conduct of the teacher. There was jubilation in Great Ife, in the hostels, even amongst the lecturers and non-academic staff.

That was when I reaped the goodwill of Great Ife students, as my colleagues volunteered to help me write my notes for the last semester, they gave me their textbooks and offered other useful assistances. Throughout this period, I couldn’t sleep, as I had to copy notes, read voluminous texts and then combine this with my assignments in the Students’ Union, which involved a lot of travelings. Now I had to prove myself, so I studied like I’d never done before. I passed all my papers and proceeded with my colleagues to the Nigerian Law School.

It was a shock when one day, the Director-General of the Law School called myself, Ogbara and Aturu that our admissions had been put on hold. Apparently the Faculty of Law had complained to the Law School about our students union activities and that we were not “fit and proper” to be admitted into the school. We proceeded straight to Gani Fawehinmi Chambers. Chief was livid and boiling! He stormed the Law School premises the following day and threatened to drag the school to court. We were promptly admitted and I graduated with flying colours.


And I proceeded to Gani Fawehinmi Chambers thereafter, which in itself is a story for another day. One day in November 1997, soldiers stormed my house and by daytime, I’d become a permanent guest at the Directorate of Military Intelligence, Apapa, where I went through the most harrowing experience of my life. Chief Fawehinmi challenged my detention in court and he secured a judgment that I should be released but the military government never obeyed it. Pope John Paul II and other world leaders intervened all to no avail. It took the death of General Sani Abacha, eight months later, for me to be released.


If you’re reading this and facing the greatest challenges of your life, please just keep moving on, don’t faint or give up at all. So long as you are alive, there is hope for a better tomorrow.

Beyond Facebook and social media, there is a God in Heaven who reigns in the affairs of men and women and His ultimate plan is for our good, not evil or shame.

Job 8:7:

“ Though thy beginning was small,
yet thy latter end should greatly increase.”

Do not allow naysayers who didn’t create you, to write the story of your life. With determination and God on your side, you will surely make it.
Just don’t you ever give up!

Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, SAN
Lekki, Lagos.

Source saharareporters

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Mixed reactions trail Nigeria compulsory workers vaccination – The Maravi Post




Mixed reactions have continued to trail the recent announcement by Authorities in Nigeria over mandatory Covid-19 vaccination.

According to the announcement, Civil servants in Nigeria will not be allowed into their offices from December 1, 2021 unless they can prove they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19 or show a negative test for the disease.

Many say the rule is uncivil and unacceptable, some civil servants in the capital, Abuja say they have been stopped 2-3 times from entering into their work place since December 1, and would not mind staying at home if it continues.

“I don’t care if it affects my salary that is why I said, if they enforce it, I am happy to go but they should be ready to pay my money instantly and there will be no problem,” said Nina Agodobada, a civil servant.

“Well it is a very good decision taken, but with the nature of human beings, when you push them into doing things, they actually revoke, so I would prefer a more friendly approach than this,” said Adullahi sheun, another civil servant.

Many federal workers have been visiting vaccination centers to get vaccinated since the enforcement began.

However, the Association of Senior Civil servant of Nigeria has requested that the government gives them till march next year to enable most workers get the jab

A legal practitioner, Mwansat Hirse, says workers have limited options on the issue and have the duty of supporting the community where they reside as stated in the constitution.

“I think it is right for the government to make policies in order to regulate that. So, it is not out of place that the government has taken measures to restrict entrance into public places, one of which is government offices,” he added.

According to Hirse, citizens should support the government in trying to overcome the current global health challenge.

“We must not ignore the fact that there is indeed a pandemic, we have passed through it, we have been under a lockdown. There is indeed a pandemic and we must be careful to conduct ourselves in a way that we don’t increase the chances of others being infected,” he noted.

A female employee at the Federal Secretariat, Olayiwola Precious says she got vaccinated because she wanted to set a standard for most Nigerians and encourage others to get vaccinated.

“Yes I am encouraging them, it is very easy, it is not painful, it is not even as painful like other vaccines,” she added.

Nigeria joins a growing number of countries around the world whose governments are mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for civil servants.

There are several countries that have adopted mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies for their workforce even as others are implementing other restrictions for the unvaccinated.

However, while some public health experts say although such policy cannot be proven scientifically it is necessary to protect more Nigerians from infection, others insist that such mandatory policy must take into consideration the World Health Organisation’s recommendation that it is always better if health interventions are accepted without coercion.

Source: Africanews

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SN vs CL Live Score Dream11 Prediction Lineup Polish Volleyball League Stal Nysa vs Stal Nysa




Do you want to get the extreme level thrill? then we have brilliant information that you going to watch a very impressive match tonight. This is the Polish Volleyball League and served numerous matches. In this match, you will see that there are two warrior teams of this league whose names are Stal Nysa (SN) and Cuprum Lubin (CL) will square off against each other.

SN vs CL

The match will take place on December 6, 2021, at 01:00 AM IST. Here are the various details available that you should know. So, let’s begin to explore match prediction, probable lineup and live score.

Match: SN vs CL
League: Polish Volleyball League
Date: Monday, December 6, 2021
Time: 01:00 AM IST
Venue: Hala Nysa

In the recent match, we have noticed impressive gameplay that steals almost every heart. The team SN has played numerous matches and in these matches, they have performed very well. The points table stat shows that the game is so much exciting you will definitely enjoy the gameplay of the team. While on the other side, the team CL is going to play very impressive gameplay.

10th placed Cuprum Lubin and 14th placed Stal Nysa take on each other in the 10th round of matches in the Polish Volleyball League. Currently, they are standing at a good ranking. Now here is the lineup of the team which is most important to know and you have to watch these details.

Stal Nysa Possible Playing 6:

1.Michal Ruciak, 2.Patryk Szczurek, 3.Moustapha Mbaye, 4.Kamil Kwasowski, 5.Nikolay Penchev, 6.Wassim Ben Tara

Cuprum Lubin Possible Playing 6:

1.Maciej Sas, 2.Przemyslaw Stepien, 3.David Gunia, 4.Jedzrej Kazmierczak, 5.Marcin Walinski, 6.Kamil Maruszczyk

As we supposing you are curious to know the name of upcoming winner team then we want to share with you details. As per our expectations, in this upcoming match, you will see that the team SN will win the game with an amazing score. The live stream of the game is not available right now.

But the live score will be updated here soon. To know more interesting things you can bookmark the website in your browser. Definitely, you will get all the details that you need to know about the upcoming match. Stay tuned with us to know more interesting sports news.

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