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Bookmaker odds – What a beginner needs to know – The Maravi Post



Over the past decade, online sports betting have grown tremendously. It has overcome the anti-betting stigma that has existed for decades to become a popular culture in different parts of the world. Philippines online betting has not been left behind, a multibillion-dollar industry has come up, with sports betting being one of the most popular forms of gambling.

With online sports betting in the Philippines being legal, millions of sports fans are looking for ways through which they can wager for their favorite teams for the first time. Evelyn Balyton will take you through how you can successfully enter the betting market. The article will cover several aspects of Philippines online betting, the bookmakers, and the odds, sports betting strategy, and winning formula that can help beat the bookies among others.

For punters who are starting, they will get the help they need if they visit MightyTips, online sports betting prediction site that provides reliable and comprehensive information. The site also carries a thorough analysis of Philippines online betting including the bookmakers that operate in the country. A visit to this site will provide punters with all that they require to start betting.

As a beginner, you need to identify a betting site that will offer the Philippines online betting experience. This may be challenging given that you may not have the full information to make the decision. Again, consulting MightyTips will offer the punter the information required. The online betting prediction site has carried a comprehensive analysis of bookmakers offering online sports betting in the Philippines. Here is what they will find useful at the site:

  • The platform has provided tips that will help in deciding on the bookmakers. This information has assisted several bettors not just in the Philippines but also in other countries.
  • Bettors will find the analysis useful as it has compared features offered by different bookmakers.
  • The platform also offers bettors tips on the best sports betting strategy including the winning formula that they can rely on to wager successfully.

Having identified a bookmaker offering online sports betting in the Philippines now you are ready to start betting but wait a minute, you need a lesson on how betting works. Such a lesson will give you some insights on bookmaker’s odds and also useful tips that may even allow you to beat the bookies.

How do betting odds work?

Odds are normally set by bookies; they represent the stake and winning ratio on a given outcome. They are shown as fractions, for instance, 2/1 but can also be given as decimals such as 2.00. As a bettor, you can decide on your preference. For instance, the outcome of a match or a game may have odds of 2/1 or 2.00; this means that you will win 2 dollars for every one dollar or unit of money you bet.

In a nutshell, the bookmaker’s odds tell you how much the payout will be in the event you win the bet. Do not confuse it with the actual chance of an event happening or not. As to whether you use the decimal or fractional odds, there is no difference when it comes to the payout, they are just the same thing but presented differently.

The importance of understanding betting odds

As a bettor who just starting, understanding the betting odds gives an incentive to play and also pushes a punter to more profitable heights. It is not just for the beginner, also experienced punters need to understand the betting odds as this may offer a better sports betting strategy.

In the world of sports betting, bookmakers’ odds are extremely important not just to the bookies but also to the punter. It is the party that has superior knowledge of the betting odds that carries the day even to an extent where they beat the bookies. So, as a punter, aim at getting the best sports betting strategy and the winning formula, this helps you in placing the bids as well as increases the chances of winning.

As a beginner, you do not have to worry much about terms such as winning formula or Kelly criterion. As you perfect your game, you will understand all that is needed to give you a great betting experience. Kelly criterion may be a term that is used widely in games of probability but as a beginner, you are not required to master the process, your bookmaker has done all the mathematics that is required. All you have to do is select the preferred bookmakers’ odds, rely on the best sports betting strategy, and place your bets.

As a bettor who is starting, placing successful bets can be a challenge. However, if you rely on experienced punters and read through comprehensive analyses that are prepared by sports betting experts, you are highly likely to start on a high note. Rely on MightyTips tips and analysis and you will get all the necessary information on bookmaker’s odds, winning formulas, strategies among other vital betting tips.


Immunology professor talks about the new coronavirus variant – The Maravi Post




Passengers at Johannesburg’s O.R Tambo airport scrambled this Saturday to find flights to Europe as more and more countries are shutting doors to passengers coming from African countries.

The emergence of the new coronavirus Omicron variant in South Africa sparked a worldwide reaction.

Professor of Immunology Danny Altmann explains.

“I know it feels very harsh to people in South Africa who have really done the right thing and been terribly speedy and vigilant in their reporting. But I just feel that we were so slow to act on Delta and the whole world paid such a high price for it. Let’s try and be forewarned and do it properly this time. So, I think it probably is warranted”, said the academic working at Imperial College London.

Last minute PCR tests are now mandatory.

The UK-based professor believes that vaccination still offers protection against the worst effects of this disease.

“I think it’s a case of kind of hope for the best and fear the worst, isn’t it? So in some ways, if you look at the straight molecular biology limitations, it looks potentially quite a lot scarier even than Delta. And don’t forget, we thought of Delta. I certainly thought Delta as a peak variant, and probably it couldn’t get much worse than that. This looks potentially worse. On the other hand, there’s no reporting from South Africa yet that cases are more severe, and it looks like vaccines may still be doing something because we heard there yesterday that the people in hospital tended to be the unvaccinated people rather than the vaccinated”, said Professor Altmann.

In Africa vaccination rates are significantly lower compared to Europe, the United States and other regions.

According to Professor Altmann, distribution of vaccines throughout Africa is essential to stop future variants.

“You know, in this particular case, if it did come out of Botswana and or South Africa, there has been quite a lot of vaccine available there. But as you say in the African continent as a whole, they’ve been very short of vaccines compared to Europe or North America. And things like this demonstrate how foolhardy that is. We’re just breeding the future variants to come and haunt us. Why do it?”

The latest available data indicate that South Africa has registered almost 3 million cases of Covid-19 and close to 90,000 deaths.

Source: Africanews

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Hawkeye Marvel Movie 2021 Release Date, Where To Watch Online Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar




The ‘Hawkeye’ is the latest release which is in the limelight because of the story. As per the details, the stream of this film is available on several platforms that we going to discuss here. After the release of ‘Hawkeye’, there are many peoples who waiting for it.

Hawkeye’ 2021 Online Free

We can tell the way from which you will be able to watch the streaming of this brilliant movie. So let’s begin the article which is important to know and you will get all the details. We will explore all the things and solve your queries regarding ‘Hawkeye’ streaming.

Hawkeye Marvel Movie 2021 Release Date

Talking about the cast then we want to tell you some information. There are many things. There are several names of star cast which is definitely important to be discussed and we will tell you briefly about it. This star cast will become the reason behind its upcoming popularity. If you want to know the details then you will see an amazing level of popularity in the upcoming days.

  • Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton / Hawkeye
  • Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop / Hawkeye
  • Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop
  • Fra Fee as Kazi
  • Tony Dalton as Jack Duquesne
  • Zahn McClarnon as William Lopez
  • Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez / Echo
  • Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova / Black Widow
  • How many episodes is Hawkeye?
  • Hawkeye consists of six episodes.

The film was released and on the official platform of the movies. It got an amazing level of popularity over the period of time. After the release, there are many fans appear who eagerly want to watch the story on their screen. Currently, it is getting such huge popularity over the period of time. Definitely you check on IMDB.

Now comes the very important detail which is about how to watch the live stream of the movies. So on the basis of available details, you can watch the streaming on Amazon prime video.

Also, you can rate the movie and share your feedback regarding the entertainment how much enjoyed it. However, if you want to watch it for free then must be you can bookmark the page in your browser. So stay tuned with us and get all the details.

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Infinix Note 11S & Zero 5G Launch Soon in India Check Price, Specification and Features, Images




The Hong-Kong based smartphone company, Infinix is all set to appear with two new smartphones in the Indian market soon. There are some expectations that the smartphone company is going to launch two new smartphones in the Indian smartphone market – Infinix Note 11S and there are some speculations that the next 5G smartphone of the company is Zero 5G that will also be launched in the Indian market.

infinix note 11s

According to the sources, the Infinix Note 11S has already made its launching in Thailand. The smartphone is powered by the MediaTek Helio G96 SoC and the same processors that give power the Note 11 series.

Infinix Note 11S & Zero 5G Launch Soon in India

CEO of Infinix, Anish Kapoor teased the launching of the Note 11S on Twitter. He wrote,” The World is a battlefield, it’s time to #ChooseYourWeapon and own the game! For all the gamers in the house, get ready because there is something special coming soon”. Along with this, he also provided some glimpses of the Infinix Note 11S on Twitter.

Along with the Note 11S, there are some speculations that the Infinix Zero 5G is also ready to launch in India soon. A well-known tipster named Tech Arena24 gave the name on Youtube after spotting the smartphone with model number X61815 and it could be called Infinix Zero 5G.

Some expectations are revealing that the smartphone will have a Super AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate and be powered by MediaTek Dimensity 900 chipset. So, let’s talk more about that smartphone.

Infinix Note 11S: Specification and Features

As per the sources, the Infinix Note 11S comes with a 6.95-inch IPS LCD display with a high refresh rate of 120Hz and 180Hz touch sampling rate. Along with this, the Infinix Note 11S is also powered by the MediaTek Helio G96 SoC paired that paired with 8GB of RAM and has a storage of 128GB. It runs on an Android 11 with an XOS 10 skin on the top.

With all of this, the smartphone has features of a triple camera including a 50-megapixel, a 2-megapixel, and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. There is a punch-hole display on the top of the screen in which, a 16-megapixel camera is fitted.

If we talk about the connectivity option of the smartphone so, it comes with a 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, a USB Type-C, 3.5mm headphone jack, and many more. There is a side-mounted fingerprint sensor in the smartphone with a microSD card to expand the storage including a 5000mAh battery that supports 33W fast charging.

Infinix Note 11S: Price in India

Well, the Infinix Note 11S has been launched in Thailand at THB 6,999 (roughly Rs. 15,700) for the 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage. Along with this, the smartphone will available in Haze Green, Symphony Cyan, and Mithril Gray option.

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