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Brad Pitt expresses his love for The Great Pottery Throw Down: ‘Seen every season!’


Brad Pitt has acknowledged his unlikely love for The Great Pottery Throw Down, admitting that he’s “seen every season” of the British reality show.

While promoting his forthcoming film Bullet Train – releasing to cinemas on 5 August – the 58-year-old actor, alongside co-stars Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, were asked what their go-to show was to put on when they just “want to watch stuff explode”.

During the recent video interview with Joe, Pitt initially said that he had just seen Elvis in theatres, before Tyree Henry cut in to correct him, saying “he said action”.

When it came time for Tyree Henry to reveal his show of choice, the Atlanta actor named The Great British Baking Show – known as The Great British Bake Off in the UK.

“Let me tell you something because when those soufflés explode, man, you watch some stuff go down,” he argued.

Pitt then responded: “If we’re going that route, I’m going The Great Pottery Throw Down.”

The British reality programme – which sees home potters from across the UK compete to become the top potter – wrapped on its fifth season earlier this year.

Visibly overjoyed, Tyree Henry exclaimed: “Brad, how have we never talked about this?!”

“Seen every season,” Pitt added, before expressing his love of the show’s host Keith Brymer Jones, who is often brought to tears by contestants work. “It’s beautiful,” said Pitt of Brymer Jones’ sensitive approach. “He’s so beautiful.”

“We love you Keith,” added Tyree Henry.

“He’s so kind. He’s so supportive,” added Pitt. “I tear up.”

‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’, and what Brad Pitt looks like while watching it (maybe)

(Channel 4/Getty Images)

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Bullet Train releases in cinemas on 5 August.


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