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Burt Metcalfe obituary: MASH producer dies at 87


Burt Metcalfe was a producer all 11 seasons of the classic TV sitcom “M*A*S*H.”       


Burt Metcalfe started his entertainment career as an actor. He starred on the 1960s sitcom “Father of the Bride,” which was based on the 1950 film. He was also on the sitcom “Happy” and made guest appearances on “Perry Mason,” and “The Twilight Zone.” On the big screen, he played a surfer in the 1959 film “Gidget.” He was a producer for all 11 seasons of “M*A*S*H.” He also wrote for the series and was the showrunner the last six seasons

Tributes to Burt Metcalfe  

Full Obituary: Variety

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