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Chris Evans: Captain America star almost voiced Tommy Lee’s penis in Pam & Tommy


Sebastian Stan has claimed that his Marvel co-star Chris Evans was in the running to play the voice of a talking penis in Pam & Tommy.

The Emmy-nominated Hulu/Disney+ miniseries features Lily James as Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, Stan as her ex-husband Tommy Lee, while comedian Jason Mantzoukas plays Tommy Lee’s talking penis.

In the series’ surreal second episode, as Pamela and Tommy make the hasty decision to elope, Tommy’s penis tries to dissuade the Mötley Crüe drummer from jumping into marriage again so soon after his divorce. (Lee was previously married to actor Heather Locklear.)

But in a podcast interview released on Thursday (28 July), Stan revealed that Mantzoukas’ gruff voice was added to the memorable scene in post-production, as it was originally filmed before he got the role.

In fact, before Mantzoukas was cast, series creator Robert Siegel asked Stan if he would suggest the part to his Captain America co-star, Chris Evans.

“We didn’t know who was gonna do it at the time,” Stan said of filming the scene in which his character debates his own animatronic penis. “Rob Siegel did text me like about a month later going like, ‘Do you think Chris Evans would do it?’”

Stan, who plays Captain America’s sidekick Bucky Barnes in the Marvel film series, told Variety that he shut the idea down on the spot.

Lily James and Sebastian Stan as Pam and Tommy

(PA Media)

“I was like, ‘Don’t even go there, Rob. There’s no way I’m calling that guy down wherever he is… I’m not even sending that text to this guy.’”

Stan went on to give his reasons for being against the cameo voiceover – he believed it’d be too much crossover for all involved: “If he says yes, you’re just going to flip the universe into another stratosphere. It would just be too much to handle for any of us, myself included.”

Pam & Tommy, which tells the story of Lee and Anderson’s turbulent romance and the sex tape that was famously stolen from their home, was recently nominated for ten Emmy awards, including an outstanding lead actor nod for Stan.

Eventually, when Mantzoukas was cast in the role of Lee’s argumentative penis, Stan told Variety he was completely onboard with the decision. “He has the right tone,” Stan said.


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