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‘Have some respect’: Neighbours fans irate at Home and Away adverts running during series finale


The Australian soap opera, Neighbours, has come to an end after a 37-year run.

The show, which aired its final episode on Friday (29 July), has proved to be a launching pad for Australian actors on their way to superstardom, as well as a fixture in many UK homes.

Viewers who hadn’t watched the series in years commented about how they had tuned in one last time to see the characters of Ramsay Street.

According to social media, quite a few were shocked to see Channel 5 running adverts for rival Australian soap, Home and Away, moving to the now vacant lunchtime slot throughout the emotional broadcast.

“F*** right off with advertising Home and Away in the lunchtime Neighbours slot, Channel 5. It’s NOT THE SAME THING,” wrote one incensed viewer.

“Take the hint, Glen,” another person wrote, referencing a character from the departing soap. “You’re as welcome as a Home and Away advert right now.”

Another Neighbours fan called the advertising play a “real stab in the heart”.

Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan are reunited on the set of Australian soap opera Neighbours (Channel 5/PA)

(PA Media)

Neighbours isn’t even cold yet and Channel 5 have stuck Home and Away in its lunchtime time slot,” posted a disappointed viewer.

His point was echoed by another fan: “Home and Away already moved into Neighbours time slot. It’s still warm ffs, have some respect.”

Stars of the long-running series also paid tribute to the show on social media.


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