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Love Island viewers think producers asked Dami and Luca to apologise to Tasha after ‘brutal’ challenge


Love Island viewers have sympathised with Tasha after a “brutal” round of Snog, Marry, Pie.

Tuesday’s episode (19 July) of the ITV hit show began with the boys having their chance to play Snog, Marry, Pie.

The challenge involves the islanders choosing which girl they want to kiss, to marry, or to chuck a pie in their face.

It was a harsh round for Tasha, who ended up being the girl who was pied the most by her fellow islanders, including Dami and Luca who had harsh words to say after doing so.

Viewers at home, however, were quick to condemn the boys for their actions.

“No problem with Tasha being pied by Dami and Luca. I mean I see no reason why they would pie the other girls. My problem is with their comments. Especially Luca’s because his never stops,” said one person.

Another added: “Dami and Luca are sweet as pie to Tasha when they’re on their own with her, but absolute bullies in front of everyone.”

“Whether anyone likes Tash or not is not the question,” said someone else. “It’s Luca and Dami’s behaviour in the name of ‘it’s just a game’.”




“It’s bullying and a personal attack from the two against the poor girl,” said another.

Later in the episode, Dami and Luca apologised to Tasha for their behaviour during the challenge, with the latter admitting to being “muggy”.

Many viewers, however, have speculated that producers told them to say sorry.

“The producers are 100 per cent getting Dami and Luca to apologise,” wrote one person.

Another added: “Dami and Luca have definitely been spoken to about their behaviour. These apologies are so forced.”

The Independent has contacted a representative of Love Island for comment.

Both Luca and Dami have previously been accused by viewers of “bullying” Tasha.

During a seperate challenge in a previous episode, Luca accused Tasha of “using” her long-time partner Andrew to get to the final episode of the series.


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