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Rishi Sunak would introduce £10 fine for missed GP and hospital appointments


Rishi Sunak has pledged to introduce fines for patients who miss GP and hospital appointments as part of a shake-up of the NHS.

The former chancellor said those failing to show up for appointments are “taking those slots away from people who need [them]”.

To fufil his promise, the Tory leadership candidate said he would begin by fining patients who do not give sufficient notice for missing their appointment.

A first time offender would be given the benefit of the doubt but missed appointments after would ring up charges of £10 each time.

Speaking to The Telegraph about the appointments, Mr Sunak said: “If they’re not being used, then that’s a waste.

“So if we can change that, then we basically get more out of the money that we’re putting in today. It’s a good example of a Conservative approach to that problem.”

The system would only be temporary, however, until the NHS is able to clear the Covid backlog that has seen millions of patients overdue for care.

Rishi Sunak has pledged to introduce fines for patients who miss NHS appointments

(PA Wire)

According to NHS England, over 15 million appointments at GPs go to waste each year.

However, until now doctors have resisted ideas of fines to patients who miss appointments, worrying it could scare people away.

Mr Sunak faces his rival Liz Truss for the battle to become the new prime minister.

The two contenders will now face each other at 12 Tory hustings debates around the country, viewable on the party website, starting on 28 July in Leeds and finishing on 31 August in London.

Both candidates have also agreed to feature in a Sky News debate on 4 August, with the possibility of more TV hustings events in the weeks ahead.

Although the whole process does not come to an end until early September, many of the estimated 160,000 Tory members who get to decide on the next PM could make their minds up much sooner.

Ballot papers will begin landing on Tory members’ doorsteps as soon as 1 August, with the party telling paid-up supporters to expect them between 1 and 5 August.


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