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Scientists find black hole unlike any other discovered before


Scientists have found a dormant black hole that is unlike any found before.

Researchers say there is no other explanation for the unexpected data, which shows there is a stellar-mass black hole in the Large Magellanic Cloud, the neighbouring galaxy of our own Milky Way.

The star that brought about the black hole appears to have vanished without a powerful explosion, the researchers say.

Other black holes like this have been found before. But the researchers say this is the unambiguously detected object of its kind – a dormant, stellar-mass black hole.

The discovery is remarkable in part because the team behind it have been nicknamed the “black hole police” or “black hole destroyers” – as a result of their previous work in showing that other black hole discoveries were actually mistaken.

“For the first time, our team got together to report on a black hole discovery, instead of rejecting one,” said study lead Tomer Shenar, from Amsterdam University, in a statement.


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