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‘This is so awkward’: Liz Truss questioned by teenagers and told to evict Boris Johnson


Foreign secretary Liz Truss was asked why Boris Johnson hasn’t been “kicked out yet” by children on the campaign trail in Peterborough.

In the meeting at local children’s charity Little Miracles, one teenager exclaimed: “This is so awkward”.

Another asked “Where’s Boris Johnson?”, and another butted in saying: “We hate him.”

Ms Truss met children, parents and staff at the charity during an hour-long visit on Thursday afternoon.

Liz Truss meeting staff and children during a visit to the charity Little Miracles in Peterborough, to speak about the cost-of-living pressures


Little Miracles charity helps support families with children with additional needs, disabilities or life-limiting conditions.

Ms Truss committed to coming back to visit the charity with her new health secretary if she is made prime minister.

She told the local press: “I think Peterborough is exactly the type of place that we need to continue to attract investment into. It’s a dynamic part of the country, lots of opportunities to attract new businesses, and new industries – areas like high technology and pharmacy.”

Her visit comes as Ms Truss and Mr Sunak battle each other on their plans for the economy.

Ms Truss has claimed that Mr Sunak’s tax increases risk triggering a recession.

Little Miracles is a charity that supports families that have children with additional needs, disabilities and life-limiting conditions


She said: “I think the problem is that if we continue with our current economic policy, which is forecast to lead to a recession, it will be very hard for Conservatives to win an election.”

Sunak said that Truss’ plans will fuel inflation and erode people’s savings.

“If the government goes on a huge borrowing spree that is only going to make the situation worse,” he said. “If we don’t get a grip on inflation now, it will make families poorer in the long run.”


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