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“Top Chef” contestant dies at 46 –


Howie Kleinberg was a Miami restaurateur who owned Bulldog Barbecue and competed on season three of “Top Chef.”

A passion for cooking

Kleinberg discovered his love for cooking while working in the kitchen at Miami’s Hotel International. He was still a rising chef when he landed his spot on “Top Chef” in 2007. Kleinberg had a memorable exchange with guest judge Anthony Bourdain (1956–2018) in which he quoted the celebrity chef’s own words to him, to refute his criticism of Kleinberg’s dish. In two episodes, Kleinberg won the Elimination Challenge, cooking pork dishes both times. He was eliminated in episode 12 after throwing away his Quickfire Challenge dish at the last second. Shortly after appearing on “Top Chef,” Kleinberg opened Bulldog Barbecue in North Miami, Florida. He later expanded, opening Bulldog Burger in an adjoining space. Both restaurants closed in 2018.

Kleinberg on his elimination from the competition

“I stand by what I did. If you’re a chef, then you can’t serve food that you’re not happy with. You can’t and I stand by it, and I would do it again tomorrow, even if I knew it meant me being out, because for me, it’s not an option.” —from a 2007 interview for Buddy TV

Tributes to Howie Kleinberg

Full obituary: Miami Herald

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