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Trump-supporting Fox & Friends mocked over criticism of Boris Johnson for being dishonest, mishandling Covid and refusing to leave office


The hosts of Fox & Friends have been mocked for criticizing Boris Johnson for being dishonest and refusing to resign after the programme spent years supporting former President Donald Trump.

Host Steve Doocy said on Thursday that “what happened over the last number of months and years is the British people did not trust him. He would say one thing and would do something else, and then it would pop up in the tabloids”.

“It’s a question of integrity,” he added. “He has refused to go even though people have been calling for him to hit the pavement for a while, because he would say, ‘look, I had a mandate. I had an additional 14 million votes from voters who voted for me in 2019. So I’m going to stick around’ and he stuck around until he saw the writing on the wall.”

Doocy noted that more than “53 government officials called it quits. The government of the United Kingdom and of England was in dire need of somebody to run different cabinet positions and things like that”.

“Apparently his assistants were trying to fill the positions as quickly as people would quit, but they couldn’t. And there were people who were in charge of security, the courts, technology, education, finance, Northern Ireland, and science. So clearly, that’s a lot of the government with nobody running it and so now he’s gonna leave,” Mr Doocy said.

One of the co-hosts said Mr Johnson’s “problems really started with Covid – he wasn’t clear how he was going to handle Covid. Then he got Covid and he almost died. He said it was really touch and go. And his reaction to his own case with Covid was that he really went in the direction of the globalist lockdown, very serious, very stringent response. And then he was caught, of course, partying it up in what is now known as Partygate”.

“Fox & Friends obliviously criticizing Boris Johnson for being untrustworthy, refusing to leave office, creating chaos, and mishandling Covid — after years of running interference for you know who — is pretty rich,” journalist Aaron Ruper tweeted in reference to Mr Trump.

“It’s bizarre, is what it is, seeing that Johnson was the British version of Trump and Trump-approved,” one Twitter user responded.

“I love the way she just threw ‘globalist’ in there. A word that has absolutely no relevance to anything they were talking about,” Jamie Mellor wrote.

“Irony was murdered, resurrected, and then killed again about five different times in this clip. A classic,” Rupar added.


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