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Video captures Oakland police brutally beating Black man who failed to pull over in traffic stop


Video footage captured police in Tennessee brutally beating a Black motorist inside his father’s home after he failed to pull over during a traffic stop.

On Saturday, Oakland Police officers entered Ed Calloway’s property to arrest his son, 25-year-old Brandon Calloway, in Fayette County where they used a taser gun on him and beat him with a batton, as per local Tennessee news outlet WREG.

Video of the incident shot by Brandon Calloway’s girlfriend shows the officers charging into the house and running upstairs to confront him as he tried to hide behind a couch.

Officers told WREG that the incident began when Brandon Calloway failed to stop at a stop sign and was clocked driving 32mph in a 20mph zone. When he did not stop as officers attempted to pull him over for speeding, officers followed him into his father’s home.

Brandon Calloway notably lives in Chattanooga and was in town visiting.

A police affidavit says that after they followed him to his father’s home, Brandon Calloway ran inside the property and that batons were used on him when the Taser rendered “no effect” on him. The affidavit also claimed that the suspect “continued to resist arrest.”

Brandon Calloway’s lawyer, Andre Wharton, told FOX13 that an officer can be seen putting his foot on the head and neck area of his client.

“In this video, you can see in the house when force is being exerted, one of the officers, I believe to be one of the white males, you’ll have to verify for yourself, is putting his foot on the head area, the neck of Brandon Calloway,” said Mr Wharton.

He says that Mr Calloway, who now faces charges of evading arrest and disorderly conduct, was left covered in blood and needed eight stitches after the incident.

Oakland Police Chief Chris Earl told FOX13 his department is investigating what happened.

“Our officers are well-trained. So, as far as any allegations go, we just need to look at the investigation and see where everything comes out,” he said.

Fayette County District Attorney Mark Davidson also told the outlet that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has been asked “to investigate the circumstances of the arrest and the use of force involved.”


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