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‘We’re doomed’: Liz Truss mocked for Toploader revelation in resurfaced 2001 interview


Liz Truss has been mocked online after a 2001 interview resurfaced online in which she discussed her musical taste.

The Conservative MP is in the running to be the new Tory leader and prime minister and is currently leading on rival Rishi Sunak according to a poll of party members.

On Thursday (21 July), a snippet from an interview with a 25-year-old Truss emerged on social media.

According to Twitter account Tides of History, who track the history of the Labour party, the piece came from a 2001 interview with Truss with NME ahead of the 2001 election.

Asked what the last record she bought was, Truss listed Onka’s Big Moka, the debut album by “Dancing in the Moonlight” singers Toploader.

The excerpt was shared on Twitter, with one caption simply reading: “We’re doomed.”

Another commenter wrote: “OF COURSE she bought a Toploader album.”

“I bet she likes Mumford and Sons,” one Twitter user joked, while another echoed: “Liz Truss likes Toploader. This is perfect. I bet Rishi likes Mumfords.”

Another tweet read: “That record was a charity shop staple almost as soon as it was released.”

In the interview, Truss also said that she was against legalising marijuana, saying: “I don’t agree with it. Where do you stop?”

She added that her favourite song was “I Try” by Macy Gray.


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