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Worlds-first PS5 slim finally appears – thanks to a YouTuber who built one himself

The worlds-first PS5 slim has finally appeared – thanks to a YouTube who went thorough the difficult process of building one himself.

The PlayStation 5 has received rave reviews since it was first released at the end of 2020. It has proven almost too popular for Sony, which still struggles to make the console available for everyone who wants it.

But despite those positive feelings, many still complain about the bulky size of the console. It is the biggest such console in recent history, and when it was released many complained that it could not easily fit inside the shelves and furniture where people had hoped to store it.

That, coupled with the console’s controversial white design, has led many to wonder when Sony might be planning to make a smaller or newly-designed version of the PS5.

Instead of waiting, that dream has been realised by a YouTuber who goes by the name DIY Perks, who slimmed down the console dramatically while putting it in a far more attractive metal box.

But that effort also came with drawbacks: rebuilding the PlayStation 5 initially fried the hardware, stopping it from working, and the “slim” PS5 also requires a vast cooling system that is separate from the box and can be hidden away.

(YouTube/DIY Perks)

Nonetheless, it led to a success: the small version of the PlayStation 5 takes the size from four inches to one, and it works in and playing games.

In fact, the console appeared to be cooler than its normally sized sibling, given the extra thermal headroom from the vast power supply and cooling unit.

Sony has released its own “slim” versions of consoles before, usually some time after the first console is released and the technology has developed to allow it to shrink down. Some of the earlier versions did require putting the power supply outside of the unit, in much the same way.

It is far from the first time that the DIYPerks channel has created custom versions of the PlayStation 5. It has already hosted a high-end PlayStation out of brass, and one that lives inside a vintage hardwood case.

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